Tuesday, July 22, 2014


                      Here is the second post on what it is like to live in a border state.
Another background post. I am trying to keep this short and as simple as I can.

Mexico is one of the wealthiest  country in the world.  Bet you didn't know this. They have vast quantities of  oil, natural gas, silver and gold mines. Land and the climate to grow huge amount of fruits and vegetables plus seafood ! Mexico is the 6th largest producer of oil and has a burgeoning solar power industry.
I read that Mexico produces more cars than any North American (USA ?) country.  GM, Chrysler and Ford have been there since around the 30's later came VW.  They also export electronics, trucks and machinery.
Mexico also holds a huge amount of American debt. Not sure how that works but a friend of mine was talking about this. Way over my head. I really do not understand this.

Mexico has always been the land of the very rich and the very poor.  Now it has established a  very large upper middle class when our middle class is all but disappearing.
So what the heck went wrong with Mexico.

 It is because Mexico is one of the most arrogant corrupt countries in the world.  It makes Russia and China look like 3rd grade bullies. It was hugely corrupt country before the drug cartels took over.  But the ground work is there.

The reality is much of the poor stay poor and Mexico, and the Catholic Church (my religion) does nothing to help, birth control is non-existence. The way they care for the poor is to point them towards  the US and say go.
The poor have limited health care beyond the clinics and educations stops when your are 15 years old. I will go into this in more depth when I write my posts about health and education.
Mexico wants as many of the poor to leave but be sure to send money back.
It is an huge industry.
From the making of shoes with maps on the insoles to carpet slipper produced to cover their shoes so when the illegally cross over the border so they won't leave foot prints. There even is/used to be a class held in a town on the west coast, who held a class in their city hall, not how to apply for a visa but how to sign up for all the free services you get across the border to the U.S.

Illegals is an export industry.

There is a now civilian group in Arizona that is patrolling the border. On Monday news they showed a tape from cameras they had set up along known trails. You see several groups of illegals  nightly, from 50 to 100 at a time crossing into Arizona. Along with these illegal are drugs. 60 % of all the drugs in America come through Arizona.

Next post illegals

I appreciate the comments from yesterday.
I will answer your comment like I usually do so if you have any questions I will try to do my best.  But remember this is from what I see and read in the news.
Much of my information on Mexico and illegals comes from my friend who is Hispanic.
Much of his wife's family still lives in Mexico but my friends grandfather and grandmother were both legal citizens of America.



  1. There was suh a lot here that I didn't know Gayle, so do keep these posts coming.

    1. I knew some of this but as I said my Hispanic friends have been a real eye opener for me.

  2. Now I understand why my Mexican neighbors walk around here with a sense of entitlement. Apparently, even though they came here illegally, they've been led to believe we owe them something.

    I guess I seem horribly unsympathetic to the current situation, but I've seen firsthand what the homeless here in the US are going through. There are families living in cars--or, if they're lucky, in motel rooms (families can't stay together in shelters) with not enough to eat because the resources just aren't there. But all I'm hearing is how we should help the illegals. There are even ads placed to ask citizens to take them in.

    Shouldn't charity begin at home?

    1. You just said much of what I will be posting later.
      And yes charity does begin at home.

  3. I had no idea Mexico was a rich country. That is shocking to me. I thought it was a very poor country. Why is that not being reported in the media. Of course if I was a little more alert, I would read up on it. Again. Thanks for the information. I must say, this was an eye opener.

    1. Oh Mexico is a poor country for the poor. It is a third world country.
      The rich are rich, the upper mobile middle class is growing but the poor stay very poor.

  4. One of the world's richest men, of course, is Mexican.

    The problems there have been going on for centuries.

    1. Yes, this has been going on for way to many years.

  5. I did not know Mexico is such a rich country. Lots of resources. If they are managed properly, this "poor stays poor" situation could be improved. But sadly it's not happening.
    When I went to Cancun, the tourist area was so clean and beautiful. We took a bus and went a bit too far....the scenery changed dramatically during this bus ride. I almost couldn't believe it was the same city. Maybe this is a good example for what's happening in Mexico.

    1. I am so happy to hear you made it back home OK.
      I would discourage anyone from going to Mexico. The drug wars are invading even into the "tourist" cities.

  6. i sure didn't know this honey. gosh. makes me madder than heck!


    smiles, bee

    1. You and me both all my "sympathetic" feelings have been bulldozed over.

  7. I must say I was very nervous when - a couple of years ago my grand-daughter Alice went in her school holidays to work in a children's orphanage in Mexico.. I know she loved being with the children but I must ask her - now she is older - what her other impressions were.

  8. Fascinating stuff. Again, thank you. I, too, didn't realize Mexico was such a wealthy country.