Thursday, July 24, 2014

living in a Border City... part 4

What will happen to all the children ?

The cities who are protesting the influx of this mass wave of mothers and children 
have good reason not to want them in their city. 

First of all when the mothers, children and teens are smuggled from whatever country, it is by the Drug Cartels. 
Years ago the cartels took over the people smugglers. Either you work for them or you were killed. They do not smuggle out of the kindness of their hearts is for money. Lots of money anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 American.

Part of this money is needed to pay off the Mexican Army at the southern border. There is a zone on this border where the Army can shoot to kill anyone.  So when this amount of  Central Americans cross into Mexico you know the corrupt Army and Police are being paid off.   Usually the cartels will hold the people half way in a remote areas and ask the families for ransom to complete the trip or they will just kill them. Large graves are  found filled with Central Americans illegals that the cartel were paid to smuggled into the US.
 Not everyone who makes it into Mexico makes it to the US. So to have such a huge amount of mothers, teens and children make it to the US Border you know this was all planed. And very well planed !

The cities that have been protesting the shelters for unaccompanied illegal children know what is happening. It has happened all before and this is the last straw.
It is because of who/what the illegals are bring with them.  They are bring everything with them they say they are trying to escape. They are now own by the drug cartels, the gangs and the violence. If they owe money to the cartels the kids are used for drug runners, lookouts and guides. Women and children will be  exploited.

1. What you don't know is many of the children will be housed  for 45 day and then released to family, their illegal families in the US, with dates to return to court. 
This is happening in Oracle, Arizona right now.  We were informed that no one there is being sent back, all will be released to illegal families already here. And if you think any of these people will return for court dates,  let me show you a copper mine I have to sell. 

2. In the first holding area in Nogalas Arizona  the oldest was a 17 year old male. The next oldest were several teen girls who are pregnant and already have children with them. What happens to them ?   Guess !
They will have Anchor Babies.
When you are here illegally and have a baby in the US the baby is a citizen and the illegal mother and father (?) stay as the guardians. The baby receives Social Security,  aid to dependent children, food stamps and section 8 housing. 
They  are being rewarded for breaking the law and being illegal. 
The extended family will move in and next year there will be another Anchor baby to help with food stamps, aid to dependent children and all the extra free services the government gives out.

3. The rest of the children are the ones who were sent ahead so later they will say... you can't break up the family and the parents will soon come.  Section 8 housing, food stamps, aid to dependent children........ and so it goes.

Corrupt Mexico, the cartels, the illegals and the Hispanic groups that are pushing for this and the Democrat Party. Votes= power.

The American homeless, the downsized, returning veterans, veterans at any VA Hospital, the working poor and our older Social Security Seniors who have to chose between food, meds or utilities that month and me. I think these people should apply for amnesty and pro bono service.

Now with all the illegals here where will they live ? They will move to Phoenix, Santa Ana,  Compton, Chicago, Detroit Baltimore and New York.
Will they be living in Beverly Hills, or on The White House lawn ?  
They will move into the neighborhood filled with illegals, gangs, drugs, and turf wars.  Just like where they lived before. Except now they get all these free stuff paid for by me and you.

Tomorrow... using women, anchor babies and children for money. 
Next up is education.


  1. I'm not surprised by any of this, Gayle. The only thing that really amazes me is how naive most Americans are about it. They think we're horrible people if we don't welcome this flood of illegals with open arms.

    Wait'll Spanish becomes our official language. That's when I move to Australia!

    1. Just wait till tomorrows post.
      It is a story about my Mother and how her health needed were put aside for illegals

    2. I am so tired ... her health needs....

  2. It's a terrible situation. And so unfair for Americans and legal immigrants. I have coworker who is from Mexico. She spent about 10 years to get her green card. Her husband is now in Mexico, can't come back to U.S. due to some issues with his visa and they are separated for more than 6 months now. I'm hoping he can come back soon.
    The situation that people doing the right thing have to pay, really unfair, I think.

    1. I have several friend who are here legally and then also when through all correct way to come to America. I really wonder how they really feel about the free ride so many are getting.

  3. all my (really REALLY) liberal friends are saying "oh you have to take care of the poor children". sigh...

    smiles, bee


    1. Well you do what I do if you feel up to it.
      I very enthusiastically agree and say you will send the paper to get them started on sponsoring a child, and the brothers and sisters, Mom and Dad and various uncles and Aunts that come with the child.
      The backtracking starts so fast that I am also so surprised they don't get whiplash. Talk is cheap.

    2. I've got to remember this for all those whiners over on Facebook!

    3. No lie it works.
      I have a funny story, if it wasn't so telling, about my friends who have a handyman who has worked for then for 12 years now.
      He also works for several friends, and he speaks no English. He is illegal living here for 12 years and speaks no English, They speak Spanish to him.
      His new wife speaks no English and their 3 children speak no English and she is pregnant with another child.
      Anchor babies are good !

  4. Replies
    1. It starts with RESPONSIBILITY children are not money and and fodder for circumventing the law.

  5. Your last comment would not be irrelevant over here in many places.

  6. I don't know how this country is going to be able to carry the financial wieght with all the debt this and the administration before it has caused. I feel bad for the children though. I really do.

  7. How horrid. Being all bleeding-heart soft and fuzzy about all these people coming here is equivalent to putting one's head in the sand.