Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Hug a gud dug !

Son David, lived about 30 years in Japan. It has always easy to call him my Japanese son. 

Studied at University in Japan,

 Married and was raising a family there. 

Head of the language department at his University. 

Just moved back to Tucson to help take care of me.

                                                             Agatha loves her David.

On Saturday he had a Heart Attack while out and about. Thank goodness he was at a shop that knew him and right next to the Fire Department.  He was saved and sent to hospital.

                                            He is now home and being well looked after by a sweet Agatha
                                                               and helped by his adorable Daughter.

cheers,  parsnip

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Winter still here.

More rain and snow.

Another day with the snow on the mountains.
View from my back yard.

Winter clouds.

Sweet Agatha.

phone makin' sound ?

Miss pretty who is interested in rearranging pillows and blankets
got tired  and took a nap.

Godzilla and his twin.

hey mum guess what iwinston be doing....

iwinston being have fun ummmmmm maybe not...


Some Happy Stuff.


cheers,  parsnip

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Rain Snow Rain Snow Freezing !

We have winter and it is cold for us but we need the rain and snow !
Very happy about that.

Some smiles !  


Every Gud Dug knows this !

.Just love this !


A drawing by Granddaughter of Her character (forgot it's name) Winston and a sleeping Agatha
 with her new toy.
I have been sick in bed for a week. I am so tired of being sick ! 
Stressed out from all the eye problems ? ? ? Who Knows ?
cheers,  parsnip





Saturday, January 14, 2023

Stick a needle in my eye, , ,

 I just had the first of every 4 weeks injections in my right eye. Oh  Yea  Me ! My Macular Degeneration has exploded  in my right eye.  It is ripped and filled with fluid. I wonder if having my cataracts and new lens put in up-set the balance  of power in my eye. 

Let me tell you it hurt, even with all the drop they put in my eyes but it hurt and sent a pain to the nerves  through and across my nose and cheek. Counting the days to the next appointment. 

Cross my heart and hope to die stick a needle in my eye! 

This is an old vow to try to lie and get out of trouble. I don't know if kids today use it. 


When I wake up in the morning sometimes this is what I see.

When Winston wants to get up and he is not barking at something, this is what I see when I wake up. Winston sits there and just stares at me untill I wake up.


                                                           Love the look on her face.
                                                                  How could you !!!!!!!!!!
                      You covered up my favorite digging hole were the tasty grass and muddy dirt is.


I have seen this before but it is too good to not post again.
Love Sooty !

cheers,  parsnip

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Still Christmas here.

 Can you stand anymore Christmas ?

Still have my tree up. I usually leave it up past my Birthday right up to Epiphany. It is my Christmas and Birthday gift to me ! 

Tried to decorate just enough this year to make it fun for my Japanese Granddaughter who is now living in Tucson along with her parents. It has been different and quite fun.


                                                         Godzilla is still alive and kicking !

                                              Someone needs to kick back with a beer or two.


Daughter made us Osechi Ryori, Traditional Food for New Years Day.
Assortment of colorful dishes with special meanings.  She cooked for days

My favorite Aomori crackers ! They mean Green Forest.

 I filled my dish up more than I should have but I wanted to make it pretty for a photo.
You have small dishes to put your favorites on and then go back for more.
Mia took the photos then printed them out for my Christmas gift. Plus she draws Agatha much better than I do. She is only 12 but quite wonderful.
. . . . . . .
Here is your pretty for the weekend 

Security is always on patrol.

cheers,  parsnip