Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Tuesday Lizzzzzzzard Hunting.

Lizard hunting !

we be looking here  lizzzzzzzard

                                                                   iwinston be tired

Playing toss the toy.

Son made Cilbir. Fabulous Turkish egg dish. 

So easy to make. Poached eggs over a yogurt sauce with a spice infused butter sauce.

Beautiful apple.

                                           Reflection of the front pond on window screen


Here is the fun for today.

Love the drawing.

cheers, parsnip

Friday, December 31, 2021

Two Square Dogs. . . 31 December 2021

It is Friday Happy New Year Eve !
Here are a few photos of Christmas.
Son has lived in Japan for 17 years many of the years he has played Santa for the University's preschool. He also dresses up for Halloween.

This year I didn't put out my usual Christmas cards on the credenza filled with cards from friends and many Japanese popup and cards filled with songs and fairy lights.  I did find a new snow globe that really looked nice and  and was sent a new Japanese Christmas card. 
Love the artist drawing of the Gud Dugs.


I adore this Ramen Cart !

This is my favorite all the animals and Santa around the tree.
 The twinkly lights are in blue and clear.

Snow Globes and Fairy Lights.

25 Days of Christmas


Watching a Christmas Movie.

Happy New Year !
cheers,  parsnip

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Christmas Morning.

 'Christmas Sunrise !

Merry Christmas from Tucson.

cheers, parsnip 

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Son's Birthday today !

Winston and Agatha saw something and went somewhat crazy.

Yesh something out there !
Look !

 He went out to find what was there...
nothing ! 
They love their Big Brother.
arrrrgh woof

Happy Birthday, Let there be cake,
maybe some ice cream too !

cheers,  parsnip

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Christmas is coming.

Having computer problems still. Lost photos then they came back !
So everything mixed up.

Winston's first Christmas.


Helping Granddaughter make a Gingerbread house. They didn't have them in Japan.We made sure Godzilla was included.


                                                 Sweet Hamish wrapped in Fairy Lights.

                                                       The sweet boys. Watson and Hamish'

                                                 Agatha attacking last years Advent Calendar


Javelina Gingerbread with chilies.

Agatha and Winston

Tucson's one day of snow.

I had Christmas Mail Stamps made one year
of my Boys.
Gingerbread Scotties. Can you find  Hamish and his broken tail.

Japanese Son usually entered a photo for the JR Train Calendar. 
One year his photo was chosen for my Birthday.

Winter fog/clouds flowing over the mountains.

 cheers,  parsnip