Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Border State part 3

Unlawful, illegitimate, illicit, unlicensed,  criminal, violation of statutes, not sanctioned, not permitted or lacking legal rights.

The mass influx of children and teens crossing the border into Texas is what ?  
Illegal !
But the news and our government is as usual pointing fingers, the liberals are crying, sob stories are flooding the news but our President has been so indecisive  on this subject that for once the Democrat party (my party) has been literally caught with their pants down.
President Obama,  does not want to lose the Hispanic vote  (it is all about the votes) but with the current state of our economy he could not really just come out and say this. 
Yes, I know congress is partly responsible. But his hemming and hawing has put us all in trouble. From us,  to the children who are being used for money and power. 
And if you don't think this is a play for power boy do I have a gold mine in Arizona to sell to you.

Quick note, it was so weird and strange that when the holding centers in Texas became overcrowded where did he send the overflow ? not to any of the states next to Texas but Arizona the state that has been a thorn in his side.  The government sent bus loads of women and children dropped then off at the Greyhound Bus Station in Tucson with paper slips dated with the day they are to return to court. And then left ?

For all my life I have lived with the problems of illegals and I want to tell you I am burned out. Every bit of sympathy has been beaten out of me and then stomped on for good measure.
And the reason is all the Mexican illegals who for years, years and years and more years  have treated America has their personal bank accounts. Sob stories, crying, poor me, the children oh the children and tears more tears.
phiff !

When I moved back to Tucson I was excited as the governor at the time was Janet Napoiitano.  Not the fact she was a Democrat but the fact she was  constantly in the papers talking about our about the unsafe border, the mass of illegals crossing the border and the cost. The massive coast to Arizona.  At the time President Bush was in office. Gosh I thought, here was a Governor who was really concerned about our state. 

Then Mr. Obama was elected President. and she was chosen to be Secretary of Homeland Security. I was sad at Arizona's loss but I thought here is a person from the Southwest who understand our problems. 

Boy was I wrong because "Magically", the very next day there was no border problem in Arizona or any border state. She started toeing the party line. 

By the way, I am a registered Democrat but I vote across party lines.  
Right before she left Homeland Security and became the President of the University of California system she visited the border and gave it a thumbs up and was gone in a puff of dust.
phiff !

Tomorrow I will talk about (finally) illegals, the drug cartels,  corruption and money money money and more money and VOTES this is all about power and votes.

Sorry this is taking so long but I am trying to give you all a little back ground on this because the next few post you will not believe.


  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. It's interesting.

    1. Wait till tomorrow you will see where you tax money is going

  2. Agree with The Happy Whisk. I find this very interesting even though am in a different part of the world. We see some of it on TV occassionally so it is interesting to get a point of view from someone who lives with it.


  3. How do the children who cross the border survive Gayle?

  4. The situation is just horrible. I think that our country is the best in the world but our government is just broken, broken , broken.

  5. Gayle, you should be on Facebook!

    This battle is fought every day there--the bleeding heart liberals who say you can't be pro-life if you're not pro-illegals (I am, but refuse to argue with them), and those of us who see major trouble on the horizon if it's not stopped. The friend I mentioned before, who lives in Mexico--he says a lot of kids are being sent ahead so that later, they can say, "You can't separate families--you have to let the parents come, too." And what do we end up with? A lot of free rides. Jobs going to illegals who will work for less.

    Our community colleges caused an uproar when the announced they would offer reduced tuition to illegals. Break the law, get rewarded for it.

  6. I agree, it's about power, money, vote vote vote... Reminded me of a movie "Swing Vote" and the scenes where two presidential candidates make every efforts to win the vote from Kevin Costner's character.

  7. I appreciate your perspective on this, parsnip. A couple of posts down, you addressed the employment issue. I'd like to see the government focus more attention there. Our entire agricultural economy is dependent on illegals.

    1. well yes and no.
      it is dependent on illegal workers because we have let it.
      I have lived in California for 30 years and I know about this.
      I have a solution that could help but who would listen to a handicapped little old lady...
      part 5

  8. So sad for the children. Torn from their parents for the sake of politics? Horrible.

  9. They are not torn. They are sent with the drug cartels into danger so that the parents can join then later. it is the way to circumvent the law. Children are money.

  10. i am so interested in your opinion of all this honey. thank you so much for posting it.

    hugs, bee


  11. Thanks again for imparting knowledge in a readable way - even for elderly ladies with a low threshold of concentration:)

  12. It's so deflating when local politicians who seem to have our area's best interests at heart sing a different tune when they move up the political ladder.