Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday In Japan. . . care package

Excitement at my home.
A fabulously fun package came for me.
I have talked about many of the mascots that Japan has and my love of them.
Barysan is Imabari City well loved mascot.
I am kind of crazy about him too.
Barysan  wears on his head The Kurushima Bridges.
These are three continuous suspension bridges that connect Ohsima Island and Imabari City over the Kurushima Straits of the Sento Inland Sea.  Beautiful !
They are considered the longest suspension bridge in the world.
He also holds a boat that sails under them.
 Kawaii !

 The Barysun towel, lovely soap, a one cup saka glass,
a phone charm and a Onsen towel.

 A one cup sake cup. Son drank the sake but sent me the glass.
Which is just fine with me, I don't drink.
Orange juice will now taste even better.
 ack !  the cuteness is killing me.
 Stickers !
So much fun !
There were a few other items like the crackers I ate before I could take a photo.
Oh well, just know they were very very very good.
In fact fabulous.
Here is your pretty for mid week.
Watson was sitting on the ottomans. I was takeing a photo of him
and look who just jumped up. 
Just guess who ?  awwwwww come on guess.  Just one guess. hahahahaha
thehamish doesn't like to be left out of anything.
I just love the look Watson is giving him....
"hey I was sitting here"
And of course thehamish is  thinking
woe is me, woe
yert !
barysan. . . parsnip
music. . . Under The Milky Way. . . Sia

Monday, April 28, 2014

parley view parsnip. . . Manic Monday

Manic Monday
Some answers for a few comments.
Kirk, asked how close in age are The Square Ones or are they from the same litter.
Watson, a Brindle Scotty on the left is 16 years.
 thehamish on the right is a Scotty/Westie mix, he is 10.
His personalty is like Darth Varder and Luke Skywalker always at odds.
Pat, asked if The Square Ones ever fall in the pool ?
NO !
They both do not like the water. But are very good at bath time.
Collecting a green ball from the pool.

Often I will post a photo of when Sons cooks Indian Dinners.
He tries to cook several times a month if he can. 

Pat asked if I ever just eat Beans on Toast.
I have only eaten that dish in England  and I rater liked it.
I try to eat simple low carb meals or if I cook it is usually Japanese.
But when Son cooks caution is tossed to the wind !
A storm from California blew into Arizona, with winds and rain.
Tucson received some rain and wind 
but it was not as strong as in other parts of the state.

This is a photo of Waldie before his latest surgery,  I took it on a windy day 
I thought it filled the bill in my Saturday post about flying dogs.

John asked about this photo.
This is my entryway  and I have a huge round skylight in this room' roof.
The Square Ones, especially Watson loves to lay in the sun on the cool tile floors 
on a hot summer day, when the air conditioner is on and it is on already !

I try to keep up with answering your comments  on my blog.
I usually post on Mondays, Wednesday and OF COURSE Fridays !
That is in The Square Dogs contract.

Here is your pretty for the start of the week.

One of my Easter Lily Cactus is blooming.


 answer. . . parsnip
music. . . Manic Monday,  The Bangles

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday Saturday Saturday !

Well, either this is a very late winter storm or a very early summer storm 
that zoomed into Tucson this morning.
High winds  up to 60 miles are blowing through town right now.
Bringing some rain in the mountains, drizzles at the home and the smell
of sage and damp earth in the air.
So as a weatherperson used to say years ago,
time to tie down garbage cans and small dogs !
I must admit the way Waldie ears are staring to lift 
I think we could have the first flying dog ever !

flying . . . parsnip
music. . .  Listen to The Wind,  Chuck Mangione

Friday, April 25, 2014

Square Dog Friday. . . Watson

Such a lovely week but the best is yet to come.
Square Dog Friday is here !
Watson is such a great dog and has always taken care of thehamish.
Watson is thehamish's touchstone.
Over the years he has put up with much but he does it it sweetness and understanding.
He is just the best dog ever.
Here are a few photos of what Watson has to put up with.
He will be napping somewhere and thehamish will just push his way in.
le sigh







 And of course the very famous photo of the 
Two Headed Scotty Of Tucson
Watson is such a Gud Dug

Here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.
The Prickley Pear  Cactus are blooming.
Paper thin delicate glowing petals, atop of thorn filled cactus pads.

lucky. . . parsnip
music. . .  10,000 Miles,  Mary Chapin Carpenter

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday In Japan... Yakiniku

Tuesday was Daughters Birthday.
For her Day she wanted a Pool Party with a Yakiniku Dinner.
And that is what we did.
Yakitori is the term used for Japanese grilling.
Here is "Cooking with Dog" 4 minute video showing what we did.
Cooking a meal with Daughter is great fun.
 Had to pick up a few items.
rice, seaweed, Unagi sauce, Hoisin sauce, Sake, Tonkatsu sauce, pickled veggies
pickled plums, rice vinegar sushi vinegar, Samjang (spicy bean paste)
We didn't use everything here but I love it all.
 What my plate look like.
If you watched the video you will see what we made plus the recipes.
From the top....
Japanese Potato salad (so good) 
Hand roll made with seaweed,  rice,  spicy intimation crab,  carrots and cucumber.
Grilled shitake mushroom, jalapeno pepper (it is hard to find Sishito peppers) spring onion,  baby bell peppers, Seitan (wheat gluten) marinated sliced and wrapped around a spring onion,  lemon to squeeze over the salt chicken and the marinated chicken. 
Yes please !


Here is your pretty for mid-week.

Today Waldie came back from doctors with his stiches removed and a OK to walk on his own without the sling ! He has been on crate rest. 
He walked outside and enjoyed a "rest in the sun" and out of the crate.

 Only two weeks after sugery he is walking on all four legs.
He still has to rest as much as he can but he can be out of his crate superivesed.

Yea Waldie... gud job !
Here is his sister Truffles, resting on "her" poof.
Yea yea yea... he is walking big deal but this is my poof and I am Queen of the poof !
Yert !

Happy. . . parsnip
music. . . Walk Like An Egyptian,  The Bangles

Monday, April 21, 2014

parley view parsnip. . . the day after

Some photo of my delightful and quiet Easter Weekend.
Some weather blew in and the mountains all around  Tucson did receive some rain. 
That will help as we have 3 forest fires already and it is only end of April.

 Saturday sunset.



Son cooked Easter Sunday dinner from Kerala region of India.
Baked fish, rubbed with spices and covered in tomatoes, chilies and onions.
Cucumber cooked with lentils, a Pineapple and Yogurt Raita and of course some rice.
One of his best meals ever.

And of course your pretty to start the week.

 thehamish is waiting for his red ball to come close so he can get it.

Daughter shot this photo of Watson yawning.
I think it looks like he is laughing while telling a story.
Watson doesn't really take very good photos but this one
 I think shows his great personally.  He is such a sweet and happy boy.
 happy. . . parsnip
music. . . Freeway of Love,  Aretha Franklin

Friday, April 18, 2014

Square Dog Friday. . . Summer Starts

What a great day.
Of course the reason is,
it is Square Dog Friday.
Best day of the week, especially if you are a 
Little Black Square Dog !
Yert !
We have missed spring but summer is here and we are getting the pool ready.
The cabana boys are helping whahahahahaha woohoo let me catch my breath here,
with the pool clean up.
 thehamish collecting his pool balls.
 No, he has never fallen in.
 Trying to bite water drops.

 awwwwwww gud dug thehamish.

 Resting after all that hard work
 lots of napping
in the sun,  even Watson.

 First day in the pool, I found I was not alone !
See the alien face along with his space ship,
 as it zooms away.


 Armchair Squid ask about Wednesday's Rice Cube.
Yes it is very easy to clean, just two parts.


And just because I can here is a photo from last spring.
thehamish is planting his favorite thing to eat.
His choice of vegetables is of course chkikin'
We don't buy these types of chicken strips anymore.
I only buy chicken that comes from the U.S.
Maybe that is the reason his vegetable patch did not produce
any chkikin' strips.
summer. . . parsnips
music. . . Walking On The Sun,  Smash Mouth