Monday, April 29, 2013

parley view parsnip... inspiring

On 20 February the wonderful Evie of the blog The Desert Rocks nominated me for an Inspiring blog. Sorry it took me so long to respond, Evie.
Your book just came in the mail ! Woohoo !
She wrote that " I have a cute blog that gets our mind off the stress of publishing.
She's  Mom to of two of the cutest Scotties ever and makes far off places sound very exciting"

The Square Ones thought this very true (of course) they are super cute and took all the credit and then wanted some chkikin' strips.
yert !

Evie that was a lovely thing to say. Thank You.

I have not thought myself in anyway inspiring.
As a Women and a Mum I live and try to do my best everyday and that's about it.
I try to treat people the way I would like to be treated.
I am responsible for my actions, I don't lie, cheat or steal and work to conserve the land  for the animals living on it and people.

I was meme  once when I just started my blog and instead of writing about the things I like,  I turned it around and wrote things I am proud of, that are me.

So today I will follow the rules and write about what inspires me.
About a zillion things.

Of course I live in a most beautiful place, every morning I wake up is a joy.

 My family and friends who stand by me no matter how many daft decisions I make.

The Square Dogs who love me no matter what I do.

Blog friends who open new doors of me.... but why are you all writers ?
I am sure you all cringe when reading my dangling participles and verbs who hang around to long drinking beers and eating nachos !

Two special blog friends who have just lost their beloved husbands and with great strength have gathered up the pieces and most important live everyday with love !

Two very close friend who have faced bone crushing sorrow and who have somehow found the courage to not give up and care of what is left of their families.

Most important my Mum who was a lady and gave me the strength to face my trials and sorrows .
I think what really inspires me are my Grandparents.
My Grandfather and Grandmother made their way across Europe from Poland, the Atlantic Ocean, New York and made their way to Chicago.  At a time when you had to pass a health check and have a sponsor  or a job waiting for you.  I can't even begin to imagine  what a journey that must have been for them.
They legally put down roots in Chicago and became  citizens.

My Grandfather believed and lived the words
 "I want a better life for my family"

He understood that being a LEGAL immigrant first and then becoming  a citizen of the United States was the best way to support his family.
He became an American of Polish decent.

He was proved right.  Everyone of my Aunts and Uncles were successful in some way.
From an Uncle who designed and worked on the electrical systems of the first US aircraft carrier to the Uncle who owned one of the largest uniform, laundry service in Illinois.
One Uncle was a solider and fought in some of the worst battles in WWII and liberated concentration  camps. He never ever  talked about it.
This huge bear of a man would later managed a local bar and was a friend to everyone.
An Aunt who was a feminist before there was a word for it. Bucked convention and was a talented  tool and die maker which was at that time a  "mans" job !
My  Mum who became a book keeper and even though almost blind before she died still wrote the most beautiful numbers and did sums in her head.

My Family was successive  because my Grandfather had a dream and pursued it legally.
He chose to do the right things through adversity.
He followed the laws of the new country he wanted to become part of.
Not circumventing the system and the laws as we see here everyday and turn a blind eye to. No tears and excuses but an responsibility and  understanding of what is right and
wrong and he was proved to have made the correct decision.

He lived and treated people how he wanted to be treated.

So Thank You again Evie for giving me the opportunity to to look back at my family with love and realizing that for me,  my family inspired me to try and do my best everyday.

Some days I fail and some days I succeed but everyday I try.

living. . . parsnip
music. . . Breathe,  Alexi Murdoch

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday fun day. . .

Looks so wonderful right now ?
The weather forecasters are already placing bets on the first day we hit 100.
Oh Dear !

swimming. .. parsnip
music. . . Perfect World,  Huey Lewis and The News

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday in Tucson...

Hello from the Valley in The Sun !

swimming. . . parsnip
music. . . The Heart Of  Rock and Roll,  Huey Lewis and The News
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Friday, April 26, 2013

Square Dog Friday... the bees cometh

Oh My Goodness, it is Friday already and we know what that means !
Best day of the week if your a Little Black Square Dog.
So lets hit it.
woof !

We had some excitement at our home this week.
A swarm of bee came for a visit and stayed in the Tangelo tree.
We thought they were taking a rest, you know kicking back with a gin and tonic and resting their wings.
But they stayed and stayed and stayed. So Mum had to call Bee Bustin' to come out.

lots of nice bees but they can't be livin' where they  restin' thats where we are livin'
and we be makin' too much noise..... hey why you lookin' at me ?
so nice bee man come to move them to a nice home away from noise
ummmmmmmmm could that meanin' me thehamish ?
'cause we knowing gud dug Watson is most quiet gud old dug

here they are in tree
 bee man sayin' bees like orange trees hes' always moving
bees from peoples orange trees

hes' wearin'really nice outfit

hes tapping ball of bees, im' likin' play ball but not a ball of bees,  into bucket
swilerin' them about, me dizzly just thinkin about that, till he be seein' the queen
puts top on the bucket and open little door at the side
all the bees outside want inside to be by the queen like i wantin to be by my mum

then he leavin the bucket for them to go into little door to be happy by their mum
now they will be livin in new home in the country bein' happy

i thehamish is very interested in the Bee Mans shoes lots of gud sniffs
not the branch he had to cut off  tree
he be sayin' you can see they were starting to build a hive
not knowing what that is but im' thinkin it means home
the comb already had pollen and honey in tiny little bitty wax tubes

 I have a feeling they were thinkin' of staying

and here your pretty for the weekend

Son and daughter where off to the park and her favorite slide.
Can you tell how happy she is ?
Son looks somewhat adorkable don't you think ?
or maybe just happy to be with his sweet daughter.

buzzing. . . parsnip
music. . . Ho Hey,  Lennon and Maisy Stella
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Moving day and a card. . .

Three days ago I looked out my studio window and saw a bee hive ?
Now I know I really don't see that well anymore but a hive built in a night ?

Right side of Tangelo tree above the orange, there is a rather large hive.

I call my Bee Man and yes, I have a Bee Man along with the Tree Surgeon
that are trying to save the last remaining citrus trees.

He tells me this is not a hive. Just a ball (swarm) of bees. They are just resting having a break, kicking back with a Gin and Tonic,  checking out the area to see if they like it.
If they do like the area then they will build a hive.
I love bees although I am allergic.
So just as long as these are not the Africanized bees that have zoomed up from Mexico (they will have to be destroyed) they can stay around, just not where they are now.

Daughters Birthday card.


Two of my favorite photos of summer storms, with one of my haiku.

buzzing. . . parsnip
Long And Winding Road. . . The Beatles
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Monday, April 22, 2013

parley view parsnip... Birthday Wishes

Today is Daughter's Birthday

Lovely flowers 
Sent by...

 Gug Dugs

They bartered some chkikin' strips so I could order flowers for them.

yesh ! gud dugs me thehamish and gud old dug Dr. Watson are giving
their nice tall person who plays with them
birfday flowers
yert !

Happy Birthday Molly !
Let there be cake .

cheers. . . parsnip
music. . .  Kaze no Toorimichi, OST Totoro
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Friday, April 19, 2013

Square Dog Friday.... gud dugs behind bars !

It is Friday !
Best day of the week if your a Little Black Square Dog !
You know the drill so lets hit it.
Much going on in my life right now and I have missed a few post the last several weeks
Not the Friday Square Dog post !
It is in their contract, page 162, paragraph 3 addendum 5, it states

"at no time will the Square Dog Friday not be posted. If said post is not published on the correct Friday heavy finds can and will be imposed on the person called mum nice person who feeds us whos name will be mud if she doesn't blog our Friday post.
Fines will be levied in the said amount of double chkikin strips per gud dug "
page 1 sub paragraph 2 alottment of chkikin' strips

So upon pain of fines being levied here is their Friday post !


                                                    thehamish speaks today
sometime im' naughty and have a quiet time in my house this is my safe place and igets to be here all by myself even mum cant' be here or gets me it is my safe gud place
sometimes it is such a happy place that cookies from the sky drop down to me it is gud.

                                          sometimes i gets here cause im'just naugty
sometimes my name has lots of naughtys in it then im' knowin' to run fast to safehome.

 watson is never naughty buts he gettin' sick lots so hes' not in jail but sometime just nappin' to feels gud.

         this is when watson needed to be quiet im' confused im' is usually behind bars

 this is watsons bunny feet escapein' under table the for cooffee not knowin' what that means but gud place to escape to we gots toy basket there too

           sometimes safe homes can be quiet places to gets better here be truffles and waldie

                          here is waldie in the car comin' home from his operation

                                 waldies mum sayin' this is "the princess and the pea"
                                               im' not knowin' what that means

                      im' likin' this photo of waldie with his lip caught on his toothfer
                                                   he gots funny lookin' face 

                       truffle coming home to live with nice tall person who plays with us
                                                         truffles is very lucky
                                             she may be comin' to livin' with us

                               sometimes the house place is just gud place to sleep

                                                             and feel better

                          now mum nice tall person who feeds us gets to talk now
she is so gud mum she said we get extra chkikin' today cause we are her honeybunnys
                   not understandin'  what that is but we musta doin' somethin gud
                                                                    yert !

                                          Here is your pretty to start the weekend

Wonderful blog friend Joanna is visiting a friend in Tucson for a few weeks and they      both stopped in for an afternoon visit and brought these beautiful Tulips.
            Stop by her fabulous blog based in Victoria B.C. her photos are spectacular.
                                                Such beautiful Spring flowers

 spring. . . parsnip
music. . . Dancing In The Street,  Martha and the Vandellas

Friday, April 12, 2013

Square Dog Friday. . . Javelinas !

Friday !
Best Day of the week for Two Little Square Black Dogs.
You know the drill, so lets woof it !
Woof !

Several people asked about The Square Ones vs The Javelinas
and how they interact.
Well there is lots of barking and gurrring with baring of teeth
and that is just on the Javelinas side of the fence......
Javelinas are wild animals, they were here first and I try to leave them alone.

The herd comes up the low dry creek bed, that can have some water when the monsoons come,  follow the west back of my small fenced in  back yard.
I keep most of my land wild for all the animals.


follow it around to what is left of my small citrus grove.
Where there is nap time, noshing, Nachos and Margaritas.

wait wait wait whats thats im' hearin'
your seein' javelinas were ima' lookin' not seein'

I have installed rattlesnake fencing, plus reinforced the gate.
The Square Ones on one side and the Javelina herd on the other side.
They have extremely sharp teeth and would rip The Boys apart in a second.

Just finished installing a stronger fencing on the small east side yard.
If you can remember this was where I had a small garden planted last year till the packrats
 destroyed it. More photos to come when everything gets moved back in.

The stronger fencing will keep out the packrats, Hawks, Coyetes, Javelinas, Mountain Lions and Bobcats who mosey through my land.
This way late at night The Boys can go outside at night and I don't have to stand and watch.

I just love them. They are my tribe.

Especially when the babies are born.

Little furry loafs of bread with four tiny feet. Two are hiding under their Mums


following what Mum does

Escape ! for about 12 inches they don't go far.

javelina. . . parsnip
music. . . Dancing In The Street,, Martha and The Vandellas
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