Monday, September 30, 2013

Parley view parsnip. . . are you happy ?

John Grey and Weaver's blog recently talked about happiness.
What made them happy,  I find made me happy too. It wasn't material "things".
Coming from a very mentally abusive marriage, especially the last 10 years,
it is wonderful to wake up every morning away from constant strife.
Oh yes, I worry about my health, bills and what the heck is going on in the world.
But unlike my x who's manta was, the one who dies with the most toys wins.
Bigger house, newest car and phone plus more trips while trying to one up his business partner. All material things, mass consumption.
My  happiness comes from my family and friend, gud dugs and a very quiet lifestyle.
Like John and Weaver I too tried to come up with some material "things"
that would make me happier.
What I came up was an old Surfer Woody Station Wagon.
I grew up with The Beach Boys music and lived many years in Laguna Beach.
Hello... I live in the Sonoran Desert ! I have no waves to ride and don't need a  car to put my surf board on.
Plus when I was younger I only body surfed.
The possibility of walking without pain is another wanted item but I don't think that is a material thing. Or maybe it is ?

Here is what makes me happy everyday when I wake up.

Since I am up on a high hill I have no curtains on my windows and I wake up to this view every morning.
Saturday morning as I looked out this window a flock of small birds flew over my roof, past my window like surfers riding the crest of a wave.
Engulfed and caught up in the joy of riding, dipping in and out of the curl and then dropping deep into the valley below.

This valley below where I can watch the birds fly below me.
Or a hawk coasting on streams of air surrounded with the pure joy of flying as he catches an up-draft and zooms up and over my home.

On our hot summers days, this view starts my morning off lovely and cool.
Even though I know it is about 90 outside.

But of course this is the best view of all, Two Gud Square Dogs.
That is Dr. Watson with his two blankets to nest into. At 15 he can sleep how ever and where ever he wants. thehamish is in front as usual.

This is the view I check out next, herding the gud duggies out for their first walkies
of the morning.

Open the door and let out the thundering puppy feet but they are gone before I can get a photo.
There are lizards to catch !

 The studio widow where the amazing wildlife likes to mosey by.
I am always looking out this window to see who has stopped by for a visit.

My computer desk, no window but lots of favorite things to look at.

and just because I can here is your pretty to start the week.

Oh noes ! who is this photo bombing ?

could this be thehamish with a preview of Fridays post ?
yert !

happy. . . parsnip
music. . . Open Your Eyes,  Snow Patrol

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Square Dog Friday. . . everyday things

Well it is Friday.
The best day of the week for Two Little Square Black Dogs.
You know the drill, so lets woof it !
yert !

Morning walkies !

Special cookies for gud dug Dr. Watson

awwwwww sweet baboo !

Playing a game of toss on the grass. Which one will thehamish choose ?

thehamish resting by the pool when I am swimming.

Sleepy gud dug Watson in a favorite chair.

zoonked out thehamish on the pillows.

Here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.
The Barrel Cactus are in bloom in my neighboorhood

Lovely delicate paper thin blooms
on the cactus with very large spike like thorns, that really hurt !

gud. . . parsnip
music. . . Over My Head,  The Fray

update. . .
Back for another CT scan today. This time with an iodine contrast ...
They found the anyersium but still can't decide what the shadow is.
After my doctor explained the test and why we needed it,
she asked if I had any questions ?
My one question was...
Do you have any idea when this sucker is going to blow ?
yert !
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday in Japan... everyday things

Everyday Things.
I am thinking of making a list of my most favorite things about Japan.
This list would include everyday things, items that make our live so much better
but we really don't think about them.
 I have so many favorites but this is very close to number one.
Hand towels!

About the size of a wash cloth, everyone carries one in their bag or pocket in Japan.
Useful in many ways but the main one is to dry your hands after washing them.
In an island nation wasteful paper towels is not an option.
What elevates this common everyday useful item to a fun, playful, interesting and exciting
item is color and design.
From plain to any number of  mascots from cities, product and places.
Here is a tenth of the ones I use.

From the little green polka-dot one from the dollar store to the Studio Ghibli characters,
Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, and Laputa. The red and white cat one is Super Station Master Tama.

The Platypus mascot from  Iccoa train pass.  I love this mascot so much that every time
I am in Osaka I want to I want to rip the posters off of the train stations.

The little Tako (octopus) Family is from the  Tako Ferry  that no longer runs
between  Akashi Hyogo Port to Awaji Island.
The little  Takoyaki  with the pink Tako on his head is from the Osaka Tower.
Which has the best Takyoyaki stand underneath it.

Of course Totoro !
I have many many many Totoro  to keep me happy.
One is never enough.

Laputa, Castle In The Sky
Drying  your hands has never been so much fun and eco-friendly.
I always carry one in my bag.

Just because I can  here is you mid-week pretty.

More cloud photos from the last few weeks.


These clouds are truly Castles In The Sky.

tako. . .  parsnip
music. . . Cloud Age Symphony,  Okino Shuntaro
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Monday, September 23, 2013

parley view parsnip. . . here, there and everywhere

What happened at my home this weekend.

Several shots of Fridays sunset. Using different settings.
My first thought was a flower blooming but the clouds could also be a volcano erupting.



One of the reasons why I am so lucky to be living here,
the Tucson sunsets.
The second photo is closer to what the clouds looked like but with the sky of the third.

Sunday morning at my home. Raining in the foothills and bright sun at my home.
Less than 5 minutes away.
Typical monsoon weather. Remember when I said I thought the monsoons were ending...
bawahahahahahahahah never listen to me !
Ever !


And of course just because I can
here is your pretty to start the week.
The Square Ones contract was re-negotiate.
As thehamish reminded me Page 4,  sub section 2, clause 3
"we lookin' gud need to showin' how gud we lookin'

Dr. Watson just is very mellow about the whole thing.

I like this photo because Dr. Watson is looking up, which he rarely does.
He is adorbs !


sunset. . . parsnip
music. . . Wonderwall,  Oasis

I made it through Friday.
I was on Zyrtec leading up to the test and then two pills for anxiety a hour before the test.
I have failed the MRI before (twice) but I HAD to have this MRA done.
The fact they were just imaging my brain and not my whole body helped.
I was able to have my knees up to relieve the pressure on my bad hip and damaged nerves.
Everyone was so wonderful.
Daughter was a huge help.
No results yet !
yert !
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Friday, September 20, 2013

Square Dog Friday. . . before and after !

Here it is again, the best day of the week
especially if your a Little Square Black Dog.
So lets woof it.

I finally found, thanks to daughter, a groomer who works with special need dogs.
You make and appointment and your dog is never there longer than two hours.
This works very well for Dr. Watson who gets  stressed sometimes
with his deafness, dementia  and anxiety.
I am very pleased with the way they groomed The Boys.
And here they are...
The Amazing Square Dogs !

Watson before

Dr. Watson after

thehamish before

thehamish after

awww thehamish is smiling with gud dug Dr. Watson

Dr.Watson sitting in the sun.
Even though he is a brindle Scotty his hair on the top of his head is almost all white now.

awwwwww my sweet baaboo
Even with all his health problems he is still the sweetest
most loving spunky gud dug ever.

Here is the hamdsome gud dug thehamish.
and yes he does have a streak of red hair in his beard.


Daughter brought Miss Truffles over and her other Mum made this fabulous dress for her.

awwwwwwww so cute
She loves wearing the outfits.  Such a mellow gud dug.
Except for her tail that is always wagging.

thehamish really loves Truffles (who doesn't really care) but this day
I think she only had eyes for Dr. Watson.

nose to nose



I luff you

And as always just because I can here is your pretty for the start to the weekend.

One last rain cloud over the Catalina Mountains.
I think this is the end to our monsoon season.
Opps ! spoke to soon, possible small  rain clouds over the mountains today.

Now the wonderful fall season will start after the super long heat of summer.

Enjoy the weekend !
yert !

spiffy. . . parsnip
music. . . Ordinary World,  Duran Duran

Off to get an MRA I keep saying MRI and they keep saying MRA ?
of my brain today...  Hello ! I could tell them it is empty and save us all the trouble.

cheers !

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