Monday, June 30, 2014

parley view parsnip... it is so hot in Tucson and a rant

while much of the U.S. is overloaded in rain,
we here in the southwest are burning up.
On my radar weather page, I see the storms come up fron Mexico into Texas up north
and then swing east.
That leaves Arizona dry and gasping for some rain.
This week we might have the start of some monsoon storms.
I am lighting some candles.
Here are a few of my summer "hot" sunsets before the monsoons come.
 Sunset and the (very tiny) moon
awwwwwwwwww  I love this one.

 From picasa to my blog I always lose some color.


 My camera is so fickle and I keep changing the setting to try to get the best colors.
One photo blue and then more green the next.

 Much needed water drops on the grass.
A small rant
Last Friday I was reading one of my most favorite blogs.
On the post she had mentiond her friends having a wildlife camera (I am getting one) that takes photos every 5 minutes.  They had noticed a hedgehog that had not moved for over five mintues staying in the same spot. When they looked they found a dead hedgehog with it head bitten off.
The blogger was wondering if a cat could have killed the hedgehog and bitten off its head in 5 minutes. I said yes.
Of course I had to comment by inserting my foot in mouth.
I commented about cats not being left to roam especially un-nutered. and what cats have done to the bird population.  
On a farm I understand the need for rodent control but no where else should 
a cat be left to roam.
Feral cats are are especially evil.  One un nutered male can sire so many litters in a year, that keep having more and more litters.  
If I can find the report I read about a study in the  UK the bird population
has dropped so fast due to city cats being left to run amok
and the French farmers killing the migrating birds.
They are expecting problems. I will post it.
Before I leave my comment, I usually love to read the comments. 
I should not have that day.
 One comment has stayed with me for three days now and I am repulse, sickened, horrified and much more.
Seems this commenter " has a sweet cat" who regularly catches rabbits, brings then into the house drags them into the bathroom. Then she jumps into the bath with the rabbit so that the rabbit can not get out, they are alive. And eats their head. 
Then goes out to get another rabbit. 
Hello. what the hell is the owner doing.  Standing around cheering ?
I have seen too much "people" cruelty to animals, 
that I don't think we should be adding to it this way. 
I hope that commentor does not have children that see this kind of cruelty and think it is OK.  cruelty is cruelty. 
This poor rabbit was frightened, toyed with, played with, battered about then finally killed while the cat ate it head.
I understand on a farm one need to keep rodent population under control.
 But you get a permit to shoot rabbits. Your don't terrorize and then eat its head
 End of rant.
yert ! 
And just because I can, here is your pretty to start the week.
As stated and signed in the latest agreement by arbitration.
The Square Ones get more photos.
When it is hot it is hot.

 Gud dug sweet baboo Watson.
I had to move the water dish while cleaning. 
Watson found it.
and here is the daft thehamish
yert !

hot. . . parsnip
music. . . Bless the Beasts and the Children,  The Carpenters


  1. Lovely sunsets Parsnip. Regarding cats, I used to hate it when mine killed things, or rather DIDN'T kill them, but played with them. I often had to dispatch some poor creature rather than it have a slow death. Having said that, the dogs aren't a lot better when they're out in the wild but at least they kill said rodent immediately and have had that instinct imprinted on their DNA by us through selective breeding. Dogs for me.

    1. I so agree, dog kill with a swift break of the neck. I am not saying they are perfect but the idea that "the sweet cat" was allowed to drag a living rabbit into their tub to torment before just eating it's head while alive is beyond me.
      Plus I get fined if my dog is allowed to run free and poop on everyone lawn, door step and drive way. (but cat owner don't)
      Gosh that happened to me so many times where I lived before. Then all the fights and screaming when they are in heat !
      I don't worry about that where I live now, any cat left out will be dinner for a coyote.

      cheers, parsnip

  2. Cats live longer if they're kept inside, too.

    1. I so agree.
      In Tucson a few years ago there was cat leukemia epidemic raging because of all the un vaccinated cats spreading it around. It was awful.

      cheers, parsnip

    2. I can imagine. Ours have never been outdoor cats. Our older tom - bless his heart - occasionally sneaks out but is so clueless what to do that he runs back in almost right away.

    3. Right now we have another "increase" with dog with distemper. As with the cats running free we have dogs with distemper. both terrible and sad ways to die.
      The HSSA (I am a supporter) is giving out free shots to stop the spread. But we have a very large population of people who see no need for this. The dog will die and they will just walk down the street and pick up another one. It is so sad it breaks my heart.

  3. Our George HATES the hot weather
    So much so we have to put him in the kitchen to lie down on the cold concrete

    1. After a quick potty run in the yard The Boys are in the house flat out on the cool tile floors.

  4. My cats are indoors most of the time, which is not ideal for them, but they have plenty of company and "play hunting" with their toys.
    Living where we do, we have so many woodland, heathland and garden birds around as well as the winter and summer migrants. Swallows skim the grass for insects. The death toll from outside cats would be unacceptable.

    I do hope that some good, steady rain arrives with you soon. In the meantime, what spectacular hot skies you have. Such colours!

  5. good evening! beautiful photos, the sky and the square boys! yert! and i agree with the rant...

    hugs, bee

  6. They're best kept inside.

    Gorgeous skies, Parsnip!

    1. They are best kept inside. My friends beloved cat was hit by a car, and she was devastated.
      She was so heart broken.

  7. The comment also sickened was disgusting. You were so correct in your response. Very proud of you. Have not owned a cat for years because of that type of teasing/torture behavior they can exhibit. Dogs for me! X

    1. Now my blog friend who lives on a farm has farm cats and needs them. I understand nature.
      But this commenter on her blog really upset me. The way they wrote so easy about a rather awful thing.
      I feel better now but maybe because I am tired it just hit me as awful ?

  8. My boys are indoor cats and go out only on the enclosed deck. In order to satisfy their hunting instinct, I let them hunt toys and snacks.
    The big sky is breathtaking! So the small moon in the big sky :-)

    1. If I had anymore cats... I had two beautiful ones. I would build an enclosed area like you.I adore your deck.
      Plus living were I do you need to protect the cat from everything that can kill and eat them.

  9. I agree with what you say Parsnip - on the whole cats like to torture whatever they catch whereas dogs catch it, kill it and get it over with.
    Your poor two look so fed up with the very hot weather - do hope you get rain soon.

    1. The Square Ones being so black, their fur gets so hot the second they run outside.
      We are always so amazed when we pet them after they zoom back in.

  10. Oh my goodness, it does look hot. We're having a bit of a heat wave here--in the 80s. I know that's nothing to you in Tucson. As for the cats and the birds and the rabbits, I am with you. That's simply cruel. My cats (in the past) were outdoor cats but they wore a bell to warn the birds and it mostly worked. I do hope it cools off for you soon.

    1. It is so hot and I think it is that way because we have had so little rain the last two years.
      100 feels like the 118 temps we had last year. Everything is just so dry.
      But like I said before I live in a green desert so it is not as bad as some places.

  11. Beautiful photos, Gayle!

    I shared a post on my Facebook page in support of protecting feral cats...whereupon a friend reminded me that cats kill birds. Being a bird lover, his response gave me much to think about.

    As for dogs, Collin's dog once killed a cat very quickly, with one bite. My dad shooed the cat off his ladder, thinking Sandy would just chase it away. He felt awful when he saw what she did.

    1. I am a huge supporter of catching and nurturing feral cats . We have to put a stop to letting cats breed at will.
      Again people are so stupid. A pet is a responsibility.
      As for the dog and cat that is surprising and very sad.
      At lest the dog didn't torment and play with the cat like a cat would have done with a mouse.

  12. I like both dogs and cats, but can't afford neither at the moment. See a lot of stray (feral?) cats around my apartment complex. I think people get them than abandon them when they can't afford them, or maybe discover an apartment can be just too small for one (it's not like you can hide the littler box down in the basement). Too many people see dogs and cats and other animals as toys rather than the living beings that they are.

    1. You are so right.
      They get them and just abandon them. It is so sad.
      They meet terrible deaths.
      Daughter worked for the HHSA and saw what people can do and other animals.

  13. Look at that last shot. Boy gosh, that's funny.