Friday, March 10, 2023

Snow Tucson Snow.

Last week we had  SNOW TUCSON SNOW. 
Wake up to a carpet of white then almost gone by the afternoon.
 In the valley light snow but lots more where I live in the foothills.
Six more inches in the Catalina Mountains. 
We so need this, fire season is coming.

                                We need to see how many oranges are left and the damage done.



                                                                  Now for some fun.


Small up date. . .
Been  busy, Doctor and Hospital busy.
David just came back from Hospital again. We though possible Stent Rejection but
so far not this problem.
Still having problems with my Eyes. 
Let me tell you having needles stuck in your eyes is not so much fun. 
My right eye looks like a bloody mess. Plus this makes me so tired.
Some happy to end with.

cheers, parsnip

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

What to do ?

Like the rest of the world Arizona and Tucson has been having such strange weather.
Lots of rain, hail snow and big winds ! 


                                 It is very cold and windy and my wee Scotty is loving it.
           I had to bribe him to come back in with a cookie when I thought it was getting really cold.

I usually show photos of my back yard
 but I do have a very pretty front yard.

Lots of post to come whet I have a chance.

cheers, parsnip

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Goodness. . . .

Weather has been all over the place.  Warm, snow, rainy, freezing, windy. Today it will be  windy with hard freeze warning tonight. Possibly losing the rest of the citrus tonight.

Today's snow.


The sky/sunset change so fast, amazing.


The injection into my eye went better this time. Less painful but the next morning half of my eye was covered in blood. It is slowly being absorbed but quite scary and interesting at the time. 
It is getting better but what a mess.

cheers, parsnip


Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Wonderful !

David is doing just wonderful.

                                                    Thank You for all the Good Wishes.

I am sure Agatha is helping his recovery.

Winston still barking like crazy at David,  been hitting the Beer again !

New trainer #4 is coming. . .  we shall see.


Here is some happiness !

                                                                    cheers,  parsnip

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Hug a gud dug !

Son David, lived about 30 years in Japan. It has always easy to call him my Japanese son. 

Studied at University in Japan,

 Married and was raising a family there. 

Head of the language department at his University. 

Just moved back to Tucson to help take care of me.

                                                             Agatha loves her David.

On Saturday he had a Heart Attack while out and about. Thank goodness he was at a shop that knew him and right next to the Fire Department.  He was saved and sent to hospital.

                                            He is now home and being well looked after by a sweet Agatha
                                                               and helped by his adorable Daughter.

cheers,  parsnip