Friday, November 28, 2014

Square Dog Friday. . . waiting for the other shoe to drop.

awwwwww best day of the week !
And I have more to be thankful for this week than others.
Last Friday family went to a early last minute dinner
at Takamatsu. I rarely go out to dinner on Fridays because of all the crowds.
But we all met and had a wonderful dinner with much laughter and story telling.
When son and I got home The Square Ones were waiting at the door tails wagging as usual but Watson was crying more than usual.
I just assume it was his dementia acting up and he got frightened.
Bad Mum !
Chopping up chicken to add to the dry food for their dinner I put it down 
and Watson wouldn't eat. He rarely eats breakfast but he usually eats dinner.
He just laid down for the rest of the evening and didn't move.
That is when I saw he was dragging his back legs.  Dragging the top of his paw 
before putting his foot down. He wouldn't even use his right leg.
This looked just like Daughters dog Waldie did when his disk went out, 
before each of his 3 surgeries. 
We made him comfortable and waited to see how he was the next morning.
He was very restless all night.
The next morning Daughter came over and we drove to the Emergency Vet.
The Doctor gave us some good news bad news, that she didn't think a disk slipped but
later on that still could be a possibility. 
What she was leaning towards was a Stroke.
Only it has a more important name with more letters.
During his checkup all the doctors and assistants came over to see him.
First, they couldn't believe he was 16  he was in such good condition  !
Second, he was so very sweet and super handsome.
Third, they rarely get to see a Scotty
So they were very surprised to see Watson.
Fourth, they were happy to see no massive problems for right now.
         When the Doctor came into the room to talk, here was Watson walking.
Not dragging his feet anymore but walking slow with the right one still held up.
They all laughed when we were surprised and answered, 
"Well they all want to go home so they will themselves to walk".
Pictures from last Saturday.
Not sure if thehamish is concerned or envious of all the attention Watson was getting.
My sweet baboo !
His regular vet thinks he has a disk problem, even with not showing
any signs during the examination. 
Two doctors two different evaluations.
So we are watching him for two week checking out his back paws.
Today he seems fine, walking and bouncing around.
But I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.
I know in my brain he is 16 almost 17,
but my heart doesn't know that.
I have noticed for the last few months he was having a hard time jumping up 
on the sofa and his chair.
I just assumed his arthritis was acting up.
Bad Bad Mum.
ummmm i thehamish is maybe not feeling so gud too.
I resting in Adam's bed today i thehamish is needin' some rest.
oh woe
oh woe is me.
 oh woe is i thehamish
so very woe
so woe
yert !

 Here is your pretty to start the weekend
This is especially for "The Happy Wisk".
I think this was found in the Home Base of "Land Of Political Correct"
Berkley, California. 
What a hoot !

 I just made for the first time some unpolitical correct 
Gingerbread in a non-political loaf pan and it was so good.
What a delicious bread.
Must make more soon.
And there goes my hips !
gingerbread. . . parsnip
music. . .  Happy,  Phaarrell William

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday in Japan... tomorrow's dreams...

Here is a little Japanese for today.
I took this photo from my computer.
So it is not the best.
A glassful of drops 
Each drop is tomorrow's dream
Sip your dreams by drops.
Words to live by.
Happy Thanksgiving
drinking. . . parsnip
music. . . Fun, Fun, Fun. . . Pharrell Williams
Suntory is a Japanese Brewing company.
Established in 1899

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Oh My, Oh Dear two more quick posts and I stop .... maybe.

Oh My.
OK, can any one tell me why anyone needs to 
"to woo Hispanics"
How about the Hispanics wooing us.
The paper goes on to say "the nation's fastest-growing population"
The anchor babies are paying off big time.
11 million plus illegals.
Not counting the last spike.
What about wooing me a taxpayer ?
A start would be to let me pay no taxes like the illegals for the 5 to 10 years,
20 years or more would be better.
Only the illegals would pay our taxes.
That would go a long way to make me happy.
el presidente Obama can you do that for me ?
Today Southern California has more Hispanics that all the other groups together.
How ? ummmmm anchor babies having more anchor babies.
The infrastructure in Southern California is breaking down.
Remember the old water pipes breaking in LA and millions and millions of gallons 
of water just rushing down streets, when the state is rationing water ?
Jerry "all illegal immigrants at welcome in California" Brown just gave 
3 million dollars of state money to pay attorneys to go to court for illegal juveniles.
The state has no water but money to pay attorneys !
Never a word about the legal green cards families or workers trying
to build a life for their families.
Oh My.
Just need to get this out of my system
before I explode.

Monday, November 24, 2014

OK OK I prommise to stop soon but. . .

Oh My...
Here we go again
again this photo is not mine but my computer prints them that way.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

ummmmmmmmmm Oh My

Oh My !

Oh My.
Having sex and and making an  Anchor baby really pays off big time for illegals.
The fact they broke the law and committed fraud the second they set foot on US soil, 
it is not their fault. No responsibility for their actions.
If caught, tears and more tears, you can't break up the (illegal) family.
When one happy illegal in Nevada was asked how it felt about Obama's speech,  he said good. Now his parents would get amnesty but his mother will be crying because her relatives didn't have their anchor babies yet and were not able to get a pass.
Oh Yeah....
The illegals  are getting rewarded for  sex.
Remember I talked about this in my health care post.
 While the few taxpayers left foot the bill.
el Presidente Obama made some notable omissions in his speech.
Obama :  Overall the number of people crossing our border illegally
is at its lowest level since 1970.
Except for a "brief spike"
In fact they have been on the rise since 2011.
In 2011, 16,000 children alone were found crossing the border.
In 2012 24,000 children
38,000 children in 2013
In the past budget year 68,361 children were apprehended.
This doesn't even factor in the adults.

The part about this would help separate the "law  abiding" illegals
so we could deport the violent criminals.
Yeah about that...
In Arizona, el Presidente Obama courts knockdown an Arizona law that allowed the courts to hold illegals who committed crimes from theft, murder and rape
to be held without bail.
Seems this is to harsh and they have rights.
Do you really expect any illegal who has committed these horrific crimes
would stick around for their trial ? Off to Mexico to come back in a few months.

In New Mexico the first court hearings for the illegals who crossed the border in the last serge, was held. Over 70% did not show up to receive their court date.
They have melted into the illegal communities where their illegal families already live.
And remember the teens who said, we want to go to school ?  It seems their first homework assignment was to steal a car go on a joy ride to another state, get in an accident, steal another car from a cripple veteran get int another accident before been caught.
Yea homework !
And you all wonder why a few Americans bad bad bad Americans were protesting !
Oh My
How about all that compassion going towards the homeless,  the poor of Appalachia,
returning Veterans, Seniors on Medi care, the poor of any big city... Like LA or Detroit or the handicapped. Hey what about fixing our broken infrastructure first.
Cesar Chavez is rolling over in his grave today.

Yept, I think this will be a good day to rob a bank.

Oh My
Found at my grocery store.
Downy had now put Spanish first above English.
There are quiet a few Spanish first products in the stores.
I am writing a letter to each one.
And yes, that is el Presidente  Obama
drone hovering above my home.

Oh last thought.
At a Toronto Maple Leafs Game their fans finished the US anthem after technical difficulties .
In Tucson, first the Hispanics would not speak enough English to know or finish the song.
They would sing in its place
Lindo y Querido
Beautiful, Beloved Mexico


Friday, November 21, 2014

Square Dog Friday... herbal body wrap

Woo Hoo !
It is Friday again, best day of the week.
Especially if you are a Little Square Black Dog.
So lets woof it.
 We just came back from our herbal body wrap.
We are looking and feeling wonderful.
 Watson's beard is so soft
 ummmm do I hears camera what about thehamish 
i'm needin' a photo too
im' lookin gud
 i be gud i be real gud gettin' clean 
need nap now
being bootful is so tiring
 I just love this photo of Watson.
He is just the sweetest most understanding dog ever.
And he puts up with thehamish. 
Oh My Goodness he puts up with thehamish.
In fact first thing every morning he goes over to greet thehamish.
He is just the best Dr. Watson.
 hey i thehamish  iam a gud dug too
 Watson's little "footy" prints.

Here is your pretty for the weekend.
This spring I planted a pomegranate tree.
My most favorite fruit.
 We have cut it back several time. It helps the trunks get stronger and healthy.
So it does not look at great as it did before I planted it.
It also takes about 5 years before fruit holds.
But I had one wee pomegranate take.
It is so tiny.
 I placed it an egg cup in front of my favorite hedgehog.
 It is just darlin.

 Friend D. found this outstanding Scotty keyring for me !

Have a wonderful start to the weekend and if your living in America,
please stay safe and warm. 
Seems all 50 states are caught in a vortex of freezing cold and lots of snow.
But if you looked at the map, completely covered in blue and white, 
there was a thin sliver of yellow on the 
bottom of Arizona.
It was Tucson the warmest city in America !
Our high was 71 and no snow in sight.
pomegranate. . . parsnip 
music. . . Take Me To Church,  Hozier

Friday, November 14, 2014

Square Dog Friday. . . Space Battleship Yamato

Friday is as always the best day of the week.
Especially if your a Little Square Black Dog !
And today is even better, if that could even happen 
The Square Ones are helping me review this months  
The Armchair Squid  host every second Friday of the month.
And this months movie is Space Battleship Yamato.
review one by me thehamish is getting ready to see the movie
not knowing if i understand movie that is havin' no chkikin' strips in it
not understandin'
thinkin' it needed chkikin' strips

Review #2 Watson is sitting outside and re-watching the movie with me.
Oh wow ! The Gamilas are bad aliens.
The wave motion engine is great !
This is so good.
Snacks are very good too !
When the movie came out in 2010 I was going to be in Japan. 
I would have waited in line to watch this movie.
One old gray haired handicapped American lady with walker
along with 300 anime nerd boys and
400 screaming fan girls in love with Takuya Kimura.
Good Times !
Plus everyone wanted the jacket Takuya wore in the movie.
But I didn't make it in time. So I had to wait for the DVD.
I enjoyed the movie because of all the history I have with the anime series.
 Watching Star Blazers, with my children. 
Yes, I am that mum.
I think the two hour movie did a good job of squishing in as much 
as they could of the original series.
You can watch this movie with out knowing all the back story and the history
of WWll, the Atom Bomb, Radiation and the original Battleship Yamato. 
And how all of this is ingrained into the Japanese psyche. 
Although I think it helps.
The movie starts in 2199 after the Gamilas attack the earth dropping radiation bombs.
What people are left are now living underground. 
Their last chance of survival depends on the  United Nations of Space
rebuilding the old Battleship Yamato
(a battleship sent out to give the Japanese people hope
that they would be protected near the end of WWll)
and fitting it with a device called the Wave Motion Engine and Cannon
sent to them by the planet  Iskandar.
It seem Iskandar might possibly have a device that can save the Earth
from a radiation death.
The Space Battleship Yamato is being sent out as a last stand to give hope 
to the Japanese people that it can save them.
The movie was filmed on small sets and the  CGI is wonderful considering 
the small budget. 
I personally hoped for more battles but in two hours that is asking a lot.
Like your favorite book that is brought to the screen this movie has it's faults. 
We can all second guess how to format this movie and make it tighter or bigger by 
Blockbuster Hollywood standards. 
Or possibly a  Micheal Bay blow something up every five minutes movie. 
But I think this comes across more of a homage to the 1970's series.
The scene where everyone gets a few moments to say goodby to their family before 
leaving our solar system is very touching and I think the heart of this movie. 
Going out to fight for the greater good and giving hope to a dying people.
Wonderful, fun, visually exciting movie that brought back
all the good times I had with my children.

I leave you with
your pretty for the weekend.
 luke i thehamish is your farver

 booboo Gud Dug Watson just after waking up,
cuddling next to me.
 awwwwwww the sweet look on his face (messy beard and all)
just breaks my heart. I am tearing up.
He is deaf and sometimes you can see the confusion in his eyes
from the dementia. When he wakes up sometimes he just doesn't know where he is. 
No matter what, he is so sweet, loving and the best gud dug he has always been.
Throughout this all he is still the Dr. Watson I have always loved.

wave. . . parsnip
music. . . OST, Space Battleship Yamato,  Naoki Sato

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday in ..... a fog

My usual post on Japan is left crushed by the side of the road today.
I am feeling sad and extremely prickly today.
Lots of stuff going on in Arizona, making me take a hard look at my life.
One option I have is to move from my home and the beautiful state I love.
 le sigh !
So here is a very prickly post.
 Prickly Pear pad in spring
 Agave or Century Plant
 My syfy  plant, Fouquicria
 Barrel Cactus
 Golden Barrel

And just because I can here is your mid week pretty.
Many years ago one of the children showed me a program that you could draw with 
like an "Etch A Sketch"
 I can only vaguely remember drawing these.

prickly. . . parsnip
music. . . Things Left Unsaid,  Pink Floyd

Sunday, November 9, 2014

parley view parsnip. . . beautiful moon

The other night we had a full moon. It was so beautiful.
I rarely take photos of the moon any more because they do not come out very well.
But the next morning as I let The Square Ones out for their morning romp,
I saw what I call the morning moon.

 Son cooked again, this time Chicken Jalfrezi.
Chicken, spices, tomatoes, red bell peppers, fava beans and rice.
It was fabulous plus it looked exactly like the photo in the cookbook.

 the Square Ones are still not feeling their best.
  thehamish hid his nose under the rug on his blanket.

 Sleepy very old gud dug Watson.

Here is your pretty for the start of the week.

More photos from the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum .

The Earth Science Center.


 Outstanding sky.

 But here is were I would love to spend all day,
the Mineral Gallery.

Outstanding !

planets. . . parsnip
music. . . Mony Mony,  Tommy James and the Shondells