Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Entryway to the de Young

Entryway to the de Young, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

The picture in the last post, two palms flank the walk and lead you to
the cool, dark, quiet walk through to the bright glass and copper
entry court and door to the de Young. The rough stone objects invite
you in and I like the play of smooth, shiny and rough.

I'm back in Tucson tonight and the Monsoon are Welcoming me home!
more on this soon !

Cheers, parsnip

Monday, June 29, 2009

de Young museum

de Young museum, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

I had to take a quick picture as I was standing in the middle of the
road ! this picture does not show how truly Beautiful this Museum is !
The Tower ( super bad angle) is a triangle turned on it axis. The very
top is a spectacular viewing deck of San Francisco and the floors
below are conference and classrooms.

Fabulous !

Flying home tomorrow, cheers . . . parsnip

Saturday, June 27, 2009

California Academy Of Science

Across from The de Young Museum is The California Academy of
Science. It too has had some changes and the most striking one is the
new Sod Roof. Right before I took this picture from the viewing tower
at The de Young, a long line of school children came out and a line
went in. Lots of new interest in the Science Museum since the new sod
roof was put in. . . how great is that !

Happy Saturday. . . parsnip : D

Friday, June 26, 2009

de Young Museum . San Francisco, California . . .24 June 2009

In 2005 the de Young Museum reopened with a new facility that
integrates nature, art and architecture. . . you can say that
again. . . I have wanted to visit here ever since they reopened and
WOW ! this museum does not disappoint. Plus any museum that has
several Sargent paintings is just fine in my book.

What I like is the way they used warn natural materials, stone, wood,
glass and copper. It is a long low building that descends into the
side of a hill not perched on it.
What really sets it apart is the use of a Copper ( my favorite
material) Facade that is perforated and textured to mimic the the
light filtering through the trees. The museum abstract facade merges
and blend into the park setting so well that I can not wait to see in
later years when the oxidation will turn the the copper color to a
rich green patina.

The layout in side is user friendly, fun, exciting and although The
Tutankhamum Collection was not out on the day we went ( bummer )
there were several shows that I was very happy to see.

I am visiting my artist daughter who lives in Oakland for a week and
the weather has been very typical San Francisco like, it can and will
change at any moment. I really love this area and wanted at one time
to move here but it is sadly out of my reach now.

On a bad note the reason for such a late post. . . . week 4 of my very
painful headache. For years I had horrible Migraines but the last few
years much improved... then 4 weeks ago something happened and I have
been plagued with a headache that just will not go away. As soon as I
get back home into the doctors for more tests.

Enjoying Northern California and how lovely this area is. . . more
pictures to come. . . happy weekend : D parsnip

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I've been "meme"

I've been "meme", originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Thanks to Kanani I have been "meme" so here goes here are 5 things I
am proud of, that are me.

I think this flower is me! kind of a murky base, with the beautiful
green pads supporting a new bloom.

First part. . . The murky water. . . Change

At age 60 I packed up my car with 2 Little Square Black Dogs, a 14
century Japanese Kitchen God, some paintings and books locked the
door to a home that I really loved living in and dove down Pacific
Coast Highway for the last time as a resident of California and drove
to my new home in Tucson, Arizona.
A divorce left me unable to live in Laguna Beach, California. So I
moved to a town where I could live and since I had grown up in Tucson
I knew what to expect. Left all my friends, my home that I loved, and
The Pacific Ocean ! ! !
Bought a home ripped up the carpet moved some walls. . . added here
took away there.
Kinda proud that I took the jump Survived the murky water and Change
my life, not too bad for a 62 year old.
I made a choice.

Second part. . . The Lilly Pads. . . Support
For what ever reason I have Fabulous friends and I am proud that they
call me their friend. They support me and I them through all the good
times and we work on the bad times.
I recently had a Lunch Party for my son and his new wife to meet
friends who watched him growing up and were part of our lives .
Sitting at the table were people I had know from 40 years to as little
as 6 years. They supported me through the death of a Baby Daughter, my
home burning down in one of California famous fires, major surgeries
and a few illnesses. We have laughed and cried and had way too much
fun. They are talented and funny and always interesting.
I understand.

Third Part. . . The Bloom. . . Growth
After all the years of doing for others, I am the Queen of
Volunteering, I get time to work on projects I want to. Today when
companies are going out of business I am starting up mine. A small
line of Stationary and Illustrating a Book.
Sinking my feet in the murky water taking root and I will Bloom I will
Take a Chance.

Fourth Part. . . The Sun. . . Life
My Children. They are a hoot ! I enjoy them as people who are
interesting and stand on their own, not because they make me look good
by their achievements. I feel that I gave them a good start, taught
them the basics, gave them a place to shine no matter what they
wanted to do, and in return I have learned so much from them.
I learn.

Fifth Part. . . . The Air. . . Breath
I gave my self permission to live
I made a choice to not forgive someone, to not condone arrogance and
stupidity but to turn my back and walk away. Not in anger but with
the knowledge that no matter what I did it never matter. Once I did
that the world opened up and I took a breath.
I gave myself power.
I am Happy.

Here are three very important items about me that I couldn't fit in
above. . .

I am the Crazy Lady you see laughing at the Greeting Card counter.
I will pick a Lemon Bar over Chocolate Cake any day.
I love Scottish Terriers.

Cheers, Parsnip

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birthday Flowers

Birthday Flowers, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Hello PI. . .
I posted a picture of a Cactus Garden a few blogs back in honor of my
Mothers Birthday.

Today I am posting one I took Sanda Japan last year, almost on the
same day for PI who's Mothers Birthday is today. . .

Cheers, parsnip

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bunny !

Bunny !, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

This floor to ceiling window is in my bathroom. I always check to see
what animals are resting outside. A month ago it was a Mom with all
her super tiny babies resting from the hot sun in the depression by
the first bush between the two rocks. Today it is a Jackrabbit, note
big ears, on the other side of the first bush.
I have a drip system so that is where the water drips so in the hot
part of the day various little critters rest there.

Happy Weekend, parsnip

p.s. I had to snap quickly as the bunnies really know when you are
watching them... In a few weeks those bushes will be covered with
Lavender blooms !

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Javelinas !

Javelinas !, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Here are some Javelinas moseying through the Orange Trees... I love
them but my dogs don't. . . I get barking dogs on one side of the
fence and the leader of the herd ready to protect on the other side. . .
I try to keep them at safe distance they can do damage. The babies
are called Piglings and are so cute, Someone wrote about hairy little
loafs of bread with tiny feet and that really fits.

Javelinas are not hairy pigs, they are Collared Peccaries and are
classified with other mammals like hippopotamus ( neat ! ) but broke
off from pigs to become Peccaries. . . there is a Children's Book
called " Don't Call Me Pig " They also remind me of the Japanese

They are nearsighted and have a excellent sense of smell, startle
easily and can run up 25 miles an hour as they run over any obstacles,
they squirt out a musk, ( awful ) as they run and this is how the herd
Sometimes early in the morning I hear them "Quacking" to each other as
they walk along. It is really quite charming.

Hope this help Eryl. . . as you can tell I really like them and have
lots of books on them. Plus I was born in the Year of the Boar so they
are my People. . .

Cheers, parsnip

Monday, June 8, 2009


Shade, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Love the bright, clear Tucson light the shadows are fabulous.

In the hot so very hot Summer months shade is important, sought out,
and so very much needed. . . Beyond the cooling necessity of it to
plants, animals and people. . . what I love is the patterns that move
across the landscape that merge into twilight.

This view is the east side yard where my small grove of citrus trees
are. In the early morning and evening lots of animal and birds come
out on this side of the house.
I have seen resting in the hot part of the day Javelinas, Coyote and
a Bobcat, not at the same time Thank Goodness ! I leave much of my
land wild with just a-bit of raking and pruning here and there so the
wildlife and I can coexist. The white paint is for a bark fungus that
we are trying to get rid of. . .

Happy Monday ! parsnip

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Palo Verde Tree

Palo Verde Tree, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

This is my favorite tree, from the electric lime green bark to the
mass of yellow blossoms that engulf the tree in spring. I have over 50
trees on my property.

One fun fact that I just found out. . . it is a nurse plant for
Saguaro Cacti ( another great plant I will show when it blooms ) by
providing a canopy to shelter the cacti with shade in summer and
warmth in winter By the time the tree dies in about 100 years the
cactus will take over the spot. How neat is that ! I only have one
tree that is doing that on the west side of the house.

This tree is why the Arizona-Sonoran Desert always looks so green.

Cheers, parsnip

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Famous Two Headed Dog Exposed !

The Truth ! Picture shows Two Headed dog is a hoax ! A HOAX ! note
guilty expressions. . .

News at 10

There are 2 count them 2 dogs. Hamish in front and Watson in back.

Quick post today. . . .
Busy this week with last minute running around and shopping because
my Son and his Wife were getting ready for the trip back to Japan
after a two month Belated Honeymoon and Vacation. He wanted to show
her some of his most favorite places in the Southwest ! They had a
great trip and she loved the open spaces of the Southwest...
Funny side note, She is in love with Target and on their sight seeing
trip has had her picture taken in front of all the Targets they saw.
( Target is a Fabulous store that you can find everything you need and
everyone loves it in America )

Cheers, parsnip

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Famous Two Headed Dog Of Tucson Arizona

Watson who is so good to the very conflicted Hamish, lets him smoouch
in the basket even though Watson was there first and at one time very
I am not sure why but Watson always looks out for Hamish and takes
care of him, which is a good thing because Hamish needs a lot of

Monday, June 1, 2009

Cactus Garden at The Desert Museum

Today is my Mom's Birthday. . . I miss her <3
My Mother was a Fabulous Gardener so she would have loved this Garden.

Highly Decorated, Life Saving Fighter Pilot LTC Victor Fehrenbach fired because he is gay. Write your Senator.

My friend sent me this. Please, take the time to read this. . .
Thank You, parsnip

Please ask your readers to write a letter to their Senators and the Senate
Armed Forces Committee on behalf of LTC Victor Fehrenbach, the highly
decorated fighter pilot who was fired because he is gay. More information
and a sample letter maybe found on The Kitchen