Friday, August 31, 2012

Square Dog Friday. . .

I already missed my "Wednesday in Japan" post because of blogger and google messed up  again. I am posting the complicating  way instead of the easy way... it is a disaster ! Hope to have it fixed soon.... 
No way could I have missed Square Dog Friday or I would have some very miffed Square Dog negotiating for massive amounts of chkikin' strips.

As you read this the theme of the movie "Jaws" in the background  'kay ?
Hit it Square Ones
Woof !

                                      here i come

                                     yes its is me gud dug hamish

                                     ummmmmum i havin' the squeakey

                                     awwwwwwwww Watson wants to play too

                                      errrrrrerer ummfmgurk,,,,yert

                                     mineminemineminemine mine..

                                      Watsons likes the gud squeaky too

                                     mememememememememe me

                                    yesh this is gud gud gud pink gud pink squeaky

                                     i wants the squeakyhamish needs gud squeaky

                                     ohhhhhhh Watson has gud squeaky badbadbad

                                     now nice tall person has squeaky i needing squeaky now

                                     Watson wants the squeakygud hamish needin' squeaky

                                     must havening squeaky....

                                                ummmmmmmmmmm oh woe is me
                                                and Watson sorry and not happy too

                             Note from nice tall person who gives chikik' strips.
                   This is why toys do not last for long at The Square Dog home.

                                                     squeaky. . . parsnip
                                                     music. . . OST Jaws

Monday, August 27, 2012

parley view parsnip... clouds, astronaut and dogs

My Monday post about what is going on around my home in
Tucson, Arizona.

I am sure if you have read this blog long enough...
you know my infatuation with the clouds over Tucson.

Friday we had some wonderful clouds

Big fluffy thunderheads, growing higher and hight into the sky.
With the promise of rain to come.

Evening clouds 

being tinted gold

by the setting sun.

My eyes are always lifted up to the sky.
Looking at the blue sky, clouds and the stars and moon at night.
I am so lucky to be living here.

Saturday I read about the death of
Astronaut Neil Armstrong.

I remember the start of the space program and how exciting it was.
But what I really liked about it was promise it gave us.
It gave us all hope and courage that we could do anything.
Such promise.
The space program started out with rockets being launched and failing. Either blowing up on the launch pad, tipping over or blowing up only seconds into the launch.
And yet the scientists  kept trying and building rockets till they finally seceeded.
Sending us soaring into space.
Hope is a wonderful thing.
Courage is uplifting
Success is possible.
We seem not to have that kind of excitement or promise in our lives today.
And I think that is very sad.

Here is your pretty for the starting of the week

A hint of Fridays post!
yert !

hopeful. . . parsnip
music. . .  Sailing,  The Cafe Carlyle Sessions

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Square Dog Friday... sad day

We all know what day of the week it is so lets hit it...
woof !

nice tall persons who plays and walks with us is leaving us to go to more school whats that?
even Watson who lurves nice tall person who walking' us thebest is sadder.
he lurves the walkin' person best always sleepn' in his room
he is so sad sadder that im' seeing him ever

woe woe is me... bad bad day for gud square dug no gud nogud at all
not sure what fresh pac but im' stayn' here
but im' knowing its bad badbad bad
no liken' when boxes and suitcases come out.

me hamish is filled with woe woewoewoe woe

even pen in nice tall person cupthingie is not making square dug happy day
woe woe woe is me and Watson
hamish is going to sit in box now
no gud...
yert !

Here is your pretty to start the weekend.

sad. . . parsnip
music. . . Missing,  Amplified Heart
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday In Japan... Zodiac

I just finished a project of built-in shelves for some of the
Twelve Japanese Zodiac Symbols, I have been collecting.
I am still working on which ones to display
and which way they will look best.

First try...

The light is wonderful but I took this photo too late at night.

On my first trip to Japan many years ago at Christmas, the New Year was Monkey.
I saw these paper mache figures, I had to buy them and I was hooked !

Yellow Tiger and Rabbit are paper mache
but the tiny roaring tiger is a clay bell for hanging
that I found at The Japanese Cultural Museum in LA.

love his little face, roar !
so kawaii !

My animal symbol is a boar,
holding a lucky charm arrow symbol for hitting a bulls-eye for things going as planned
Since I was a little child growing up in Arizona, I have always loved the Javelina
that populate this area.
Javelinas are not really boars but... for me close.

stuffed chubby happy Boar

kawaii boar...

very charming Dragon and
another Boar from material...

bobble head Rabbit


tiny Dog

a very happy Sakura Dog.

On a cabinet in the kitchen

I display the symbol for the year, this year it was a Dragon.
I still need Snake, Horse, Sheep and Roster.
Thanks to my Japanese Son and DIL they keep sending me these
every year.
I am so lucky !
Thank You !

boar. . . parsnip
music. . . Dancing In The Street,  Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
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Monday, August 20, 2012

parley view parsnip. . . bento and lighting !

Daughter came over and made Vegan Bento Boxes.
She is perfecting her recipes and I am a very willing taste tester !

These are so Kawaii !
Just look at all the really fun Bento Boxes.
I would have loved this as my lunch when I was at work !
Goodness I want this for my lunch now !

The Tamago Sushi on the top of this plate, the "egg" part was made from tofu.
Pretty and so tasty. The sushi roll was unboshi paste and cucumber.
And Yes,  I love tofu !

Storm over the Catalina Mountains.

moving east and sweeping south,
it took about five minutes to get to my home.

I love raindrops on my windows.

You almost can't see the bubbler in my front yard fountain with all the raindrops. 

Sunday night a storm blew in so fast, all thunder and the sky lighting up like a million flash bulbs.
The sky was dark but the lighting turned it lavender.

Can you see the faint strike going to the right, this shot came right after the top photo.

Here is your pretty to start the week...

These clouds where just to the west of the lighting strikes.
What an evening !

bento. . . parsnip
music. . . Is It Any Wonder ?  Keane
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