Monday, May 31, 2021

Friday, May 28, 2021

Square Dog Friday ! 100 is near

"Officially" we have not hit 100 yet but in several areas we have.  Been very very very hot.



Very hot summer sunsets ! The colors were much brighter.

Surgeon Agatha last operation before summer break.

She needs Vacation. She also doesn't like having her picture taken.
She now turns her head away.  Much like Marlene Dietrich, she abhors the spotlight.
Unlike #6 'arry and mememegin.

Hot !

Heavy cloud no rain. Gone in a day.

Three Scented geraniums.

Here is your pretty to start the weekend.


Scotty !

Daughter took me out for my second walk about and gave me these new and very fun masks.
I still wear my masks outside, and take a shower when I get back home. I know sounds extreme but I need  to be careful. blah blah blah.

They are adorable !
Love the little faces.

Friend Kanani posted this. If you worked in Southern California you saw this lumber yard.

Hiding in plain sight..


cheers,  parsnip

Friday, May 21, 2021

Square Dog Friday. . . a small flashback

Computer and phone trouble.  So a small flash back to my gud dugs Watson and thehamish. 




Wherever Watson is thehamish was sure to follow.
Watson was thehamish's touchstone.







 Cactus with their babies ! The long seed pods  dropped and the birds and critters eat the seeds and spread them around.



As always here is your pretty for the weekend.

cheers,  parsnip 

Friday, May 14, 2021

Square Dog Friday, but it is a dry heat !

No rain and hot weather, Two big fries north of Phoenix and a fire just south of us at Bisbee plus many small fires, all over Arizona. 
This weekend we will be having Dry Thunderstorms to the east. This is a thunderstorm that produces thunder and lightning when the precipitation evaporates before reaching the ground. Dry Lightning strikes are  major causes of many wildfires.This will be a bad weekend.

So it starts again much too early with no rain.

Finally planted some Amaryllis bulbs (from the posh Garden Shop) that I have had since November. They are growing like crazy.

Miss Agatha is helping.

We had no wildflowers this spring but our Cactus Blooms are fabulous.

Pincushion Cactus in  Daughter's garden

Prickly Pear Cactus Bloom. Paper thin petals of great beauty 

Cholla Cactus (Jumping Cactus)


My sweet Ba Boo ! 

 As always here is your pretty to start the week.

MADGE ! ! !

I adore Madge ! She is my hero.

cheers, parsnip