Monday, November 30, 2020

Sunday in Tucson.

Afternoon Walk, Son with the Gud Dugs.

Your pretty for the start of the week...

 Moonrise over Thimble Peak
I do think I live on Tatooine some days.

Stay safe and be well.

parsnip xx

Friday, November 27, 2020

Square Dog Friday

Sir Winston Manadables Churchill  !

iwinston is sorta fine but not really.  Not the same gud dug.

I have several options to think about helping him. New xrays on his Left leg the one we didn't operate on.  Maybe it has grown more when we thought it would be ok ?  A week or two with friends at his Puppy Boot Camp Trainers Ranch. Or just wait it out with water therapy ?


.Miss Agatha or  Udon, she is a Japanese noodle.

She cracked her back tooth in half had to have surgery to remove it all.

Didn't faze her at all.

 She is such a sweet gud dug !


Some pretty for your weekend.

This looks like how the day felt. Very fall like.

Stay Safe and Be Well.
parsnip xx

Friday, November 20, 2020

Square Dog Friday... Change

Trying to get a few thing done before December.

Fountain fixed new light installed.

Winter grass planted fenced off for 2 weeks

Gud Dugs not happy.




Let Us In !
They can't come to the Studio Door now so they look longingly at me anyway they can.

New lights placed outside around Gud Dug window. Color lights inside . 


  Here is your pretty for the weekend.

Badger ! he wanted to vote or get a cookie ?

My phone camera is garbage. . .  but Tangelo Tree is full of fruit.
Everyone take care and be safe.
cheers,  parsnip

Friday, November 13, 2020

Square Dog Friday...still a raging mess here.

Internet was a mess again but son finally got it to work.


                                      Lots of extra blankets to dig in and nessle in for sleep.

Winston is still no better.

Winston is a huge mess. He is a shallow ghost of his former self.

This 6 Month so far detour with his leg has cost a bundle and I had to postpone 2 projects that I had save up for.   

Of course iwinston is more important but I am so sad and worried about him.  He is putting weight on the leg now but that is about all. I am thinking of calling his Puppy Boot Camp trainer and see if he could help us out. Maybe a trip to the country to run around with old friends and some horses will help.

I am out of answers for questions I do not even know to ask.

                                                                     He is so sad.

                                                      Very Funny Thanksgiving Bark Box

The Bark Gud Dugs cooked Thanksgiving Dinner.
They stuffed the Turkey with a Can of Dog Food !
Best toy ever.
Friday morning. 
My phone is so bad that this looks nothing like the fabulous sky.
It is still nice to see though.
                                                I can never see Agatha when I look for her.


Take Care and Be Safe.
Another huge Lock Down is coming.
cheers,  parsnp



Friday, November 6, 2020

Square Dog Friday, I will leave politics for another day.

Some Gud Dug News.

Both dogs get a chew stick as a morning snack. They have 5 pillows plus 2 crates
in my studio. Yesterday I see them both on the same pillow enjoying the snack.
I never understand what goes on in the Gud Dugs minds.

.Both in the back seat waiting for iwinston's appointment.
His Surgeon is very happy with his progress.
For me he is really not the same iwinston. I hope he bounces back soon.

what nice tall person talking about... iwinston didn't do it
i be gud dug

Toyamegition !
Never clean up old toys (no matter how cute) when the gud dugs are helping.

mine mineminemine mine

As always here is your pretty for the weekend.

Granddaughter in a special class outing, pick what you would like to work at. She picked Ice Cream Shop Owner and a Welder.  I just adore this child. 

Think I will keep bake the Gud Dugs Cookies the old fashion oven way. 
They do make cute cookies though.



Yesh ! the Gud Dug !

Take Care and Be Safe !
cheers,  parsnip