Saturday, November 30, 2019

Square Dog Friday on the next day. . .

Friday !
Tornado watch, big big winds, lots of rain rain rain,
dropping temperature and snow in the mountains.

 Snow peeking through the clouds view from my yard.

This is what I like about Tucson, after the rain you get warm sun and blue skies for a few day
then it snows and rains again then the sunny days come again.

 Snow on the Catalina Mountains.

 Thanksgiving BarkBox yummy treats and turducken and folding casserole dish squeaky toy.

 Naughty gud dugs ? ? ?
Oh what have they been up too ?

Merida and Oliver staying warm on a rainy day.

If I still could travel I would buy this !


cheers,  parsnip

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

A Good Day !

You know it will be a good day when the first thing you see after getting up is a gud dug
  toy looking up at you.

We had a dinner out at Inca's Peruvian Restaurant
 Causa Rellena, chicken filled potato

 Seco de Carne con Frijoles

 Lomo Saltado Beef

 Fabulous Sake bottle.
Most Sake is filtered but the "in" Sake is the unfiltered kind, creamy milky
mouth feel that really not many people like. It is rather sweet also.
This one is Chrysanthemum Water. People usually give them as gifts 
but no one really likes them about 90 % of Saka is filtered.
The bottles are usually very posh.

Here is your pretty for the week.

 gud dug pretty pretty princess agatha tallulah

Top security officer sir iwinston manadibles churchill

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, November 22, 2019

Square Dog Friday. . . RAIN !

Tucson is gettin the winter rains early. Not complaining
we need the rain.
What I have always liked about the winter rains is a few days of rain 
several days of sun just right.
 Rain and clouds.


 nice tall person who feeds us gave us a treat today..... carrrrrots 
we be lovin them

 agatha be silly

 iwinston on security detail

For all who asked here is the recipe.

If I was cooking for a group for Brunch I would make this. 
I made the whole dish and saved some for later and although it was not as fluffy 
as the first day it was wonderful.
One day I had it on a bagel with tomato, chili's and cheese for dinner ! 
Had it chopped up on a salad for lunch also. 
For me this is a big help so quick and easy.
I used to make the posh version of this with cubed Brioche or Sourdough, sausage, cheese  
or jam soak overnight with a egg custard and bake the next morning. So very tasty but this is 
quicker and less calories.
Hope you like this. For me it is nice to be able to have some fast food that is good.

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, November 15, 2019

Square Dog Friday.

Another one of the bad bad bad no good very bad weeks again.
Here are sweet faces that help make it better !
Love Scotties shadows.

 Sleepy Agatha.

 Some more reflections photos.

I couldn't get a photo of the huge moon the other night but 
I caught it's reflection in my west window.

I do not like to cook any more I am just so tired
but. . . 
I made a Egg Casserole that takes 2 seconds to mix up and bake.
Saved some to eat now for breakfast and frozen some for later.
I just can't wrap my mind around eating breakfast, meds make me sick
especially in the morning, let alone taking the time to make breakfast
and then clean up after.
So this is a super big help for me.

One side is plain, like the recipe and I mixed some green chilies in the other half.
So easy and so good. A nice help for me.


As always here is your pretty for the weekend.

My lemon tree is blooming again ! ? ? ? ! ! !

cheers,  parsnip

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Square Dog Friday on Saturday !

It has been one of those weeks in fact three.
woof !

 After the groomers. I try to show his fluffy pantaloons but no matter what I do it is so hard to get a photo of the fluffy.

 Cold storm blew in from the South lighting strikes all around me, busy morning.
Agatha was not happy, rain and thunder also.

Walking up the steep hill, I love these two gud dugs !


Naughty Agatha on the wrong side of the fence. It is just about time to take the fence down. The winter grass has had a good start.

For everyone who liked my last post on Playing For A Change, The Weight.
When you watch it on youtube, they have a "Behind The Song "The Weight" (Part One)" to show you what goes into one of these songs with Bobby Robertson.
So many of my favorites like All Along The Watchtower, Imagine, What's Going On.

.... and then there is Tucson... 
In the last 3 weeks we have had 5 extreme acts of animal cruelty. When you live next to the border with Mexico you see this often and sometimes it is just too much for me. I am so angry.

On a happier note

 Photo Bomb !
Gud Friends.

cheers,  parsnip

Monday, November 4, 2019

The Weight | Featuring Robbie Robertson | Playing For Change

One of my favorite blogs posted this on Sunday.
Low Carb Diabetic
Starts off with my all time wonderful drummer RINGO !
Great song, great feeling made my day.


Plus thank goodness for smart Arizonans, we never changes our clocks.
Our time stays the same no back and forth. It is quite wonderful.
The last two years I lived in California I had the hardest time getting
over the time change. Life is so much better without all this messing about.
Hawaii never changes their time either. Two very smart States.

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, November 1, 2019

Square Dog Friday, Halloween leftovers.

Woof it !

Scary morning whiskers and beard.

 So scary cute I lurve him.

Pretty Pretty Agatha 

She is a sweety.

Happy Friday.