Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wednesday In Japan...Oh My Goodness !

Japanese son sent these photos.
  Your assignment if you chose to accept it. . .
Is to find all the happy Japanese Guts, that thehamish has been in hos[ital for.
Good Luck and remember The Square Ones will disavolve  any knowledge
of this mission.
da da da da da da da DAAAiA du dummmm da da dam  daaaaaaaa !


 Granddaughter is eating a Croque Madam. 
After I downloaded this photo the next day Sarah Carey had on her 
Everyday Foods blog, how to make one minus the bechamel.
Fabulous !


And here is your mid week pretty.
Just because I can !



Prickly Pear in bloom.
Outstanding !
guts. . . parsnip
music. . .  Thought I Was a Spaceman, Blur
After 12 years Blur is back !

Monday, April 27, 2015

parley view parsnip. . . he is back !

If I ever get pancreatitis (heaven forbid !) I want to go to thehamish's doctor.
Five days and he is home.
As you know (Friday's post) we rushed thehamish early Wednesday morning 
to the ER of the Veterinary Specialty Center in acute distress. 
I thought he was having a diabetic seizure.
Turns out he was in a full blown Pancreatitis attack. Scary time.
I really like their lobby with a
Gug Dug and 

  a kitty up high .
The second day he was there I went to visit him.
He was very out of it and he hobbled over to the hall door and stood there.
He wanted to go home. It was very heartbreaking.
 I let him stand by the patio door and sniff the breezes but he was too tired.
They had to carry him back to ICU,  a few steps were too much for him.
 Not looking very thehamish.

 Two day later he is looking better
 But if you could have seen him he looked like he was living rough for a week
He is one photogenic dog. I called his name and he played to the camera.
I just can't believe this photo.
Sunday late afternoon he came home.
Watson was very happy to see him.
 Lots of sniffing going on.

 He now has a ugly poodle cut on his front two legs,
from the IV's and the  blood draws.
Of course Son calls them Chicken Wings.
 He is asleep with a shaved tummy, poodle legs and Watson under my work table.
He now has to eat a canned food special diet and I have a prescription for it !
It manages his pancreatitis and bladder stones. It is very low fat.
I still can feed him the very plain chicken I cook for both dogs.
 Along with the carrots and green beans.
I have always been very careful with what they eat. But with thehamish no matter
what I do he seems to have major problems.
His diabetes affect's his other organs. It is like dominoes bladder, liver, spleen and now pancreas.     

I always thought Watson would leave me first.  He is 17 now, deaf and has dementia.
But in the last year I have been thinking more and more that thehamish could
leave us first.  It is very hard.
And just because I can here is your pretty for the first of the week.

Newest photo of the Century Plant. The branches are growing bigger.
Sunday early morning a storm blew in bringing rain some some high winds
that did some damage to my yard.
Alien phone tower !
sad. . . parsnip
music. . . River Deep Mountain High,  Tina Turner

I wrote this Sunday night. He ate a little and slept a lot.
Monday morning he only ate a small amount and is now asleep.
I am off to the dentist, argh ! will see how he is when I get back.
Time to call the doctor.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Square Dog Friday. . . Danger Danger Alert Will Robinson

I am so surprised it is Square Dog Friday again.
We all know the drill so lets woof it.
Danger Danger Alert thehamish strikes again.
thrhamish has been to his regular vet about 2 weeks ago.
His liver test came out fine so I thought Yes, we got a pass that test.
Well not for long !
All of a sudden in the last few days he went down hill fast.
Son and I rushed him to the ER of the Veterinary Specialty Center Wednesday morning.
I thought he went into a diabetic attack. Couldn't move, drinking too much water,
throwing up and looking withdrawn.
It was the longest 35 minuet drive ever. 
I walked in and said I think Hamish is going into diabetic shock. 
Two aides were out to the car before I could blink and Son handed Hamish over 
and they rushed him back to ER.
Two of his doctors practice here and all his files are here along with Watson.
This is a Specialty Hospital.  So they know what is going on with his health.
We were told they trying to stabilized him, IV fluids and pulled some blood tests.
We went  to breakfast and coffee and waited till they knew more.
Turns out his diabetic numbers were at 400 !  liver, bladder and pancreas numbers
were either  to high or too low.
When one organ goes out of whack it is like dominoes and everything starts to fail.
Turns out he has Pancreases.  
It is very bad especially because of his other problems.  
They have him drugged with IV's so he can rest.  
He is in ICU  right now.
He will be at hospital for several days.
They have visiting hours and I went to see him.
He is so not thehamish. 
They have a very nice visiting room with a small lovely garden.
Very quiet.
He walked slowly to the door to leave.  It was very sad.
I took him outside instead to the little garden and sniff the breezes.
I always thought Watson would be the one to leave me first 
but this last year I have been thinking thehamish  might leave first.
It is so very sad he is only 12, much to young to leave me.

Just because I can here is your pretty for the weekend.
When all this was happening with thehamish it was on Daughters Birthday.
Children and our pets always get sick at 2 am
usually on a Friday or Saturday morning.

We were back home by noon so we when ahead with a pool party and 
a homemade sushi dinner. We ate outside as the evening was so lovely.
It was very nice and helped out with our concerns for a few moments.
There is not much we can do when he is at hospital but wait and wait.
le sigh

 Warm lovely day.

 I usually open the pool on Daughters Birthday.
Days are warm but evening cool so the heater is on.

Birthday dinner.
From my plate in front.
Salmon, fried calamari, sweet crab, spicy crab, 
Middle sushi rice, seaweed, lettuce for wraps, thinly sliced veggies 
and Japanese Potato Salad. Plus all sorts of sauces.
We made hand wraps which is easier than rolls. 
Best dinner ever.
Daughters partner made a wonderful Ice Cream Cake.
Daughter started this tradition after moving to Tucson. Very delicious.
I forgot to take a photo but Daughter said she would send me one.
It was a nice evening.

sushi . . parsnip
music. . .Big Love,  John Hackett/Moodi Drury

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday in Tucson. . . a Birthday




 happy birthday

 happy birthday


 you !

from the gud dug thehamish

Happy Birthday 
To our nice tall person who plays with us. 
From Watson
Happy Birthday Molly.
You are still my little Sweet Pea.
No matter how old you get.

Let there be cake !

cake. . . parsnip
music. . . Birthday song,  thehamish

Monday, April 20, 2015

parley view parsnip just a few photos

Just a few photo from the last two weeks.
When you notice the Century plant stalk stops before it reaches the
orbit of the space station. 
Phase 2 is starting: The plant takes a moment to rest before 
sending out branches that soon will be covered with blooms.
Side note: the space station has been visible zooming 
across the Tucson sky.  Outstanding wonderful !

Everyday the branches grow

 at incredable speed.
Last week the clouds appeared to taunt us with the hope of rain.
But it is to early for the monsoons.
A small amount of rain did fall on the mountains.
We also are starting fire season and alread have had one fire up on Mt. Lemmon.

Evening sunset
Swirling with a hint of rain.
This one came out somewhat blurry.
I was shooting through my studio window
as the colors were changing by the second.
Of course another photo of The Square Ones as they strike another pose 
or because thehamish probably saw another lizard.


 A card I drew of the blossoms on the Century Plant.
 The Prickly Pears are blooming
 just as beautiful as a rose.

Prickly Pear pad full of buds and blooms.

blooming. . .  parsnip
music. . . Believe,  Mumford and Sons

Friday, April 17, 2015

Square Dog Friday, life as we know it.

Square Dog Friday
Best day of the week !
Especially if your a Little Black Square Dog.
You know the rules so lets woof it !
 A lovely spring day.
 As thehamish sees the world.

And just because I can here is your pretty to start the weekend.

The Square Ones received a card in the mail from
Weaver and the very Gud Dug Tess.

They helped open it and I read it to them.
They sniffed the wool part till it was wet.
I think they liked it.
Thank you, Pat and Tess.

lizard. . . parsnip
music. . . Coney Island Baby,  Lou Reed