Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wednesday In Japan...

I fell in love with the Japanese Pay Phone about one hour into my first trip to Japan.
Our flight was so delayed that we missed our ride into Tokyo.
While my son figure out how to get us on the train, there I was falling in love with these fabulous green pay phones.
Most of all I was trying to figure out how I could rip one off the wall and stuff it in my luggage with out being thrown into jail on my first hour in Japan.
Since that first visit to Tokyo, I try to get a photo of a green phone somewhere on each new visit.
Unfortunately my computer and not the hamish, destroyed several years of photos. So I had to start over again.

Don't you think this would look just great in my home ?

This photo was taken a fabulous market in Osaka. Five floors of wonderful, that my son and daughter-in law shop at.
I use this photo for my blog related angryparsnip photo.

And here is my granddaughter koguma-chan at the same phone.
As you can see she is taking after her grandmumzilla !

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music. . . Pick Up The Phone, Dragonette
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Monday, February 27, 2012

parley view parsnip...

My Monday post about what is going on around my home...
Last Monday I met for lunch,
the wonderful Joanna from the blog "Haliburton Hill"
Who is spending a few weeks meandering her way through the Southwest with husband, two dogs and a RV.
Thank goodness one of their stops was Tucson, Arizona !
We met at the wonderful "El Charro" restaurant and as usual I forgot to take some photos because I was talking way too much.
I am always amazed by Joanna's photography and if you have the chance check out her wonderful blog that is based just outside of Victoria B.C.
As a desert dweller, I so enjoy the chance to visit other places so different from mine.
I must tell you that the differences from where we live is truly night and day.
Today's post is a favorite series of monsoon photos from July, 2011
Taken in the span of a few minutes, the ever changing fast moving monsoons clouds at sunset.

I just stand in my back yard point and click.
Fabulous !

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music. . . Ride Like The Wind. Christopher Cross, The Cafe Carlyle Sessions
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Square Dog Friday...

It is Square Dog Friday so lets woof it....
ummmmmm m m
yes, I know we are not suppose to be on the ottoman...

but if I don't look and see you...

then you can't see me...
and really it is only " thehamish" that is not allowed on the ottoman
because of "the lizard incident"....

what ? who me ? what ? camera ? memememememe me me !

zzz zz z nurferfff yert zonkkk nappppping here ...

yert smurcrh zerttt... .. .


yawnnn n n n


. . . . . ..... . . . . .................. . . .

zork sunurffff nap p pp ing zz zz z z zzz z....

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wednesday In Japan...

Guess who is coming for dinner ?
in March...
And staying for two weeks, Koguma-chan (small bear) !
Oh yes, she is bringing her parents too !

This is my favorite photo of Mia.
When her Dad Kuma-chan (big bear)
takes her for a walk (backpack) in the winter evenings it gets dark at 5:30.
He bought a small light at the 100 yen shop and tied it to the backpack
so she wouldn't be frighten of the dark.
When they get to the park,
Mia gets out for a little walk time and
as you can see she is very enamored of the light.
Here she is riding in the backpack with the light.

and riding on the train...
yes, she smiles all the time !

taking her socks off on the train...


reading her favorite book
given to her for Christmas by her Auntie mollybot...

sometimes when your tired your tired !

Someone... woof
is very happy at this news.
Last summer when Mia and her parents came for a visit Watson became her best friend and protector.
He was always by her side. If he wasn't in the bedroom with them,
he would sleep by her door all night.

Oh my little heart !

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music. . . Open Your Eyes, Snow Patrol
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Monday, February 20, 2012

parley view parsnip

Monday post about what is going on around my home.
Last Monday a storm blew in from the west dropping rain in the valley snow in the mountains.
Yea ! we need this rain...
Looking north towards the Catalina Mountains.
Looks cold right ?

Never fear this is Tucson just look west and what do I see but blue sky !

Later, the morning starts to clear up.
That low cloud was really zooming by with somewhere to go.

Late afternoon it clears.
That evening the clouds came back.
They wanted to stay over night before zooming off to visit New Mexico.

My poor stunted (from last years deep freeze) Lemon Tree by the bird house.
I was told it will not recover and I should chop it down.
Well I am keeping it.
It will be pruned and cleaned up.
Why ?
Because a family of Morning Dove use it every year.
And the Bird House is home to some of the most charming, tiniest little finches you have ever seen.
They also like the Lemon Tree, so it stays.
For now.

Almost ready for a new family...
just need a little fluffing up.

Here is your Monday pretty to start the week !

green. . . parsnip
music. . . Heavy Cloud No Rain, Sting
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Square Dog Friday...

Just back from our herbal body wraps at the groomers.
We look Fabulous !
for about 60 seconds...

Valentine Toys Review
I shall review the two toys to the best of my ability,
so help me paws.
and a chicken strip.

Watson.... What a lovely blue color, looks great with my brindled coloring

hamish.... toy, toytoytoytoytoytoytoytoy !

bluebluebluebluebluetoytoytoyblue yert !

Wonderful green rubber squeaky toy that looks much better than
the material phone toy.
Thank You, nice tall person can I play now ?

hummmmm new squeaky must get destroy now !

hamish... must find gud greensqueak

murfffffffffmust destroysqueaknowyert !

Exciting green toy has escaped and is hiding...

mine !

minemineminemineminemine !

Nice tall person you know I love you but I need to talk to you about the hamish...
have you looked at the aftermath of the the hamish ?
stuffing everywhere, toy parts everywhere and furniture pushed everywhere ?


i such gud hamish gud dug

yert !

the clean up ......
Watson's review

Dog phone
The dog phone toy aesthete was aimed at the nice tall person
and not for the dog.
chew ... gummy, slobbery material
squeak ... poor, not loud
design ... poor
The toy was easily destroyed in 1.0 nano second
and the squeak was very easy to pull out.
I give this toy a 1 out of 10
only 1 point because nice tall person bought it for us.
The green hippo
chew ... good, it is green rubber
squeak ... fair, needs to be louder
design. ... fair
The green toy was rubber and had a good chew factor but it was easily torn in half.
The stuffing was fun to pull out but way to easy to get get out.
The squeak was moderate but was to easy to find and pull out.
The design was quite fun but we ripped it apart in 4.6 nano seconds.
I give this toy a 2 out of 10
because it was fun, green and rubber
but was destroyed too easy.

heart. . . parsnip
music. . . Get On Your Feet, Gloria Estafan

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