Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday In Japan... fireflies


Family in Japan never fails to send me cards for spring and summer.
Japan has wonderful greeting cards, three dimensional fold-out and some with music. 

Family knows I am crazy about fireflies.
On one of my trips family drove me to the Firefly Bridge over the Arima-Gawa in Yamaguchi-cho, Niishinomiya,  Japan.

The small bridge goes over a river filled with reeds, flowers, trees and fireflies. So many fireflies that they dance like stars in the sky over, under,  around the bridge and you.
We got there very late one evening. I had just flown in day and was quite tired but so happy to see this lovely place.
Even though it was late people where still strolling around enjoying the evening. This was one of the most lovely evening I have spent. I think of it often and I can still feel the breeze and the fireflies dancing around me.

What is so sweet and hugs at my heart, is the local school children take care of this area/bridge. There are pictures that the children have drawn of fireflies that are framed all over this very small  bridge with a big heart.

firefly. . . parsnip
music. . . OST Totoro,   Joe Hisaishi


  1. The video won't finish loading on my side. But that might be problems here. I've
    been kicked off line and all kinds of weird stuff today.

    Great cards, from the bit I saw.

  2. Love fireflies. Caught one gently in my hand just last night and watched it blink a little until it flew off. *Sigh* Such a part of my childhood...makes me think of my dad who would always take us outside to watch the show on hot summer nights. Those are wonderful cards. Hugs to you and the square ones. X

    1. So lucky that you have have some still where you live.

  3. How nice of your family in Japan to send you such beautiful cards! The card with fireflies is so lovely. The sight at Firefly Bridge must have been really wonderful. When I was a kid and lived in Japan, I could see many fireflies around my house in summer. Sadly as the town grew, fireflies became rare. It's great school children take care of the area and have fireflies flying around :-)

  4. I couldn't get it to load, either...but I love fireflies, too. And dragonflies!

  5. I have missed your lovely artwork and doggy news - haven't been all that good, but getting better day by day.

  6. Love the cards and the sound that accompany them.

  7. Those cards are delightful, I love the sounds and fireflies look so magical. How sweet that they send you cards for spring and summer. :)