Monday, January 28, 2013

parley view parsnip... Hayao Miyazaki clouds

Today is the last movie in the month long Hayao Miyazaki Retrospective,
Howl's Moving Castle.
I always thought Tucson had very Hayao Miyazaki clouds, so here are some clouds
from around 5:45pm on Sunday.

Castles In The Sky

clouds. . . parsnip
music. . . The Boy Who Drank Stars, OST Howl's Moving Castle
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Square Dog Friday...a very bad two weeks

Well. it is Friday already, where did the week go ?
But for some Square Dog it is the best day of the week.
We all know the drill....
so lets woof it !

Watson received a new necklace.

Nice tall person who feeds us, finally found a new necklace for me.
Let me tell you it is very hard it is to find a nice red plaid necklace or so she is always telling me.
Mum has looked off and on for several years and finally found one that we like.
Mum even found a nice lead for when we go out in the same plaid.

As you can tell Watson is thrilled ! overjoyed ! ecstatic even.
But really I think he likes it, he just doesn't like having his picture taken.
He has been having some problems with his kidneys and his dementia.
There are times when he wakes up from sleeping that you can tell he doesn't know
where he is. Plus the fact he is going deaf doesn't help.
The best place to find him is on this chaise laying in the sun.
He is a good old Duggie and I lurve him.

Then there is thehamish.... le sigh

yesh !
it is about time you talking about me !
but whots is this lesigh stuff im' always hearing

igots ears problems lots of very badbadbadbad bad thingies living and growing in my ears
havin' to see my doctor lots with lots of shots, pills and drops
everyone worry it is so bad i havin' to sleep lots 'caus it is hurting my head and brain.
mum lafin' at my brain part but i gots gud brain just not usin' it lots savin it but its' gud brain
i'm likein mybrain lots

both ears sick realsick and hurting having to be quiet not wantin' to move head and brain

this is whot i'm sayin to badbadbad ears thingies


i'm going to bite those infections growth thingie
not gud messing with thehamish and his brain
yert !

nurse. . . parsnip
music. . . Little Lion Man,  Mumford & Sons
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday in Tucson... cleaning up the studio

Wednesday in Tucson.
Project is to clean up my studio from all the stuff that is laying around.
Things from Christmas, birthdays, cards, books and old unfinished projects.
I really don't like working with a cluttered desk.
I like to start out with a clean workspace and then it can get messy when I am working on that project. Not layers of stuff.

From the top...
wooden squares to paint, watercolors to frame, button bowl, messy work area. I save old magazines and recycle them by using them when I  glue, old cardboard from food boxes to use as backing for postcards and books. Netflix movie to watch when I work, cards that need to be put away, two more small gifts to wrap, paint and more paint.... ARGH I really can't work like this what a mess !

I started cleaning by putting the photos way  ummmmmmmmm.
What I really did was started playing with the scraps and made more postcards.
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !

very addictive

way to much fun

just picked up the scraps

and glued them down, quite relaxing

this one is my favorite
Not that is is any better than the others but I think it is because I know the photos
and they bring back lovely memories.

working. . . parsnip
music. . . Everybody Wants To Rule The World,  Tears For Fears
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Monday, January 21, 2013

parley view parsnip.... a small book of haiku

A small book of haiku for two lovely friends celebrating their 54th Wedding Anniversary

A small four fold book

some of my favorite photos of the Tucson sky

with two of my summer haiku.

Postcard made from the scraps of my photos.
I save everything, because I know that someday that I will use or need it.

Tonight is "Porco Rosso" the sixth movie of the Hayao Miyazaki
Studio Ghibli Retrospective.
Part of the month long movie retrospective daughter and partner gave me for my birthday.
Two movies a week. It will be over at the end of the month and I will be very sad.
It has been wonderful to see these movies again on the big screen
with original soundtrack and subtitles.

update on Hamish.
He is doing somewhat better but still in pain.
Poor little boo boo baby.

excited. . . parsnip
music. . . ost,  Porco Rosso
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Friday, January 18, 2013

Square Dog Friday... Watson posts !

It is Friday ! woohoo ! best day of the week according to The Square Ones.
We all know the drill so lets woof it.
Watson speaks today.

Oh My Goodness, thehamish is very sick.
We thought he was getting better but alas he is not.
Added to the usual pills, drops and shots he gets everyday more have been added.
Thehamish likes to participate in these Friday post but he needs to rest
and be a gud quiet dug.
So today I will be posting.

We are important gud dugs !
Mum, nice tall person who feeds us, made some Christmas gifts with
our photos on it.  She only made a few to send to family and friends.
We sent one as a surprise to our gud friend who lives far away by the ocean
and likes to go on cruises.
She never got it, we think it was lost in the mail.
We are sad !

The first month has me on it !
It is Mums birthday month and she picked me her gud dug Watson !
With thehamish around it is always nice to be first once and awhile.

Remember our Christmas gifts ?
We reviewed these toys on the 11 of January.

we are having fun with the toy

maybe too much fun.

Mum got this really fabulous emery board for Christmas

Mum doesn't want to use it because it has gud Square Dugs on it !

Have a really gud weekend
woof, Watson

Here is your cute for the weekend

Granddaughter walking with her dad to the post office with my birthday gift.
It takes anywhere from 7 days to two weeks to get to Tucson from Osaka.

I think the photo is really the gift !

happy. . . parsnip
music. . . Game Of Love,  Santana/Michelle Branch

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

clouds, storms, broken pipes and a gud dug !

Living in the desert is always interesting.

We have this awful freezing cold front blowing down from Canada, for the last few days.
Hey Canada please close your doors and windows.... your letting all the cold out !

 This is the third year in a row that a super cold wave dipped down to 17 where I live.
We have hard freeze warning for the last two nights.
It dips below freezing in Tucson in the winter but only for a few days and never this low.

Now for the fun part
In Tucson all outside pipes have to be wrapped to keep them from bursting... done !
Surprise, one of the pool pipes (it was wrapped) broke last night... bad !
 Oh my goodness cold water spraying all over... bad !
Opps ! have slippers on... bad !
I am freezing trying to find the right valve to turn it off...  bad !
I found the right valve...  good !
I am very cold... bad !
 Repair men coming today... good !
yert !

Cold day so gud dug Watson needs warm blanket and pillow to cuddle up in the sun.

Spaceship clouds appear over my home.

How exciting...  hello space aliens
do you come in peace bearing gifts of Scotties ?

Later the spaceship disappears into a bevy of storm clouds.

They land on the Catalina Mountains

where they kindly deposit some snow but no gud Scottie dugs.


Some storm cloud.
Love the fluffy clouds with the wind blown edges.

Taken with  my new Samsung phone camera.
Now I must learn how to use it !
If you tap these two photos they will get bigger
so you can really see how lovely they were.

freezing. . . parsnip
music. . . Heavy Cloud No Rain,  Sting
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