Friday, September 17, 2021

Square Dog Friday, on no !

 Just some everyday stuff.


I Agatha wooorkin' very hard to get the squeeeeky out out and then 
Mum comes and takes it away.


Your pretty to start the weekend.

Son bought me a Fairy Castle Cactus.
Love the dog and so funny as I used draw my flowers just like this.

This is so iwinston.

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, September 10, 2021

Square Dog Friday, this and that.

Good News !

Oliver is up to 7 pounds, we are very happy.



Sleepy iwinston.

Flashback. . . . .  sleepy puppy iwinston.

yummy chew sticks.
You got cookies ?


I like cookies !

Pretty Pretty Princess.


cheers,  parsnip 

Friday, September 3, 2021

Square Dog Friday.

If I can post this in the next 3 hours it will still be Friday !

A win for me.

This is the third day I have a huge (orange sized ) bright red swollen ball on the side of my face. It is under the right side of my jaw. By today it has swollen over to my left side jawline.  Called the doctor and got an emergency appointment. No one knows what it is maybe a bug bite ?  On some meds that I have to watch and be careful of a reaction.  Yea Me !



                                                          Some more clouds reflections



Oliver is doing so much better.  Acting like he use to. We are hoping for some weight gain now.
The twice a week treatments seem to be working.

Here is your pretty for the weekend

                                                                       cheers,  parsnip


Saturday, August 28, 2021

Square Dog Friday, Another late day.

 Long days of noise even rumbling from across the valley Agatha gets upset.
Agatha is exhausted, even after the panic calms down.

The slippers from last post are Agatha new chew toy. I do wish they were mine.

She added some new design elements. 
She is thinking of giving up her surgery practice
for a new Design Shop.

Oliver is doing so much better. Has gained 2 ounces and is acting more like himself.
We know this is just a small reprieve but we are very happy to enjoy any time with 
our sweet boy.

Oliver is learning to use the selfie.

Oliver and Hamish 
They were friends especially when Hamish would share his "chkikin" 

 Merida in the front, Oliver in the back.

Here is your pretty for the weekend. 

The mountains are so green !

So late again I have had an especially bad week all I have done is sleep.

cheers,  parsnip