Friday, July 4, 2014

Square Dog Friday. . . oh NO what is this wet stuff !

Best day of the week !
Square Dog Friday is here.
You know the drill so lets woof it !
yert !
I am happy to say that the monsoon have finally started. 
For the last few weeks it has been hot hot burning hot days and evenings, 
with little humidity. 
But a storm started in the southwest and finally made it to Tucson.
I was so happy that I went to stand in the rain.
The air smelled of dust, sage and ozone. 
Lighting and thunder all around me.
Perfect !
But there are Two Little Square Black Dogs who are not that happy.
A big NO to rain.
 Watson is checking out the wet stuff !
 thehamish is comin' seein'camera is there fud?
 squirrrrrrrrrrle or lizzzzzzzzzards !
thehamish gots to go runnin'
even in the wet

 Happiness is rain drops on the pool.
 Rain in the valley !
The air smells so good.
Sage, dust and ozone.
If I could bottle this fragrance I would make a fortune.

Here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.
According to the latest arbitration  agreement.
More Square Dogs !

 thehamish is the clan of the cave raccoon... really not knowin' what that meanin'
  an ewok ?
more gud than stromtroopers 
they bad !
even i knowin' that.

update.... thehamish went to the eye doctor again. He has a ulcer on one of his eyes. and the blood pressure in his eyes are going up again. So he is on another eye drop that has made him somewhat ill before. I am hoping he will tolerate the drops better this time.
Then back to the doctors for another pressure reading.
Not good not good at all.
le sigh
oh woe is thehamish
yert !

Happy 4th of July !

raining. . . parsnip
music. . . What a Wonderful World,   Louis Armstrong


  1. Hope hamish heals quickly! Happy 4th!

  2. I hope Hamish gets better soon. Give him and Watson a hug for me.

    I'd like to see some rain night. Good for sleeping!

  3. oh poor square boys getting wet and the hamish having a health issue. rats. yert!

    i got wet myself leaving the fern house, it poured and i had three (THREE!) umbrellas IN THE CAR. while i walked and got wet. nice.... lol

    smiles, bee

  4. Replies
    1. yes we need the rain... they do not like the wet

  5. Here's hoping the eyedrops will work with no ill effects for thehamish.
    Hope you're enjoying your 4th July weekend.


  6. I'm happy for you that monsoon has arrived and will wash hot dry air. I like the smell of rain :-)
    I hope the eye drops will work well without making thehamish sick. And hope next vet exam will come with good result. He is very cute with raccoon on his head :-) Have a great weekend xoxo

  7. Poor Hamish. I hope the new drops do the trick.

    But YAY for the rain! Tell ya what. I don't wear perfume, but if you can bottle that sage, dust, and ozone scent, I'll buy it!

  8. Poor old Hamish - in the wars again. I hope a little bit of cooler weather will make him feel a bit better. Happy 4th July.

  9. Glad to hear about the monsoons even if the square ones don't like rain. Hope Hamish tolerates the eye drops! Cheers. Joanna

  10. Sorry to hear about Hamish. Poor doggy!

    Love your Rain in the Valley photo.

  11. It's the loving the keeps them going.