Friday, March 30, 2018

Square Dog Friday...Easter

Square Dog Friday !
Best day of the week.
So lets woof it.
Picasa is not letting me download any photos !
So here are some Easter photos from a few years ago

Sir Winston Mandibles Churchill, 2017

Watson and thehamish
 thehamish loved Watson

 And Watson took care of thehamish.

 My sweet baboo Watson.
I miss these sweetheart everyday.


Easter Bunnies in Tucson

As always here is your pretty for the weekend.

Angryparsnip eating a carrot.

Cactus Bunny !

Have a lovely Easter.

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, March 23, 2018

Square Dog Friday adventure !

Friday, best day of the week !
Square Dog Friday.
Lets woof it !

iwinston had adventure
 at sleepytime when nice tall person who feed me goes nightnight
 iwinston was choomping something that was on the floor 'caus
everything on the floor is mine

mum is looking at iwinston and said drop it iwinston was so surprised iwinston did
nice tall person who feeds me looked at iwinston and said 
peach pit cyanide poison
not knowing that is bad it was crunchie gud

 we gets in car for a ride then we get out in a nice place with lots of doggie smells
for me to sniff we goes into big room with more sniffs then a nice tall person comes and
takes me into a room where other nice tall people are lookin' at me
iwinston get a stick in my leg and then throwup manytimes'
not gud part
tall people in room say iwinston is gud dug and give me hugs
then we ride home and go to sleep

it was fun adventure except for the throwin' up part

 When I read this Wednesday morning I should have seen a warning.

BooBoo mandibles.


 iwinston sorry

 not liking the throwin' up part

 kinda' uggie


As always here is your pretty for the weekend.

Elizabeth on Facebook showed some alien muffins on a post.
I had made some muffin that day and as I looked at them I saw Elizabeth's alien muffins.

 What a hoot !
Thank you so much Elizabeth.

I enjoyed them with some Japanese Coffee that my 
wonderful DIL gave me. 
Thank you very much Yuko.

iwinston is gud now

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, March 16, 2018

Square Dog Friday

Square Dog Friday is here, best day of the week
so lets woof it.

Top Security iwinston is on patrol.

 iwinston has gots a flyin' saucer...

 got it

 mummumumu mum iwinston gots' it




 i winston got this for you nice tall person who feeds me
this is my yard no areas' 51

iwinstson was sleeping an nice tall person who feeds us woken' me up
iwinston was sleepin' and dreamin' of runnin' with bunnies

 iwinston gots' my bark box

 iwinston gots' box i loven' gud boxboxbox box

 i picked out both squeakies 
nice tall person who feeds me is sayin' only ones squeekie
wahahahahahahahahahahahahaha only one squeeki hawahahaha
sillllly nice tall person who feeds me


As always here is your pretty to start the weekend

 Wednesday morning,



Have a wonderful weekend !
aurg!!! the Arizona Wildcats lost in the first round in a big upset !
woeowoewoe woe is me !
woe !

Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday in Tucson

First of all welcome to Arizona 
where we do not buy into this hour forward/back garbage.
Arizona and Hawaii never change their time. 
Life is good !
 imandibles is liken' sleep in the outside

 Friday afternoon the gray clouds rolled in. Nice soft rain in the evening till morning.
Sunday morning this is how the day started.

 It will rain this weekend so till then sun, blue skies and white clouds.

Now for the mandibles news.

 you gots' cookie

 iwinston is liken' cookie

 yesh cookies

 and gud pink ball

 and gud green ball

 nom nom nom


 yesh kattie
come here kattie

 giggle time

 So hard to tickle and take photos.
I love this last one because for me it shows iwinstons is a happy gud dug.

As always here is your pretty to start the week.

Right now all my (too many) Succulents and cactus are kinda' smooched 
into a corner till I finish cleaning up my studio.

 I love moss and am always trying to have some planted in pots.
I never seem to be able to keep it alive.

I wish I could have moss but even in the house moss is not a desert plant.

cheers,  parsnip

quick note
I may not be able to visit all my lovely blog friends for some time.
I will be off and on for awhile.
Seems my arthritis and fibromyalgia are in a battle for ownership of what is left of my body.
They both feed off of each other.
Insurance has OK therapy in the use of my hips and knees. 
I will also be in range of motion for my neck and back. I never turn my head I have to turn my shoulders.  Even that is is getting hard .
In fact... I walk and move like a zombie from The Walking Dead !
Yea Me !
Some days I will be gone, tired or whatever but alway there will be a Square Dog Friday.
Even if I have to post it on a Saturday. It is in the Square Dog Contract.
I despise arbitration, I always loose.
Yea me !