Friday, June 26, 2020

Square Dog Friday. . . we be here !

First of all I want to Thank all of YOU wonderful Blog Friends, for the concern about
the Bighorn Fire where I live.

I am still in my home in the Foothills of the Catalinas at Ventana Canyon,
with the Gud Dugs and Katties.
We stored art, photos and important papers,  at Daughters home.

So far the fire burning near my home has moved more to the east. It burned for 5 days coming down back up and side to side at the Ventana Canyon ( look at last 2 posts.)The Hot Shot crews did a outstanding job with the fire lines and backburns.
Moving east towards Mt. Lemon 

Thursdays burn at Mt. Lemon. So much smoke 

Smoke over the Catalinas.

Pocket fires still burning, so much smoke.

Smoke over Ventana Canyon.

The Bighorn Fire has grown to 88,046 acres of Friday morning. 33 percent contained. This fire has been burning since  5 June. The foothills are still being patrolled with structural and ground resources available to respond if necessary. 

Scotty Security Patrol is still  available to help the Firefighters.

Winston is being scheduled for Surgery but still working at his Security Job. 

Agatha is on break . It was 106 on Thursday. Very hot, smoke and more smoke.
She needed a break.
Here is a funny for today.

Stay safe and be well !
cheers,  parsnip

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The Gates of Hell

The Gate of Hell


Photos from The Daily Star News  and

Sorry about the quality of my photos from the Newspaper and computer.
Fire has many colors.
Looking from the Southwest towards the Catalinas and my home.
The smoke looks on fire.

The Fire Crews saved the University of Arizona, Steward Observatories on Mt. Lemon.
The colors came out this way when some of the smoke and ash lifted


The "C" in Lodge Golf Club at Ventana "CANYON" is where my home is.
Yellow fire line is "set line" get ready to evacuate .

My home is on the right.

My photos from my backyard on Friday.

Friday night at my backyard at Ventana Canyon.

Early morning after firefight with Hot Shots setting Back Burns !
Thick smoke.

Saturday morning.

Saturday night Backyard photo.

Sunday night fire and smoke heading towards my backyard.

Helicopter bucket drop


Your pretty for the start of the week.


Thank You to all the wonderful messages of love and hope.
cheers,  gayle

Friday, June 12, 2020

Square Dog Friday. Winston and the Big Horn Fire.

Well, it is Friday and the Big Horn Fire is still here !

We are under a pre-evacuation. That means pack up and be ready to leave !

Thursday, Daughter and Son packed paintings, photos, artwork a few
books, overnight bag,  gud dugs and kitties supplies.
Hope we don't have to evacuate but we are as ready as we can be.

Daughter has already taken two loads to her house. She will be back today
to help with the, computers and the of course the Gud Dugs and Kitties.

I have already lost a home to a wildfire I hope this one can be saved.

Too much smoke

 Wednesday evening the fire crested  over the mountain top .

Wednesday fire sunset.

Wednesday night and early Thursday morning.

 Look to the left to see the plane after the drop.
The fire burned 7092 acres as of this morning, only 10% contained. 
To hot at 107+ today, no rain, to much wind and very rocky so impossible to send 
the Hot Shot Crews.
Now for STUPID people, stop flying drones over the fire. The planes have to be grounded.

Part of the mountain that is burning is to the left on my drawing.

If the fire wasn't bad enough. . .
We just found out  Winston will need to have his leg rebuilt, then 5 to 7
weeks of recovery. Yea Me ! Poor Winston.

 iwinston be makin' a nice pillow from toy iwinston smart

 miss pretty know how to play with a toy not pillow.

hello it's miss prettypretty as nice tall person calls missagatha

Not sure when I will be able to post again but I will be checking in.

Stay safe and be well.
cheers,  parsnip

Monday, June 8, 2020

Afraid the plauge of loscust.comes next

Friday night  we had lighting/rain  storms. To the 
north west of me lots of lighting strikes.
Saturday afternoon I saw this.

Saturday night KOLD News. Fire started at 200 acres
by Saturday it blew up to 1000, 1500, 1700. Rough
rocky terrain with  cactus and scrub brush.

All of the next photos are from KOLD NEWS  reports.
 See the two jagged peaks on the left, I am on the other side.

 They are starting a fire line to protect  people and homes.

 Waves of fire like waves of ocean.

From Saturday Newscast.


 When my brother was young he would have jumped  in with a team but with terian like this no place to land. You try to contain and hope for no WIND ! You call in the water dropping Hueys and 
retardant drop Planes. 


 Now for your start of the week pretty.
 Fuzzy shot  he only sleeps like this at night.

Pretty pretty.
 We moved the armadillo and iwinston barked like crazy like it.

 Of course Agatha had to help !
Bad bad Armadillo !


Stay safe and smile today.
cheers, parsnip