Friday, May 13, 2022

Square Dog Friday...


The best place where the gud dugs like to rest. AC on, cool tiles and napping in the  sunlight.

Stuffed Duck can be a pillow

Always has one leg and foot extended. All ready to jump up and run.

                                                            How can this be comfortable ?

Sleepy Gud Dugs


Here is your pretty for the weekend.



Happy Friday. . . cheers, parsnip 

Friday, May 6, 2022

A moment in the morning

Here is your moment of zen...

When I get up in the morning and feed the Gud Dugs 
I love to listen to Agatha and Winston crunch !
It is just a small adorable part of the day.
He loves a pillow to sleep.

She always has her foot extended. Just one Bunny Foot. 
Not two as all the other Gud Dugs.


They are waiting for the new chaise to be built !
Especially Agatha she likes to be up higher to get a better view.

Here is your pretty for today.

Prickly Pear Bloom.

cheers,  parsnip