Friday, December 29, 2017

Square Dog Friday

Square Dog Friday best day of the week.
Lets woof it !


Mia is 7 years old and iwinston is 7 months !

 puppy iwinston

 Still a puppy but not so small anymore.


As always here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.

 Oliver meets tiny Godzilla.

Lady Merida.

cheers,  parsnip

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Something extra

Mandibles wakes me up about 6:30 every morning now.
On Christmas Morning I turned on the Christmas Tree lights
and enjoyed the very quiet darkness.

 I love these two photos of mandibles looking for Santa.

 He found Santa Footprints.

 Santa present to Mia.
A radio controlled car.


As always here is your mid-week pretty.




cheers,  parsnip

Monday, December 25, 2017

gud dug greeting for gud day

gud dug is here for singin'
 christmas is comein'

 gettin' fat

 what goose where is goose why gettin' fat is that liken a chkikin'
is this goose eatin' my chkikin'

chkikin' chkikin chkikin' is gud for me iwinston

gud fun day from iwinston
 nice tall person who feeds me 
sendin' you merry Christmas

cheers iwinston

Friday, December 22, 2017

Square Dog Friday !

Christmas is comming and "the iwinston is getting fat"


not knowing what is goin' on 
nice tall person who feeds me is finding stuff under tree and 
she didn't even have to did a big hole to find them 

mum nice tall person who feed me not letting me play with the big red toy
i winston is findin' it and be thinkin' it is mine
playin' fun waitin' not
minemineminemine mine

not so nice tall person who feeds me is sayin' iwinston be needin' bath first
nononono no


here is iwinston pretty for the weekend whatever that is
every day is gud if you are a 
a little square black dog
gud dug

iwinston is sayin'
Merry Christmas
see you on gud day

cheers,  parsnip

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas !


My Christmas card this year.

I decorate the credenza every year with my favorite cards. 
Last year I had so many displayed. This year not so many.

 All my Japanese cards are fun to display. They play songs, light up and spin.

 Son sent me this one first. I adore it. 
The tree  has twinkling light with Santa and all the forest animals.
It plays "I wish you a Merry Christmas".

 Why have one Santa when you can have 90 !

Snow Globes in the library.


 View from the front door.

 Christmas tree with origami made by daughter 20+ years ago.

 Front yard Palo Verde Trees.

Here is your mid-week pretty'

yesh.... iwinston is a pretty filled with Christmas happy and chkikin'

cheers,  parsnip

Monday, December 18, 2017

Here comes Winter !

Well we had a week of Fall and now here is winter.
Taa Daa !
Some rain (YES !) and Snow (Yes Yes !) in the mountains.
We desert people are happy. 
Cold today about 59/41, tomorrow 70/41.

The wind blew the in storm on Saturday. Strong winds, the batten down the hatches
type of wind with tie down small dogs and garbage cans.

 Very early morning, iwinston is looking out the window at stuff flying by.

 He stood outside barking in his best Scottish rumble bark at the wind.
He didn't know what it was as a pillow flew by.
He was so brave and the wind stopped.
gud dug !

 Sunday morning about 7am the winds and clouds dropped a light dusting of snow. 
View from my back yard.

Melted right away but Mt. Lemon had lots more.

 This Scotty loves the cold, rain and was outside playing in the wet.
He was even all curled up sleeping outside. I kept bring him he he kept going back outside.

 Then he was dry ! after digging in the new sand box.


As always here is your pretty to start the week.



cheers,  parsnip