Friday, August 31, 2018

Sad Badger !

Square Dog Friday
Usually the best day of the week but a great sadness has enveloped our home.
After a month long visit Mia and Yuko are back in Japan.
Someone is really missing Mia.

iwinston is sad fun little tall person who likes me is not here
woe oh woe is me

 iwinston is lookin' for her

 sadness is a sadness in my head
iwinston is sad  

 sad iwinston is lookin' and sniffin' they are gone

 sadness is not gud for a gud dug

 iwinston is not knowin'
woe oh woe is me iwinston

 sosadsad sad sad is iwinston

Mia has turned 8 and is quite an artist. She can draw anything.
She went to a Birthday Party and her gift was a small Shinkansen Bullet Train set.

 I gave her a paper to draw a card. She drew the Shinkansen train.

 The inside of the card.

She even drew his baby sister next to their cat and dog not sure about the deer or tall dog.

Some photos from the week.
This was just over the hill but we did not get any rain.


As always here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.

Yuko and Mia few back to Japan.  
After a month visit we all miss them very much and a Gud Dug really misses Mia !

A photo Mia took of Mt. Fuji from the window of the plane.
She is really becoming a wonderful photographer.

cheers,  parsnip and badger

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Arizona Senator John McCain


A Honorable Man has died Saturday.
Arizona, America and the World has lost an absolutely remarkable man.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Badger Security on patrol.

Square Dog Friday is here, best day of the week.
So lets woof it !

Always amazing to wake up one morning and see the plants bloom overnight.

View from my bedroom window.

Looking out kitchen window. . .

to see Badger Security on patrol

on the lookout for LIZARDS . . .
yesh no place for sneeeeeky lizzzzards

always workin'. . .

always looookin'. . .
iwinston badger havein' brought in help
tobe  keepin' sneeeeeeky lizards in view

neeeedin' naps inthe sun in the cool house'

nice gud dug truffles is resting in the hots sun

this is gud kattie oliver he is pretty

this is pretty kattie merida who is not likin' gud dug iwinstonbadger

merida lookin' at iwinstonbadger in the duggie door

she is not likin' i winstonbadger


As always here is your pretty to the start the weekend.

After dinner as we sat and talked, I tried to take this photo of the glowing sunset sky.
This photo is a hoot !

cheers,  parsnip

Saturday, August 18, 2018

I am still Badger !

Square Dog Friday.
Late !

nice tall person who feeds me keeps taking photos of me 
iwinston still a badger whats' that mean not knowing



iwinston who does not quite understand the glass table. . . 

is trying to see and eat the 
"Sculpy" clay while Mia is making. . . 

a hedgehog family !

Kawaii !

Sweet drawing of Merida, Truffles and iwinston.


As always here is your pretty to start the weekend.



Another day another sunset.

cheers,  parsnip and badger

Friday, August 10, 2018

Square Dog Friday attack badger

Square Dog Friday !
Best day of the week so lets woof it.
Woof !

hello nice tall people it is iwinston who is called badger by
nice tall person who feeds me
not sure why but if iwinston gets chkikin' its' gud whatever name
iwinston sick iwinston is shakin' head and scratchin' head
mum saw me jump back and start shakin' head when outside
she is sayin' iwinston eat bug or somethin' is maybe bitin' me
iwinston not knowin' what to be sayin' always eat bug
gots to go to nice tall person dr holly she is likin' me
i gots' pills



Thursday morning I was able to have the door open. It has been over two
months since I have been able to have any door open even in the morning.
When the heat is over 115 in the day the earth doesn't get a chance to cool down.

Japanese granddaughter and her nice tall person are visiting for a month
before going back to school. She is working on her English while here
and homework lots of homework.
She only speaks English to us and when out in the world.

 She is a tornado of activity and then will fall asleep anywhere.

. .......

As always here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.

I was looking for a certain photo and of course I couldn't find it.
Instead here are some monsoon photos from the past few years.


The weather patterns have changed and I really do not get to see these 
FABULOUS afternoon/evening thunderheads flying across the valley
dragging the rain behind them. I miss them, this is part of my childhood.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
cheers, parsnip and badger