Friday, August 28, 2015

Square Dog Friday. . . thehamish speaks

The best day of the week is here.
Thank goodness !

And it is not even over as it is flowing over to more doctors visits for me 
and the Square Ones Next week.
Watson is losing the ability to use his right back leg.
He is is on a new course of meds and he goes back for more tests and x-rays. 
He is 17 and no operations for him.

thehamish's Cushing is acting up which causes 
many of his organs to not work properly. 
But his pancreases is working so that is one good sign.
No more late night dashes to the Specialty Hospital that he is a charter member.
It has been a rough two weeks.

My wonderful Japanese family visiting for two weeks was the best part.
The Square Ones deteriorating  health problems was the bad part.
  So here is a big happy brought to you by thehamish.
Not the best video, the back lighting is making a Little Black Square Dog
hard to see but you have to shoot where you are when a "fun" appears.
i thehamish is wanting to play now
nice tall person who feed us put down the clickin' thingie and play
oh woe is me
needin' play 

 Sleeping Square Dogs the night after the bad bad but some good news from the vet.
Watson has "nested" his blanket as he does every night.

 Good morning nice tall person who feeds us.
I lurve you.

 awww Good Morning my sweet baboo

You are just the best gud dug.
Notice where the gud dug blanket is. All rolled up into a ball and not over my sheets.
They do take over the bed.
 hey i thehamish is gud sweet baboo too

Aww sweet thehamish you know I think you are a sweet baboo.
Bonkers  but sweet.

As always just because I can here is your pretty  to start the weekend.

Thursday evening storm started out light and pretty.
Looks like a soft sweet rain.
Then came the thunder, lighting everywhere 
and sheets of rain pounding down on the roof !
I almost started to build an ark.

lighting. . . parsnip
music. . . Passing By,  Ulrich Schnauss

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday in Tucson, monsoons

Monsoon storms from the past few weeks.
Most taken from my back yard.
Each set was taken on different days.



Stood outside for about 5 minutes, then the storm blew over bring that sheet of rain.

 Driving to dinner, storm was moving north.



 Sunset storm


 Early morning rain storm
10 minutes over the house and moved on south

 The rainstorm

 and the after with the sunset colors coloring the leftover clouds.

 Evening sunset

 Storm moving south to north.

 Afternoon stormabout 5 minutes from my home on the east side moving north.

 Driving to The Square Ones doctor appointment.


 Afternoon clouds

 After the rainstorm clouds.

 A small storm

 that stayed on the mountains.

 Evening storm.


And as always here is your pretty to start the week.
Rain, thunder, lighting, wind and beautiful rainbows.

The air smells of rain, earth, sage and ozone.
Wonderful !

monsoon. . . parsnip
music. . . Cloud Age Symphony,  Okino, Shuntaro

Friday, August 21, 2015

Square Dog Friday. . . very sad day

The best day of the week is here
Square Dog Friday !
so lets woof it.

Very sad bad day at our home.
  Very bad day for us. 
Bad suitcases are out and being filled with gifts and clothes.
I do not like this.
I am sad.
 yesh i thehamish is not likin' this
oh woe is me
woe woe



And as always just because I can 
here is your pretty to start the weekend.

Mia is outside looking in the Square Dog window,
with Watson looking out !

sad. . .  parsnip
music. . . Heavy Cloud No Rain,  Sting

Monday, August 17, 2015

parley view parsnip. . . this and that

Just a quick post.
It is so hot here it is like June weather all 110 +
and not August weather.
Trying to keep my small veggie garden alive 
and jumping in the pool as much as I can.
 Pool water toys jam.

 thehamish is in heaven

 Some quiet time with Watson, her protector and thehamish wanting more pets.

 Riding Annie the very pretty princess horse.

 After pool time play with thehamish.

Goal !
And of course here is your Monday pretty to start the week.
Can you see thehamish huntin' lizards ?

I feel so safe !
hot. . . parsnip
music. . . Walking On The Sun,  Smashmouth

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mock Squid Soup, Bunny Lake is Missing (1965)

Mock Squid Soup: Bunny Lake is Missing
My trivia questions were
1. It is a very old Black and White movie.
2. The book is set in New York but the director moved
the movie to London just because he could.
3. The Zombies three songs were and important part 
of the movie.
Directed by Otto Preminger, 1965
When I watched this movie back in the 60's this what a scary movie was.
No slashers, mass amounts of blood or chain saw wielding  deviants.
And although Zombies are in this movie they are a very a handsome
and talented 1960's rock band.  le sigh

Bunny Lake is Missing feels very 1960's European to me. 
Very austere, dark, shadowy, just a little off center.  
Everyday places that would seem charming 
or quaint come off somewhat  terrifying and odd.
A psychological mystery filled with conflicting clues and a 
unexpected ending. 
The terrific movie score by Paul Glass
adds to the movies mood with a whistle and flute.
A single mother Ann Lake, has just moved to London, 
where her brother is living, with her daughter Bunny.
When she goes to pick up Bunny after her first day at nursery school, 
no one has any record of the child being registered
and no sign she was ever there.
The police are called in and they can not find any trace of Bunny
even at Ann's apartment.
Everyone starts to wonder if Bunny is just a fantasy of Ann's
because there seems to be no evidence of her existence.
Ann's brother seems to back up the police 's suspicions.
When Ann was young she had an imagery friend called Bunny.
Ann seems to be a mentally disturbed person.
All the clues and evidence lead you to believe that Bunny does not exist. 
Ann Lake is played by Carol Lynley
Steven Lake is played by Keir Duller
Superintendent Newhouse is played by Laurence Olivier. 
Fabulous !
Otto Preminger moved the story from New York to London 
where he liked working.
The Zombies had three songs in the movie/soundtrack.
Remember You, Just Out Of Reach and Nothings Changed.
The band is playing these songs on the TV in a pub where Ann is talking to 
Supt. Newhouse. And also on the radio when Ann escapes from the hospital.
I was a huge fan of the Zombies !
And now to the opening credits.
Saul Bass ! 
If you don't know by now I am  huge fan of his work.

Stop at 2:02 or you will see the closing credits that tell you the ending.
Saul Bass work always looks so simple so effortless.
According to Steve Fuller,  'The movie is about an emotionally disturbed person
 involved in the disappearance of a child.
To hint at the characters state of mind
a hand tears shapes out of a black screen.
The torn edges are jagged and helps set the mood of the film.
It ends with the shape of a a girl being torn out of the paper.
No color no edits and no tricks just raw emotion" .
Then the hand rips open the last paper that leads directly 
into the long single shot opening scene.  With a major clue.
For me, an art student and freelanced artist, movie opening credits
and movie posters told so much for a movie, unlike today.
They brought you in and when done right as in Bunny Lake Is Missing 
set you right up and drop you straight into the movie.

I saw this movie at lest 45 years ago when I was much younger.
It has stayed with me all that time.
A mother looking for her lost child and no one believes her.
The haunting feeling of lost and everything
not quite being what it seems.
Today the newspapers are full of children missing,
video on every newscast and breaking news.
But it was a completely different time when this movie came out
and it has stayed with me. The perfect storm of emotions.

And as always here is you pretty for the weekend.

If your thinking of adopting a dog, cat, bunny, horse or chicken
check out your local shelter.
Happiness can come on four legs  or even two !

scared. . . parsnip
music. . . OST,  Bunny Lake is Missing

Friday, August 14, 2015

Square Dog Friday ! Squids Movie review on Saturday.

Exciting week with the arrival of Japanese Family.
But no matter what happens the best day of the week is...
Square Dog Friday
so lets woof it ! 

Since we had a fire so close to our home 
thehamish wanted to check out his garden.


 yesh i thehamish in garden
needin' to see how its doin'
gud dug Watson is helpin

 yesh look what i seein'

 chkikin sprips growin
need to pick now
 yesh look gud ready to eat
 workin hard
so hard oh woe is me 
workin workin workin
 harvest gud
 after harvest is nap time for Watson

 and i thehamish
workin is hard
must rest with my best giggle ball
it makin' sounds
it is a gud ball

 more sleepin on nice tall person who feeds us bed
 so happy nice tall person who feeds us built this for 
i thehamish and Watson.

 we needin places to nap
we gud dugs not sure about the toy 
no squeekin'
 gud dug Watson he is old gud dug 
but i love him

 Watson not understandin the toy either
 nice tall person who feeds us got good gift from place far way
in new zealand not knowing where that is but they gots gud glass

 and wine names


And of course just because I can here is your pretty to start the week.
Japaneses son sent me this.
It is thehamish !
That is my gud dug.
Everyone have a lovely weekend.
Your friend, parsnip

gud. . . parsnip
music. . .  Gimme Some Lovin',  Spencer David Group