Friday, July 28, 2017

Square Dog Friday mandibles

Best day of the week is here
Square Dog Friday.
So let's woof it.
 i thehamish is needin' a nap
mandibles is so tiredin'

i  thehamish is resting on high ground 

 yesh i themandibles is bad bad bad gud dug

 Can anyone tell me how this is comfortable ?
Messed up blankie, toys dragged in and squishing in sideways.
This gives me a headache.

 One thing about getting up at 5:45 is you get to see beautiful sunrises.
While waiting for your puppy to wander around sniffing.

 Another sunset.


As always here is your the end of week pretty.

mandibles and thehamish
One very unhappy gud dug.
the hamish doesn't want the puppy squeezing in.
But he has forgotten. . .

He did this to Watson all the time.
In his defence he was older and stopped biting and chewing by that time.

cheers,  parsnip

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Trending at my home. . .

Gud dug thehamish spent a few hours at the Vet on Tuesday.
He came home with a bag full of new subcutaneous meds with special syringes.  
thehamish is almost completely deaf and losing his sight.
Plus his kidneys are failing but he is a happy gud dug and I love him.
We are watching him closely.

As I look at thehamish and fergus together all I can see is sweet Watson and baby thehamish.
In fact I keep calling thehamish Watson.

Just back from the vet.  Camel-pack fluids in one side and Adequan on the other side.



Mandibles of Doom

Nap time as an olympic sport.
Full twisting back layout and he sticks the landing !
9.0 from all the judges except 6.2 from the Russian.


Here is you mid-week pretty.

Sweet baboo thehamish
Love this photo of my happy gud dug.

cheers,  parsnip

Monday, July 24, 2017

Weekend with themandibles

Some weekend photos.

A lovely surprise on Sunday morning after Saturday evening rain.



 why i thehamish wants to know why



 i thehamish not knoein' why



 attack the phone

 Patrolling the pool.

 Fergus has a battle going on with this sprinkler.

 mandibles of doom

 Helping make his new crate...

 that thehamish has claimed.

 Sunrise over Thimble Peak on Sunday morning.

 Raindrops on my Meyer Lemon.

Here is your pretty to start the week.
If you have followed my blog you know how much I enjoy reflections.

I would like to paint the first or last optical illusion.
So interesting.

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, July 21, 2017

Square Dog Friday, what to do ?

Best day of the week is here
Square Dog Friday
You know the drill so let's woof it !

i thehamish is talkin'

it is being a hard week
mandibles is here to stay
i thehamish is not happy
ohwoewoewoewoe woe
oh woe is i thehamish
oh woe is me

In 1.0 nanoseconds Fergus was quiet  I took a photo...
 that reminded me of one I had taken of Watson and thehamish many years ago.

My gud dug Watson with thehamish.


Attack of the Tako !

Looking north the storm starting  yesterday afternoon.

Powerful downpours to the west.

Combining to make a microburst...

right over the foothills where I live.
It was a huge downpour, Boom !


As always here is your pretty for the weekend.

"Mandibles" get me up at 6ish every morning.
This morning sunrise over Thimble Peak reflected in my studio window.

 As usual after every rain the Sage Bush (not for eating) is blooming again.


cheers,  parsnip

I want you to know you all write the best comments. 
I have fabulous followers. so nice and wonderful that sometime make my day.
But with a 9 week old puppy I will really be hit or miss commenting
on all your blogs and some new followers.
In 6 months I might be back to "normal" whahahahahahahahahaha
oh my goodness did I really write that... normal wahahahahahahah