Friday, February 27, 2015

Square Dog Friday and the Cephalopod Coffeehouse.

Friday already ?
Best day of the week if your a
 Little Square Black Dogs.
But oh my goodness where has the week gone.
Oh yes, I spent most of it with thehamish at the veterinarians office.
With two of his four specialists.
New test were taken so we have to wait for results to see how 
or if they differ from the ones taken 2 and 3 weeks ago.
There are still liver problems but we have to factor in his diabetes, gall bladder 
problems and... so it goes on and on and on.

Back at the Ranch here is Dr.Watson

just waking up from a nap.
What a sweet baboo.

And now for  Cephalopod Coffeehouse.
Since this is Square Dog Friday post
I had to ask The Square Ones if I could post a book review,
on their day.
 Of course we had to check their contract. We always have to check their contract.
Thank goodness no arbitration needed at this time.
Which makes me so happy as you know I always lose.
A precedent was set on June 12, 2004, on page 25, paragraph 5, subsection 2 
I can indeed place an attachment to a Square Dog Friday post.
For one extra chicken strip per day each, The Square Ones will now allow book review,
once a months on their Friday post.
But since this would be the first book review they wanted to pick the book.
So instead of "Bringing Up The Bodies' we have  instead
"First Dog Fala" by Elizabeth Van Steenwyk.

It is a children's book about President Franklin D. Roosevelt
and his Scottish Terrier,  Fala.

 A darling Scottish Terrier puppy enters Presidents Roosevelt life in 1940.
From that moment on Fala becomes the Presidents loyal friend through
 the dark days of World War ll.
Historical facts are entwined with true stories of life of Fala and FDR.

A wonderful story book with easy to understand historical facts
with beautiful illustrations by Michael G. Montgomery.
For preschool up to third grade.

Oh dear, not quite the book review you were expecting !

But I will have three books to chose from next month,
with Square Dog approval.

And just because I can here is your pretty for the weekend.

The answer to Mondays "what is this" question.
 I found these at the posh market in town. And I am in love with these.
 Please excuse the horrible space alien fingers holding the finger limes.
Just do not look, no really do not look !
I mean it, do not stare at the space alien fingers.
 Microcitrus from Australia.
The pulp is tiny pearls of citrus that holds it's shape until the beads burst in your mouth.
You can't juice them.
So far, I have used them as garnish seafood, sushi, papaya, mango
and sprinkled them on salads.

lime. . . parsnip
music. . .  Rumor Has It,  Adele

Monday, February 23, 2015

parley view parsnip. . . back to the vets

It is Monday and of course that means
thehamish at back at the doctor.
I don't have a smart car but my car knows the way.

 poor me i thehamish havin' no toys 
oh woe is me 
i haven' to play with box

 oh woe woe woe is me
 thehamish is sleeping a lot.
 Dr. Watson with all his health problems is acting spunkier than thehamish
and Watson will be 17 at his next Birthday.
 What the weather looked like last Monday morning.

 Really, how darling is this dog house even with the cutout of the awful poodle !
I have been looking at small gardens ideas and  this one was a hoot.
I would love to make it but living were I do 
the packrats, scorpions and rattlesnakes would move in !

 Japanese Son is in New Zealand right now and found this beer.
Perfect for The Two Square Black Dogs.
 Such fun !


Here is your pretty to start the week.
Son has laminated one of Mia's drawing.
He has put it up on the wall by his desk.

 She drew her self with sunshine and hearts in her hair.
She loves hearts.

This photo is for The Happy Whisk and her "what is it" posts.
I just found these last week at the market.

What at they ?
driving. . . parsnip
music. . . Chasing Cars,  Snow Patrol

Friday, February 20, 2015

Square Dog Friday. . . land shark

 Thank Goodness !
Square Dog Friday is here.
Best day of the week especially for two gud dugs.
But I must admit everyday is Square Dog Friday at our home.
thehamish is still not back to his "normal" and I am concerned.
He goes to see this regular vet on Monday and Thursday he is scheduled
for the liver biopsy at the specialist.
He doesn't care about his walkies and he cuts play time short.
Not at all very thehamish.
This series of shots is called "Land Shark".
Old Saturday Night Live skit.
Check out  Watson he is so funny, he never moves.
He was playing but just zoned out when the camera came appeared.
Oh Please !

Jaws !

Sweet Dr. Watson waking up on my bed.
 My sweet Dr. Watson.

 Under my work table.
thehamish is always looking for the Watson to cuddle with.
His touchstone.

Here is your pretty for the weekend.
This was the view out my studio window on Monday.
Much of America is covered in snow, more snow, ice and snow.
Here in Arizona we are having a mild winter with not enough rain and snow.
 I heard on NPR that there is a study
that the Southwest will get dryer and the Northwest and the East Coast
we get more and more snow and rain.
Oh Dear Lord !
Not what I wanted to hear !

  goodness. . . parsnip
music. . . Power of Love, Huey Lewis and The News

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday in Japan. and Valentines Day recap

Wednesday in Japan usually means food.
Here is an empty bottle of one of the best Yuzu Kosho sauce I have ever had.
Sending Son a request, more please.

What a fabulous label.
Now on to a Valentines Day recap.

I read so may blogs  that said Valentine Day is a made by Hallmark.
Hallmark can't tell me what to buy.
Hallmark Hallmark Hallmark is bad.
My husband shows me love all year I don't need Hallmark to tell me.

First let me tell you I worked for Hallmark as a card artist.
And I loved it.
Hallmark didn't start Valentines Day the Romans did.
If you have a husband who showes you how much he loves you all year,
lucky, you chose well.

For me Valentines Day is just a funny sweet holiday. 
One year my son and I made a dinosaur looking at the month of February
with all the days saying kill something and eat it,
till Valentines Day that had a red frilly heart on it.
Way to much fun.  Best card ever.

Hallmark makes it easy for anyone to send a Valentine, Birthday,
Christmas, Sympathy or Get Well  greeting.
Along with several other companies.
This year I didn't see one Hallmark commercial but I saw, lots of candy, flowers,
diamonds, steak dinners, cookies, cakes, teddy bears, cars
and even a refrigerator for Valentines Day.
Candy, flowers and diamonds are super expensive.
We have turned it into a money day.
But a card from Hallmark with a note written from you cost, a dollar or two,
a stamp and a few minutes of your time. Maybe $3.00 ?
The important part is the hand written note to Mum, Dad, child, friend,
 wife, husband or lover.
No e-mail please.
If your partner demand diamonds you have chose wrong.

Plus no one can tell you what to do.
All the years I worked at Hallmark I don't remember telling anyone
what to do as a friend on Bee's blog was railing against.
Smile, it is a funny silly day, enjoy.
Or just ignore it.

And just because I can here is your mid-week pretty
A few of my hearts.

 This rock is so heavy !


 and of course the best one of all
yert !

heart. . . parsnip
music. . . Heart of Rock and Roll, Huey Lewis and The News

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Well, it is a heart !

Heart Day from Tucson.

Prickle Pear Cactus.

prickly. . . parsnip
music. . . Livin' la Vida Loca,  Ricky Martin

Friday, February 13, 2015

Square Dog Friday... what to do ?

Today is Friday.
The best day of the week for 
Two Little Square Black Dogs.
thehamish was getting some what better from the dog attack
but then the pain pills cycle ended.
So he is back on pills for another week. 
Poor little guy he is not feeling great.
 This is so not thehamish !
When a Scottish Terrier is not smiling (they have the best gud dug smiles)
and without a perky bounce in their step,
you know something is wrong.
 So unlike thehamish.

He has started to wear his necklace again.
I waited to put it back on him because that is where the attack happened.

His appointment for the next biopsy is on the 26.
Incision just about there !
Ack, full frontal again or full underside ?

 Just had to add this already posted photo of Watson peeking over
the sofa to see what I was doing on my worktable.
He had been napping on the sofa.
I just love this photo of Dr. Watson.

Now for your weekend pretty.
The answer to "what is this"
 It is a one of a kind
Baking Sheet !
Oh My Goodness.
First:  the baking sheet is very clean.
I just haven't taken a "Brillo" pad to it. 
It even went into the dish washer.

I was cooking some chicken on two layers of tin foil in the oven.
When I turned them over I must have ripped the foil 
in several places and the lemon basting sauce just baked the foil to the pan.
After it all cooled down I tried to rip as much foil off the pan as I could 
and then soaked it over night.
The next morning I scrubbed all the foil off and 
walaa this is what is left.
A foil etched, lemon chicken baking sheet.
 I am thinking of framing it.
I am so weird.
Kitchen art at it's best.
My posting and visiting your blogs 
will be again somewhat off and on.
thehamish is having a rough time with the biopsies
ultra sounds, x-rays, blood test and dog attack pain.
I always expect because Watson is much older at almost 17,
with all his health problems to be the more quiet of the two. 
Not my bundle of crazy thehamish.
yert !
weird. . . parsnip
music. . . Heart Is A Drum, Beck

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday In Japan... more gifts

Japanese family sent some of my favorite gifts.
 Marmalade, flower cookies and pre-moisten towels
 The cookies are the flaver of the best fortune cookie you ever had but better. 
The flowers add a slight spicy bite to the cookies
 I think this is a persimmon jam (marmalade)
Light, sweet with the most beautiful color.
 so pretty
 These are pre-mosioned towels
that you can wash and use again

 I ordered these from Amazon.
When I lived in California we used sriracha sauce and soy sauce
like everyone uses salt and pepper. I personally am kinda tired of sriracha.
But I found these fabulous sauces that I adore. 
I would drink the green sauce if I could and the red one is fermented.
Plus I adore Yuzu.
nom nom nom !
 I do not watch NBC or GMA  News they both drive me nuts.
When I wanted to throw things at the TV I knew they both had to go.
But I saw this on twitter and fell in love.
The oldest man in Australia knits these tiny sweaters for tiny injured penguins.
Oh My Goodness
Good Man
Big Heart !
yert !

And here is your mid-week pretty.
I am stealing "Happy Wisk" fun idea for a "what is this" post.
Wisk, belive me this is only for one time.
Plus I think she might know what this is ?
You must know I love this photo.
I think it might need to be upside down.
I am so wierd !

cookies. . . parsnip
music. . . Leave The Lights On,  Meiko