Saturday, August 28, 2021

Square Dog Friday, Another late day.

 Long days of noise even rumbling from across the valley Agatha gets upset.
Agatha is exhausted, even after the panic calms down.

The slippers from last post are Agatha new chew toy. I do wish they were mine.

She added some new design elements. 
She is thinking of giving up her surgery practice
for a new Design Shop.

Oliver is doing so much better. Has gained 2 ounces and is acting more like himself.
We know this is just a small reprieve but we are very happy to enjoy any time with 
our sweet boy.

Oliver is learning to use the selfie.

Oliver and Hamish 
They were friends especially when Hamish would share his "chkikin" 

 Merida in the front, Oliver in the back.

Here is your pretty for the weekend. 

The mountains are so green !

So late again I have had an especially bad week all I have done is sleep.

cheers,  parsnip


Friday, August 20, 2021

Square Dog Friday, Oliver



He gained half a pound then lost a bit but he is looking so much better eating and drinking.


                                                                I have new bunnyslippers.

                                                                       pretty pretty princes



Lots of thunder and lighting massive rain but all is fine now. Only two leaks.

A few days of dry weather before some more rain.


Some pretty for the start of the weekend.

cheers,  parsnip

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Square Dog Friday. Oliver The Dragon Cat !

It has been such a bad week and month.

So much rain at one time and so much runoff, flooding the rivers and washes. We have many dry rivers except for Sabino Canyon East. and washes that are filling up with fire damage runoff. Rocks, trees and ash filled mud zooming down the fire damage mountains.

Son's sweet old cat Oliver,  is in Stage 4 Liver Cancer. He is home now on Hospice care. Oliver goes into the vets twice a week for fluid injections, Son drives him to and is giving the injections. I finally had the Cat Tree built and is by the window in my bedroom  for his bird/lizard watching. 

He was dehydrated and not eating. Lost over 2 lbs . Since the injections he is feeling better and eating. So we are just having him enjoying everyday as best as we all can.


My Dragon Cat.

He likes napping on my towels. I moved some things around to give him more room.

Here is your pretty for the weekend very late.

Who is that cute Scotty ?

Set another plate for me !

cheers, parsnip

Friday, August 6, 2021

Square Dog Friday...Dry weather now rain later.


 No big rain storms this week just some light drizzles.  Hot weather 100 to 111 helping to dry out the rain soaked earth. Next week the rain returns and again much needed.

Summer clouds.

Son took this photo for me. Beautiful.

Finally after about 15 years I had the retractable outdoor screens put up. They are wonderful.
Lots of shade and they can keep lots of bugs out and away from biting me.
Looking north
You can see the difference.

West facing 

East facing

So nice and much needed. We are not sitting outside right now to much work to do but we left them open at the bottom for the gud dugs.

 iwinston is not feeling his best right now. Trying to get his meds right.


When Agatha first came to live with us she didn't know tables where not for jumping up on. She learned not to jump on them but she likes being up as high as she can be.  iwinston can be a tank !The top of her crate is a favorite, kind of a split level International /Brutalism style of her house.


She is so pretty. I lurve her.


As always here is some pretty to start the weekend.


 cheers,  parsnip