Friday, March 25, 2022

Square Dog Friday, such a month.

Agatha has taken up Performance Art again.

This piece is called Sunset Over Golden Car,

This piece is Large Stick Broken.

It has been very cold here so Agatha is wearing a headband to keep her ears warm'

Son made tacos. Super thin slices of beef, pickled red onions and slices of cabbage.

Daughter made Korean Gimbap and Fish Cakes with a fabulous chill sauce.


As always here is your pretty

Coffee in a wonderful mug.


cheers,  parsnip

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

It was a dark and stormy night part 2


 Playing catch up.
So much has happened (part 1) over the last few months. 
I didn't even mentioned the Open Heart Surgery that my brother had at Christmas.
They kept delaying  and then they had an opening.

The last month you can see lots of cactus being covered by these cups. We have had some
freezing temps so you have to covered the new growth. 
I had forgotten that we only had red cups and when I saw this early morning view,
I first thought what is blooming now ?
I am so weird !

Love the side eye !

Agatha thinks if she sits quietly that Winston will forget her.
She blends in so nicely.

He was looking and gurrrrrrring at the Bunny !
Silly Winston,

Sweetheart !

I hope to try and catch up with my blog friend and start posting again.
Everyone be safe. So much awful everywhere.

cheers,  parsnip