Friday, January 26, 2018

Square Dog Friday iwinston

Four faces of iwinston.


He is so funny !
But he has been so naughty this week.
Beyond naughty.


Here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.

Japanese Son sent me one of his fabulous photos.
Son has this small iron (?) water dish embedded in his fence next to the stairs.

Very calm, surreal, engaging, beautiful moment.

Quick post today, 
Off to the doctors, no food and more tests ! 
 yuck !
As thehamish used to say...
woe oh woe is me

Everyone have a lovely weekend !
cheers,  parsnip 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Interesting Universe.

You know those days you have where everything goes wrong.
Well, I have had a valley of them for quite awhile.
Then something happens that brighten your day. . .
A big box by my front door. 
A gift from Donna the wonderful blogger  from " Gather".

Oh My Goodness !
Just look at this wonderful plate.
 I wonder why Donna would send this to me ?

Thank You very much Donna !

imandibles really likin' dish you nice tall person who livin' far away sent.
it is gud

cheers,  parsnip

Monday, January 22, 2018

Snowballs are fun

Weekend catch up.

Snowballs !

 what whaqt you sayin'

 snowball  what is snowball

 iwinston is chewin' snowball


 runnin' runnin'

snowball are fun

Early morning before the storm hits.

Here comes the storm.


iwinston wants to be knowin' what storm is commin' is meanin'

we be havin' katties

 outside kattie

and be havein' them inside kitties iken' merida she not liken' me

 oliver liken' playin'chess

 gurrrrrrrrrr outside monstermonster

 oliver gots' pretty eye

 merida still notliken' iwinston

 merida pretty insidekattie

 merdias sayin' goodnight still not liken me iwinston

 As always here is your pretty for the start to the week.

iwinston playin' digggggin' iwinston gots' to dig dig dig
nice tall person who feeds me not likin' iwinston diggin'
it is fun for meiwinston

Have a lovely week !
cheers,  parsnip

Friday, January 19, 2018

Square Dog Friday... Bark Bark

Square Dog Friday. 
Best day of the week.
Lets woof it !

 Castles, Kings, Queens and Knights in this month Bark Box.

 for me iwinston ?

 oh goodness what is this fun 

 iwinston is lookin'

 iwinston is readin' words are sayin'

 lookin'lookin'lookin' lookin'

 lookin'lookin' lookin'


 iwinston is lookin' like winston mandibles churchill he is gud tall person

 nice tall person who feeds me will make iwinston a king with crown

iwinston ispratcing bein' a king and needin' a nap nows


here is your pretty to start the weekend

Granddaughter with her new coat.
When Japanese Family comes to Tucson first stop is always 
"La Targey"
cheers,  parsnip

Friday, January 12, 2018

Square Dog Friday, A Star Is Born !

Big News in Tucson !
A New Star Is Born.

 Here is iwinston in all his shaggy glory, my sweet puppy little black sheep.

We went to the groomers and came back with. . . 

 A SCOTTY ! ! !

 A Noble Scotty.

On the way home from the groomers iwinston curled up in the bright sunlight.
He looks just like Watson. It tugged at my heart.

 If you showed me this photo and I didn't know better, I would say this is Watson.
Except for all the white hair on his tail.

 After cutting his mass of back hair you can see his white spots better.  He has a spot
on each shoulder blades. He then has a white band around his neck.

And of course his white tail.
 What a sweet iwinston.

 But. . .
 now he looks just like Watson and thehamish. 
I have been without a furry Scotty friend for a year now and seeing
him reminds me so much of my sweet baboos .


As always here is your start of the week pretty.

 We had our two days of winter !


We need more rain and snow or it will be a bad summer !

cheers,  parsnip