Friday, March 26, 2021

Square Dog Friday, just a few photos.

It has been a terrible no gud very bad week that will flow into next week !

Oh woe is me !

Here are a few photos to zoom us into the weekend.

                                                         How can this be comfortable ?


One of iwinston's favorite sleeping style.

Rain storm blew in for 3 days. Rain, clouds and sunset clouds shadows.

. . . . . . . . 

Some fun for the start of the weekend.

I need this !


Darling Armadillo.

cheers,  parsnip


Thursday, March 18, 2021

Square Dog Friday. . . Agatha in the Desert with Diamonds



                                     I'm adding to her Plastic Surgery Hall of Fame.

Yes ! I Officer Agatha  part of the Security Division see you leaf blowing in the wind across the yard.

iwinston loves to be out in the cold this is bein' iwinstons favorite chair to keep eye out for intruders
iwinston is head of security

Last Saturday morning at 2am I looked out the window and saw snow. Then at 6am got up with the gud dugs and this is what I saw. Soft, wet, heavy, snow everywhere.

What a mess. the tree doctors will be here to do some clean up. Most of the trees popped back up but some branches need to be trimmed.

Melted around my home but stayed around in the higher mountains.

. . .

As always here is your pretty to start the weekend.

Yokiotoko (Snowman)
The rice is from a Niigata Sake Brewer but it is Distilled into Shochu in Fukuoka. 
Niigata is famous for Sake and some say it is the best Sake region in Japan.
Son always sends me the labels of what he thinks I would like. I have a wall of postcards from him.

cheers,  parsnip



Friday, March 12, 2021

Square Dog Friday. is that my dog ?

Agatha and iwinston went to the Groomers on Tuesday

We let iwinston go too long between his "herbal body wraps and spa day. 

He was looking a bit shaggy and Agatha had never been, best guess.
Don't think the hoarder took her to the groomers.

                                        Agatha came back with all her Terrier hair cut off.

Beautiful !

                                                  She was a little shy about the cut I think ?

                          It was very tiring for both of them. iwinston took a nap with some toys. 

Love the little ears showing.

 iwinston's spa day lasted a day before he wanted to bury the chew stick.

                                                     Burying the chew stick in the grass.

                                                  Nap time, being beautiful is so hard.

Sweet Agatha. 
We are going to let her hair grow out and maybe do a longer cut next time with her ears and eyebrows left longer.
When she came running around the coroner to see me, all tail wagging and happy to be home she looked a bit embarrassed and worried. We told her see we always bring you back to home because we love you.
. . . . . 

Here is your pretty for the weekend.

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, March 5, 2021

Square Dog Friday. . . this and that.

The jungle that is my back yard.

Agatha and iwinston were playing "I have the chew stick and you don't" !


iwinston hid it gud yesh i did

                 This looks so sweet ummmmmm NO !  iwinston has cuddled in to wait hopefully to 
finish Agatha's chew.

yesh iwinston ate my chew 

can iwinston eat agatha chew

They were playing and Agatha decided to jump up high, walking over the rocks and pots that are moved for the clean up. She is a very sure footed mountain goat.

She always looks so sad.


Here is your pretty to start the weekend.

More of the dried Century plant stem that holds the blooms.
The wood is very hard that is why I tied it up to the fence for all the tiny birds to sit on
while waiting their turn at the water fountain.

My super best friend Debbie always sends me the best gifts. The big Mug, yes I need that size, and the funny (this is my life) card, Makes my day always better.
Inside the card it says "you ll get your magic back"

Everyday and everyone, be well and stay safe.
cheers, parsnip