Friday, February 28, 2020

Square Dog Friday. . . Oh No !

Computer acting up again.
So we have today . . . . .

Flashback Friday !

the hamish and Watson




Watson and thehanish

Watson loved Fortune Cookies.

My Sweet Watson

Watson was thehamish's touchstone and always loved being near him.

thehamish at the pool

He excelled at the computer.

He loved his Watson

thehamish at rest

Watson, thehamish


Poor Watson he had to put up with thehamish but he loved him.
He was the perfect Gud Dug.

Your pretty or the weekend.


The Famous Two Headed Scotties of Tucson.

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, February 21, 2020

Square Dog Friday, Pizza and Chicken.

Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza !
Chicken Chicken Chicken !

Agatha had a tag stuck to her front tooth. I had to pull it out for her.

 chicken chicken chicken !
is good enough for me. . .

did i be hearing chkikin'

Not so clear but iwinston is resting in the light from the skylight.
It was an overcast day and the circle of light is blurred.

 who me ?

Here is your pretty for the weekend.
 When Watson and thehamish lived here and I let them out for the morning sniffs,
I always said "go forth run run run like the wind and sniff the breezes".
I miss them everyday.


Have a lovely weekend.
cheers,  parsnip

Friday, February 14, 2020

Square Dog Friday, just life.

Just some photos from this week.
the groomers.

After the Herbal Body Wrap.
Fabulous Pantaloons ! Of course he had to drink water before the photo.

When Agatha and iwinston play run around and jump on the sofa, they will leave a toy on the top of the back.  Sometimes it will drop down but mostly will just stay there till they come back for it,
sometimes days later.


Moonrise over Thimble Peak.

Rain and light snow from the last storm


  Agatha floops down after a walk. . .

  iwinston also !


Here is your pretty for the weekend.

Wonderful gift from my Brother and SIL.
Wonder how they knew I would love this ?

cheers,  parsnip