Friday, July 31, 2015

Square Dog Friday, Book Review on Saturday.

What a week but as we all know the best day of the week is,
Square Dog Friday !
Woof !
Trouble is,  Squids Book review sometimes is on the same Friday.
 I was in arbitration over a clause in The Square Dogs contract.
It states on page 295, paragraph 5 sub clause c
"that upon the addition of any extra information, ideas, photos
of  non Square Dog and other animals material it will be regulated
to other non Square Dog blog days.
After the meeting the Square Dogs and I sat down for coffee,
Walkers Shortbread Scotty chocolate cookies and chkikin' strips.
In a meeting of the minds (and stomachs) we
figured out that when I include a book review on their blog day
the post just becomes to long to read.

yesh not enough me thehamish and Watson
too much other stuff  needin' more gud dugs

Starting today, I will post only Square Dog Friday and the
Friday book review will be posted on Saturday.

I heard thehamish mumbling under his breath that my book reviews are
rather short, I think I heard the word "puny" being used and he
didn't want it on his blog.
Watson being the most wonderful gud dug he is said that it was not true.
Nice tall person who feeds us, always has charming posts.
And that it is not just thehamish blog but The Square Dog blog.

Grumbling thehamish just wanted another chkikin' sttrip.
Woof !


Someone special will be here in about two weeks !

 yesh themia is commmin' to see i thehamish and Watson

 gud dug Watson guarding themia when she was baby
 guardin' Watson
 always guardin'
 ummm i thehamish playin with baby themia toy
she is not minding
 themia is lovin' us
 we be playin with her toys much
 themia not mindin'
 ummmm you what you doin'
oh  you takin a photo
ummmmmm i not knowin' that
this is my gud side other side gud  awwww all sides of thehamish is gud

 here is Watson watchin' themia always guardin' themia with the sparkle feet
he is gud dug Watson

 themia is lovin' Watson
i thehamish is lovein her


And as always just because I can
here is your pretty to start the weekend.

Hamish and Watson all fluffy after their herbal body wraps.
Then they jumped down and squinched all over and messed everything up.
as always
of course.

happy. . . parsnip
music. . . Happy,  Pharrell Williams

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday In Tucson

So busy and so much to do before family comes for a visit.
Plus doctors for both The Square Ones and me !
And of course lots of meds.
 What a saw this morning when I woke up.
Much needed rain but this rain should be in the afternoon not the morning.
The monsoon is very messed up.
 Last night rain storm

 This looks like our winter rains
What is going on ?
 Last photos of my Century Plant
before it is chopped down.
 I would have waited but the Mother plant is dying out 
and leaning toward the house.
 Mother plant.
 Some lovely roses from my son.


And of course just because I can here is your pretty for the middle of the week.
 Japanese Son is in New Zealand with a class at University.
When he is not sending me fabulous photos of food, snowy mountains 
or Square Dogs he sends me photos of my namesake.
angryparsnips are everywhere !

raining. . . parsnip
music. . . Mad World,  Michael Andrews/Gary Jules

Friday, July 24, 2015

Square Dog Friday ! ! !

Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy... the best day of the week is here !
Square Dog Friday.
We all know the drill so lets woof it.
woof  wurf  yert
Many months ago thehamish was attacked while out on a walk.
Lot of damage.
Ever since then he does not want to go for a walk. Plus with all his
health problems, we haven't wanted to push it.
When Son would get out their necklaces and leads he would run to me
no matter where I was and hide.
 So not thehamish.
Very sad.
Since it is summer now the ground is hot, the street is hot and the sun is hot.
Hot hot hot hot
Burning hot.
Watson still wants to go for his walk but Son has been just walking him out my
east side yard where the citrus trees and ponds are.
 It is a much cooler walk filled with all kinds of great sniffs and places to look.

When the evening is cooler they go for a longer walk or just visit the side yard.
Watson always picks, at 17 he get to choose.

Lately when Adam walks Watson there, I have let thehamish out the backyard
so he could see Watson and Adam enjoying the other side of the fence.
After a few weeks of this, suddenly thehamish wanted to go outside on lead.
ummmmmmm envy or jealousy sometimes works wonders.

Watson and thehamish (red heart necklace) on his first walk in many months.




View from the other side of the Gud Dug window.

 thehamish has also decided to start up his performance art again.

yesh i thehamish is producing art gud gud art
i thehamish is artist

i call this the agony of two
Oh God No, please not again.

ummmmmm art is agony
woe much woe
and i thehamish was hungry and i ate the agony of two
so now art is lonely one i thehamish calls this

the agony of self
i thehamish was very hungry maybe this is just the art of sad
Why ?
Oh please why me ?

This photo is especially for Norma who loves all the Marvel (?) super hero movies.
She really liked Thor: Hammer of the Gods

yesh nice tall person who talks to mum
your liken' thor the hero guy thor hammer of gods

no gud at all
no gud

this is gud
gud gud gud

this is mighter
the hammer of the scotty
gud gud hammer
nice tall person who feeds us used to make wee hammers for friends
they nice but not gud like scotty the hammer of the gods
more mighty
more gud

And of course  as always just because I can,
I leave you with a great photo from some website
that I have no idea how or were I found it.
But it is a hoot and should make the weekend start out fun !

art . . .  parsnip
music. . .  All Along The Watchtower,  Bob Dylan

Monday, July 20, 2015

parley view parsnip. . . the weekend

Before we start the new week, 
here are a few photos from the weekend.
 The Square Ones on the ride back from their Herbal Body Wraps !
awwwwww such sweet boys.
 Watson looking very handsome.

 Carrots growing in the protected east side yard.
 So very green.
 The pack rat critter remover found 5 big nest around my home.
They are so destructive that I have to have the service out four times a year.
They have trap them first and then clean out the nests
because a new family of pack rats will just move in.
I saw a very large hawk trying to figure out how to open the trap for his lunch.
 Sorry about the blurry photos.

 Later a roadrunner came and also tried to figure out how to get the pack rat out.
All the photos of the hawk and roadrunner in a standoff came out blurry.
They both stared at each other across from the trap but then moved on.
The hawk was the last to move.

 The sun shinning on some of my necklaces on my desk.
Instead of where they should be.
But it makes for a interesting photo.


And just because I can here is your pretty to start the week.
Another entry for John's Flower and Veggie show.
 The fruit of a Prickly Pear Cactus, as a happy zombie.
This zombie is for John who loves The Walking Dead.

zombie. . . parsnip
music. . . Walk Like An Egyptian,  The Bangles