Friday, March 29, 2013

Square Dog Friday... thehamish strikes again

It is Friday already best day of the week if your a
 Little Black Square Dog.
Plus it is in their contract Friday is their day along with the amount per day of chkikin' strips.
We all know the drill so lets woof it !

thehamish has ripped his ACL. It is part of the knee joint in the rear legs of dogs.
It stabilizes that joint and when partially torn or ruptured leaves only muscles and surrounding soft tissue to hold lower leg bones and the upper thigh bone in place.

Well you guess it thehamish strikes again.
I have always joked about Hamish saying he was made up of left over body parts.
Nothing quite matches, and every is off kilter.
Well I saw the xrays and it doesn't look good.
I have opted for a month of bed rest over surgery, walking when he wants/need to
he is on meds and we shall see how he is in a month.
He has already had way to many operations and if we  can miss this one I am all for it.
If it heals he will be at 80% on that leg and I think that will be fine.

oh woe is me woe woe woe

i is the sadsadsad thehamish ever cant' even play ball with mum.

but nice tall person mum is taking care of me ievens gets breakfast in bed dinner too
chkikin'strips too it is gud.

even sick i gud watchdog with Watson.
tall noisy men are workin' in yard we lookn' at them through our window
i growling really gud

yesh mum i protecting you and the chkikin' strips

see they are going

noes they gone

im' need a nap dreaming of chkikin' strips with gud old dug Watson 

mums friend called us scottie puddles not so sure im' likein' tha
mum does 

and just because I can here is your pretty to start the weekend.

Daughter is a short term foster Mum at the Humane Society where she works in the clinic.
I posted about this sweet baboo puppy who was found in a bag in trash can at a park. She has a deformed back foot (the one where the adressee label is) from having a rope tied on it and cutting into the foot.
The short time daughter cared for her, she found her lively, fun, smart and super sweet.
She is a cutie and as you can see, she is now a cover girl on the Humane Society mailing.
Such a sweet baboo !
From thrown away trash can puppy to a cover girl !

Happy Easter !

bunny. . . parsnip
music. . . Peter Cottontail,  Gene Autry
(hey i'm a western gal)

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday in Japan... trip to Nagasaki

Son and family took a trip to Nagasaki for a few days to see some friends.
And if you know my son, who's goal in life is to ride every train line in Japan this was a perfect trip !

Son sent me the app for  "Line"  it is what all the Japanese teens use to chat insistently, but it works all over.
For free I can send and receive, photos, chat, 6 second movies, phone and tons of stuff I don't use.
It is great for me because on this trip he was sending photos constantly through out the day so I could see what was going on.

A before the trip photo here is one of son and granddaughter (in his backpack) standing on the train.
He is visiting as many parks as he can somewhat close to his home.
The caption on this one is "Mia how did you get so big"
She loves to hold on to the rings.

 Mia, poseing  in
Welcome to Nagasaki sign.

Cherry Blossoms are out already in Inari.
Which is way south from Osaka and the weather is much warmer.

So lovely

Mia wearing a yukata for the first time before going to the bath in their hotel.
She also wanted to keep the Winnie The Poo slippers that she wore at the hotel.

Lunch,  Mocchi soup !

Son is a train person so while DIL visited with friends Son took a train trip from Omura to Sasebo, Matsuruura, Imari and back to Omuro.
I miss riding the trains in Japan.

line. . . parsnip
music. . . A Morning In Norkia,  The Last Exile, OST

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Monday, March 25, 2013

parley view parsnip... writing haiku

In 2011, I took part of a blogging homemade art exchange.
At the time daughter was teaching me how to make/design handmade books.
So waalaa a haiku book was designed !

On my Friday blog post for "Tiny Harmonies" haiku March extravaganza,
I was asked a question by Susan about the way I write my haiku.

When I first started writing haiku I research how to write one.
The way I remember what I read was
A typical haiku focus on nature
Try to tell about a season
Describe a feeling
The first two lines focuses on one thing and the last line should be
something surprising, a gift.

Why I don't use capitalization or punctuation is because I want the words to flow
as you read them.
Plus as an artist I just like the way it looks.

Here is one of the books I made.
Gosh, terrible photos I must re-shoot them.

dragon in the clouds
white rabbit lives in the moon
run run run away hide

Written in Japanese and that is my seal.
kumo no tatsu
tsuki kara negero

This is a translation of my haiku from Japanese back into English.
I like it much better than my orginal haiku but it does not translate
into the 5 7 5 syllables.

dragon of the clouds
from the moon escapes
white rabbit

So I really have no answers on how to write a haiku, beyond the syllables.
I just write what I like.

And because it is Monday that means it is back to the vet for the still sick
Two Little Square Black Dogs.
And to make this even better Hamish has an on going leg problem
and yes, you guessed it,  that leg has flared up again.
Oh Goodie !
I am so lucky lucky lucky  !

haiku. . . parsnip
music. .  The Sheltering Sky, Ryuichi Sakamoto

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

snow ? what is snow ?

Lazy Sunday morning
but still looking after Two Square Dogs
who are still not feeling very gud !

I think it is time to fire up the pool heater and put out the open pool sign
jump right in and get some exercise !

swimming . . . parsnip
music. . . Breathe,  Alexi Murdoch

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Square Dog Friday... Tiny Harmonies, haiku

Well it is Friday already, where did the week go ?
The best day of the week for Two Little Square Black Dogs.
But if you really think about it everyday is the best day of the week
for The Gud Dugs !
So lets woof it !

aughhhhhhhhhhhh ....
being sick no fun not gud not gud at all for thehamish
yert !
Watson thinks he is a bit of a drama queen !

They have been so sick I have had to postpone their Herbal Body Wraps appointment
 at the groomers so they are looking rather fluffy ?
Watson is giving thehamish the "I don't even think I know you" look !
Meanwhile thehamish has no thoughts at all  except possibly chkikin' strips.

My old gud dug Watson sitting in the sun.

This has been an exhausting five weeks.
As you know first Hamish was sick then Watson.
Hamish, who is 9  bounced back in a week but Watson, at 13 had a much harder time because of all his continuing health problems.
Many test later we still don't know what they had /have.
But it seem the drive to the vets every other day for IV packs for two weeks for Watson
seem to have worked it magic. He seems to be getting better and has started to eat again.
Drinking water is still a problem.
I haven't been able to return all your wonderful comments but I want to
Thank you all for your concern and good wishes for The Boys.

two small square black dogs
sunshine warms their dusty paws
sleeping in the sun


Here is your pretty for the weekend.

Today is the last day of Subliminal Coffee 
Tiny Harmonies Spring haiku project.
What a joy it has been to read what everyone has been inspired to write.

Arigatou gozaimasu, Suze.

I live in the Sonoran Desert so my life is very wildlife, weather and water based.

theme one:  quench...

evening clouds appear
the air is filled with promise
quail escapes the hawk

theme two: the real

the moon chases clouds
million falling stars appear
memory of rain

theme three: loam

saguaros in bloom
the wildflowers are now gone
summer monsoons come

exhausted. . . parsnip
music. . . Heavy Cloud No Rain,  Sting 
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday in Tucson.... daughter cooks

Lovely daughter came over and cooked this fabulous meal for me.
Her take on a Japanese, vegetarian rice noodle dish and a Vietnamese Pho Rau Dau Hu.

Homemade quick pickled onions, radish and carrots with cucumbers, marinaded  fried tofu, rice sticks (bihon vermicelli) that she tossed with a banh mi type of sauce.

Fabulous !
Heaven !
Scrumptious !
Delightful !
Down right yummy !

And if Japanese/Vietnamese  fusion wasn't enough she added this great Korean red pepper paste to her Banh Mi sauce.
Hello, so good. I was in heven.
I could eat this everyday.


Here is your pretty for mid-week.

Found at my market, three little pots of 'Bulbs".
No name so  I don't know what they are but I can imagine  that in Yorkshire where Weaver lives they are growing everywhere and consider a weed !

So tiny and very beautiful !

Square Dug update. 
Hamish is much better and Watson is starting to eat and drink again.
More on their Friday post !

hungry. . .  parsnip
music. . . Crystal Flower,   OST  Princess Hours
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Monday, March 18, 2013

parley view parsnip... my last five weeks

The continuing saga of life with Two Little Square Black Dugs !
You all know the last few episodes.... sick,  throw-up,  poo, lots of poo, more throw up
no eating, no drinking. . . .
thehamish is better and Watson is somewhat better but...

Watson's new delightful food plus pancakes
and when the can food sticks to it some of his special dry food.
Can you say yummy ?
the a/d food is is suppose to dogs crazy to eat it but I have to tempt him he just doesn't want to eat.
hahahahahaha if only I could say that. 

And just because I can, here is your funny, crazy and or stupid for the start of the week.

On my many trips to and from the vets and grocery store this is what I see.

ummmmmm lost keys and  used a really big can opener to get into car ?
love the matching tape.

In parking lot of my market, this kind of stuff drives me crazy.
He is parked the wrong way in the parking space, he is sticking out into the drive way
plus he is taking two parking spots.

sorry blurry photo
Hey crazy stupid man, if your car is that important
just park it in your living room and play with it don't drive it !
Or if your on a beer run, take a taxi.
Now for your smile to start the week.

Two not feeling very gud but getting better sleepy puppies.

tired. . . parsnip
music. . . Dancing Out In Space,  David Bowie
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Friday, March 15, 2013

Square Dog Friday... a Watson update and a haiku

First I want to Thank everyone for all the kind wishes and concern for Watson.
I have been trying to catch up on everyone's blogs
but my comments have been erratic or not at all and I apologize for that.
Especially the ones I wanted to write a longer comment and they got lost in all the trips to the vet, I didn't write yours at all !
That makes me sad.
All because I think I need to write a paragraph instead of a sentence.
I promise to write short very comments for now.
Gud old dug Watson.

We think Watson may have caught whatever Hamish was sick with for two weeks.
Many test later we still don't have idea what is going on with either of them.
Hamish is younger (9) and bounced back.
Watson, is 13 and has many health problems kidney failure being a major one along with Valley Fever (autoimmune) and now any illness is a major problem.
He has stopped eating and drinking for several days and we have been at the vets every other day.
We can't leave him there over night because of his anxiety and mild dementia so he gets an IV pack and comes home and then goes back.
He is slowly recovering and Thursday eaten some baby/toddlers chicken sticks (yummy)
and pancakes.
Still not drinking though.

He is a most mellow beautiful dog and gets along with everyone.
He has always been an old soul.
I lurve him !

Plus he has always taken very good care of his partner in crime Hamish.

And just because I can, here is your pretty for the weekend.

Second installment of Subliminal Coffee, Tiny Harmonies.
This weeks haiku is adaptability.

Ever since I can remember I have loved javelinas, plus I am born in the
Japanese year of the boar.
They are my family my tribe my people.
The herds like to spend time in my small citrus grove .
I love to see the little babies that look like hairy loafs of bread with tiny feet.
Javelinas look like boars but are really peccaries and related to hippopotamus family.
This haiku was from last spring and published in Scotland in a friends book.
I just didn't time to think of a new one.

the desert is our home
variegated hues color our hair
sound of tiny feet

I think adaptability is their name.

tired. . . parsnip
music. . . Kaputt,  Destroyer
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