Thursday, July 18, 2024

Hello Hello Hello !

 So much to tell but really who wants to listen to me tell tales of all my trips to doctors, labs, tests more tests and pills. Lots of drugs and none of them fun. Four Months of Doctors.

The only one that is the really really really awful is the lost of vision and pain in my right eye. I have problems with anythings up close. reading drawing and painting is very interesting and somewhat painful.

So.... I have decided to try to keep up a much smaller blog. I have enjoyed  blogging so much but the last few years have been hard on brain and eyes. So smaller posting and some photos.

I have a very funny and weird test results that when I feel much better will post.


                                                                    Monsoon clouds.

How can this be comfortable ?

cheers !

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Getting ready for summer,


 New "pretend" grass taking place of the real grass.  I adore real green grass growing but it takes so  much water and I am trying to use less water. Plus the up keep is a huge pain. I still have the fruit trees and lots of rosemary for my Bees. 

Yuko and Winston playing on the new "grass" Love this photo of Sir Winston.  He is having problems with his back legs when he runs he does the little kick.

Agatha is enjoying the new grass. She took the first wee on it.  Agatha approved.

The solar is working wonderfully. Our electric bill has dropped to almost nothing. Plus we add to the grid. The solar will be helping us stay cool in our very hot summers.


Some fun treats from the Japanese Markets in San Diego. Items I can't find here.

Mr. and Mrs. Cutie Pie  Javelina trying to eat a huge seed ball. 

Interesting clouds.

Up Date.
Seeing Eye Doctor this week. Both eyes now giving me more problems. stick the needles in my eyes.
Yuck and yes it does hurt. I have been sleeping alot.
It is so hard for me to read and write the blog, read newspapers and books.
This is so Winston.

Saturday, February 17, 2024



 The Grapefruit.


                                                                            The Tree

                     I live somewhat close to Area 51. It is always a hoot to bring it into any story.

               Son brought in one Grapefruit from the tree that was almost killed several winters ago
                          after a Hard Freeze. I had it trimmed and left it alone to grow.Maybe ?

Unpacking several weird and wonderful items from my old studio.

                                                              Quick dinner one day.

OK,,, here it is looking from the pool into my new studio window, past the Hidden Garden to be.
Reflections of the Catalina Mountains and looking up to the narrow window at the top of the south wall.
                                                       I love reflection photos !
            Kitchen widow reflection of Kitchen nook and light, reflection and (old) studio door.

                                                                The very Gud Dugs !
                                                                       Cheers, parsnip


Saturday, February 3, 2024

Still Winter with much needed rain.


I have been sitting at my new desk in the new studio and watching the storm.
Lots of wind, rain, snow and hail



                                 Year of The Dragon... If you look in the middle of the photo the Dragon
                                            is rising up from the mountain with smoke and fire.



Young male Javelina. He has been kicked out of the herd by the leader. It always breaks my heart because as a single they are easy prey to all the evil awful "people" who like to shot and kill them. 
They drag them around behind their cheap destroyed Toyota trucks. and whoop. 
                          I hope he can find another Javelina and form a new pack family.


                                        Strange and wonderful candy that Granddaughter likes !

                                                                     cheers, parsnip


Tuesday, January 23, 2024


Say it isn't so. . . . . .





Chihuahua , not my favorite dogs. I grew up around them in Tucson and they have lived up to their reputation of ankle biting watch dogs. As with all breeds of dogs you have to take the good with the bad.  I would adopt a Pitbull over an anklebitter any day. Love Pitties.
Agatha and I had a long talk, with snacks of course, about how she is the best of every breed !
She is my...
Sweety Pie
Honey Bunny
but most of all 
After reading all the different breeds Daughter said no wonder she always saw a  Agatha type gud dug at the shelter.  Here in Arizona though we always  have lots of  Pitties and Chihuahuas.

 cheers !