Friday, September 28, 2012

Square Dog Friday. . . spoiling Watson !

                                          Well it is Friday, best day of the week.
                                                          So lets woof it !

                                         Watson loves looking out any window.
So, in my studio under the work table by the window looking out to where the citrus trees are I have put a window in for him. He will have lots to look at with bunnies, quail, javelinas plus a wandering bobcat and mountain lion or two.

                 The window and repaired wall have been roughed in. Paint still to come.

                                                       Yes, what do I see ?

                                                           I will just wait....

                                ummmmmmmmmmmmm whot aboutthehamish woe is me

             does igets awindow ? where is gud dug hamish window to see gudstuff ?
                                                               woe is me

                                     Here is another Square Dog  addition to my home.
This is looking from my bedroom to my bathroom. Under the shelve is a doggie door into the next room.  New matching tile is going in that room. To the right is the tub and step in shower. Behind the tub is a toilet and sink. To the left is a sink and my closet.

When I bought this home the two master bedroom where connected to each other by a big shared bathroom. I ripped out walls moved sinks, showers and doors. So now each room has a bathroom and closet.
But the Square Ones loved running around the house and zooming through that open door that was being closed off by a wall. So I put a doggie door in. Son leaves it open but a basket can close it off when guest drop by.

My children all say that they can't wait to see how a Real Estate Agent explains all the little quirks in my home.  Wahahahahahahaha... what a hoot !

                                                       running. . . parsnip
                                       music. . . A Day In The Life,  Jeff Beck


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday in Tucson.... spirits

Several blogs I read,  have been talking about spirits lately.  Codlinsandcream2 talked about her little ghost cat who came for a visit. A wonderful post that brought tears to my eyes.
Another blogger muffin53partdeux posted about a new neighbor who was burning sage (she was doing it wrong) to remove the spirits that were kicking her.

This got me thinking about my life with spirits.
Ever since I was a little girl I have seen spirits.
Movement that catches my eye just out of focus along the peripheral vision of my eye. The shapes move sometimes just across my vision but are gone in a second if I try to focus on them.
They are not there everyday as they come and go. I have lived with them so long that I really don't think about them anymore.
 As a child I just thought everyone saw spirits.  They don't interact with me at all. They are just there, moving.

I am sure the eye doctors have an explanation having to do with all sorts of my visions problems.
But as these spirits move in and out of my vision I just always assume they are moving on to other places.

 Many years ago right after my Mother died, I was sitting on her bed and looking through some boxes, I felt her sitting on the bed with me and then she was gone. I wish I would have said something to her how much I loved her and appericated everything she did for me but she was gone. I think about her visit all the time.

So for what ever reason I see spirits and one never know what is empathy or for the pragmatic around us just imagination.
As codlinsandcream2 said ... they just think we are daft.

                                               spirit. . . parsnip
                                               music. . . New Star In The Sky,  Air

Monday, September 24, 2012

parley view parsnip...

My Monday blog about what is going on around my home.
It is pretty quiet morning waiting for calls from doctors, lawyers and the remodel is progressing.
So Hamish has decided to step in and help out today....
wahahahahahahahahahahaha !
let me catch my breath here ....

nice tall person who plays with us came over and gave us baths
she said i was gummy whats thats?????  im' enchanting not gummy
she never saysing that about gud old dug watson....

she is say i looks more scotty without my jewerly
my mummy was a scotty and dad was a westie... i a gud dug hamish
i looking gud.... iiiiiiiiiiiii. . . . .

iiiioughhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaa lizard !
 and The Hamish is gone !

And from me, here is your pretty to start the week...

Last weeks changing sunset.

gud. . . parsnip
music. . . Manic Monday,  The Bangles
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Square Dog Friday... a day at the vets

                                          Square Dog Friday, best day of the week.
                                                         So lets Woof it !
                                          A day at the vets with Dr. Maus

 Hamish speaks !

 we gots to spend all day at the vets  lots and lot of tests
 i lurve my  dr. maus
 she likes me best she calls me her  hammie
 i am enchanting
 notknowin  what that is but if igettin'more  chkikin' im' liken' that word
 im' doing gud but my insulin need to be more.

me likin' the lights at  the vets lots of gud duggies and kitties smiling at me from the sky and clouds  thas gud but it need a hamish up there too

 i gets cookies cause im gud dug hamish but no likin' them i give them to other dug

Watson got sicker he got the same illness mum has....
dug gets better but nice tall person who gives chkikin  never willgets better
we thinkin' he having a relaps but have to wait longdays to know answers.
not understanding
gud dug watson lookin' sadddder not likin' that.
i lurve the gud old dug watson
he likes me best even more than my gud dr. maus

Everyone have gud gud gud weekend filled with chkikin' strips  yert !

                                              waiting. . . parsnip
                              music. . . Wrapped Around Your Finger,  Police

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday in Tucson. . . clouds

 Blogger is not letting me post again so I am posting through web album. What fun !

I am off and on trying to go through my photos and delete all the extras, blurry and all the photos I manage to take of toes and fingers, oh my.
As I was looking at the million (or so it seems) of cloud photos I noticed many of them where taken on Wednesday. Who knew !
Here are a few Wednesday clouds. . . all are straight form the camera but Picasa seems to dull them when I post. They look so much better on program.

 I played with this one to coax out the lighting

 very monsoon clouds

floating. . . parsnip
music. . . Both Sides Now,  Joni Mitchell

Monday, September 17, 2012

parley view parsnip. . .

My Monday post about what is happening around my home.

 Monday's post of 3 September featured  a few of the tiles I use to make in shadow.
I mentioned how I had my own kiln when I lived in Laguna Beach and how I use to make tiles for
kitchens, bathrooms and special days.

I unpacked some of my sample tiles

My favorite Molly Bunny tile

another sweet bunny

A raised tile, the name was put on the bottom space.
This is my friends Golden Retriever.
A friend had me make these raised tiles for all the dogs she ever had.
She placed them in the kitchen counter back-splash. 

Wedding or Anniversary tile, the date would be on the bottom line 

Lots of cats...

more kitties

Small girl tile, I gave the boy tile away as a baby gift.

Tree, one in a series

Lovely lady who is an open pocket for slipping in mail or notes

Tube pocket for plants

Leaf soap dish.

Here is your pretty to start the week.
Sunday, I baked a Polish Plum Cake,  Placek z Sliwkami.
I am trying to cook some of my favorite Polish dishes my Mum used to make.
The recipe book she gave me was destroyed in the fire so I am looking up some recipes that I can try make for my family.
I will be trying Pierogis next.
Two kinds, one with plums and the other with sauerkraut.  My Mum made the best Pierogis.
We never had potato stuffed ones that was more Russian style.

So very good and very easy to make!

Daughter made Sunday dinner with what was in my kitchen.
We had, Japanese Curry, very different flavor from Indian Curry.
 Brown rice, tofu steaks, seasame garlic green beans and cabbage salad.
So good !

eating. . . parsnip
music. . . Every Ship Must Sail Away... Blue Merle
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