Friday, July 25, 2014

Square Dog Friday... because it is in their contract

We all know what day it is so lets just woof it already !
chkikin' strips are waiting

The Commonwealth Games are happening right now in Scotland.
And thanks to  John,  I am getting a small look into the games.
Besides all the fun there is one part of the opening that everyone 
and I mean everyone should watch. 
You can only find one or two post on you tube.
And dumb old comcast will not show it even late at night.
But the opening ceremony was a hoot. 
Dancing tea cakes, the Lochness Monster, 
several singers (yawn) lots of dancers, several cute flubs 
and of course The Queen !  She looked so lovely.

But the stars of the show were the wee gud dugs.
Watson and thehamish looked on with pride at the Parade of Athletes, 
as the countries names were written on the darling coats of 
Where can I buy that coat?

 ack ! the cuteness is killing me !

I borrowed (stole) this photo from John's blog and I hope he will forgive me.
I could not find any photos other than his.
I am Scotty crazy as you already know.
The photo is from John's blog "Going Gently"
Do check the link above it only takes a second to read the post but 
Watson, thehamish and I spent longer gazing happily at the Scotty.

 They walked on their tiny legs going a mile a minute.
Such gud dugs !

But the best part was the SCOTTY wearing Scotland's name was named
thehamish is so proud and also wondering why he was not there !
he told me...
youare always'callin me the weegud dug thehamish 
wee gud dug
why was i thehamish not invited
oh woe oh woe is me thehamish

scotties. . . parsnip
music. . . Light and Airy,  Jimmy Shand

update... my blog will continue with "what it is like to live in a border state" on Monday.
These posts will be stories of what happened to my mother and two very good friends because of the mass influx of illegals.
Health care, economics and education will be featured. 
then I will shut=up because it really doesn't matter. 
I am out voted
and so are you but you really don't know it yet.


  1. Been following your blog closely this week. I'm a optimist by nature but have to admit that it makes my head hurt to think that, no matter how we vote, things do not get better but in fact seem to get progressively worse. Yert!

    Love John's blog and his recent Scottie photo. I'm thinking he won't mind that you 'borrowed' from him a bit. After all, everyone knows those handsome Scotties they must be given their due and featured up front! I'm on my way over to You Tube to see if I can find some of the clips from the games. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Hugs to all. X

  2. I love the ack, the cuteness if killing me.

  3. Replies
    1. I saw a small clip and they were so beyond cute !

  4. just adorable square stuff! yert!

    smiles, bee

  5. The Square Ones need that cool doggie coat!

    Square Dog Fridays must never be pre-tempted, no matter what!

  6. I really felt that this Scottie new the importance of his role in the ceremony - almost marching with head held high.

  7. Oh the Scotty is so cute wearing that coat. And the coat sure is very cute, too!
    What a coincidence the dug's name is Hamish! thehamish gotta be there with Hamish next time :-)

  8. Alas, we left the empire too early to get in on the whole Commonwealth idea.

  9. What a handsome coat and how perfect that the scottie wearing it is named Hamish! :D

  10. Such a cute picture! I can just imagine how cute that parade of Scotties was to watch. I'll have to look for it on Youtube later.

    As for that coat, you'll simply have to make something similar for your sweeties. Maybe embroidered with their names...

    No time to look at your earlier posts about the immigration issue right now, but I'll come back later and check 'em out. My hubby wants to go to a couple flea markets, so we'd better head out before it gets too darned hot out there.

  11. I hear you on voting. The border issue is bad for us and those poor children.

  12. Maybe Hamish and Watson are related to a few of those in the parade. Cousins from the Old Country.

    1. I sure hope so. In fact they had several white Scotties which are not Westies.
      Watson is a brindle Scottie. His Daddy was a beautiful white Scottie and except for the color Watson looks just like him.
      I so wish I could have been there to see them walk.