Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Monsoons # 2

Some random monsoon photos. 

I like the way the clouds look with the screen partway down.


Monsoons storm moving through the mountains and valley can change in a second.


Winston loves this great toy.


Agatha is thinking....
noooooooyou needing to stay inside

and here he... be commmmmming.....


Found some happy to help make us smile.

This is so Agatha. As a gud dug who lived with a hoarder she is very interested in the 
shopping bags and of course the garbage cans. Foraging is her life !

cheers,  parsnip
I still need to get my computer fixed again or a new one.... arghhhh !
Between my eye problems, blogger and the fact I can't get on some blogs
I will get it fixed .... maybe ?




Thursday, June 23, 2022

Monsoons !


Summer !




Super Hot 



I grew up using the First one. Still works for me.
Storms are starting and we have had some rain but this week more to come.
Hope !

Hot days and evenings.

Four fires burning south and west of Tucson.
Lots of smoke and dust. 

First good monsoon storm to try to take a photo of.

Several buildings were destroyed. So far not sure how much damage was done.
My father worked for the Observatory on the mirrors.

Gud Dugs still on patrol.
We have had a bear, coyotes and bobcats  around here.
Lots of Bunnies and Quail everywhere.
We think the bear went back up to the higher mountains.
Much cooler !
Very hot days.

The storm today, 

Here is your pretty. . .

Some of my meds are not working right now and not very happy. Back to the doctors.
Need to get somewhat back on track to feel better soon ! 
Want to get back posting my blog that I enjoy
and hope to catch up  with my friends blogs. 

cheers,  parsnip

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Another very hot day !



Just a few photos. 
Lots of work being done on the home before monsoons start in two weeks.
Other news we are in out triple digits temps now. So far 102 + Lucky us !

cheers,  parsnip