Friday, July 23, 2021

Square Dog Friday and then the rain came

Rain !

Agatha hiding.

iwinston watching the bunnies


Evening sky photos that Adam took after walking iwinston

Here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.

Fabulous Sushi.


cheers,  parsnip

Friday, July 16, 2021

Square Dog Friday. Thunder and Lighting !

Bad bad bad week. 

AC not fixed till Wednesday. Much to hot for me plus the worst was yet to come. 

Thursday morning at 7:30 a storm blew in  over the Catalinas (picture below) and dropped a huge amount of rain. At 8 am the thunder and lighting hit right above my home. The boom and crack was deafening.  Blew out and fried the modem.  Knocked out all  the internet/computer. Woe.

I can't really complain we need the rain but we could use less thunder and lighting !

iwinston did not understand the deafening noise but was ready to jump in and battle.and
battle the monster.

Agatha ran for any space she could find.

The last 4 years we have a very quiet monsoon but this year all hell has broken out. Storms every day loud crashing storms and the lighting strikes have been overwhelming. 
The Vaisala Company (Tucson) detects  real time storms and lighting data world over.  Our weather maps shows the amount of strikes and where they are happening.

Agatha is so exhausted from all these storms. 
Some rain and the desert greens up and plants bloom.

Always on patrol !

Some pretty for the start of the weekend.


Fabulous Sushi


cheers,  parsnip





Friday, July 9, 2021

Square Dog Friday, Oh No !

It has been one of those weeks.

The storms have been loud and scary.  Agatha was not happy.

AC went out on the Eastside of the home thank goodness my handiman fixed it in 5 days two different parts had to be ordered. Every AC service is swamped in Tucson. The AC on the westside of the house was still working so we could sleep at night.  I spent much of my time there with the gud dugs.

                 Storms are smashing into Tucson Foothills, my home is right in the middle left.

This was a huge storm that stalled over my home. Smashed over this area and then slowly moving on. Since then we have had several storms hitting in my area.

The First Nation People who lived here, Summer rains are called Male Rains, very destructive and Winter rains are called Female Rains gentle nourishing. 


Some summer clouds.



Here is your pretty to start the weekend.


cheers,  parsnip



Friday, July 2, 2021

Square Dog Friday... Monsoon

  Big storm today lots of rain, wind, thunder and lighting !

At the first crash of thunder, Agatha panics.

                  I keep half of the bottom shelf in the printer cabinet free for her to hide in.


                                       Under the Daybed with lots of toys and pillows.

I adopted her from a rescue. She was part of a hoarder from Sedona up in the high desert on the way to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. 

We think (?) she was an outside dog with lots of others. The monsoon storms can be scary outside. 

                                                                  Rain on the window.

Sir Winston Mandable Churchill or as we like to call him the TANK ! is the opposite of Agatha.

I have to drag him inside. He loves to sit out in any weather and enjoy.  Agatha is in panic flight to hide as he is  running outside, wind ruffling his beard.


                                              He is such a crazy Gud Dug I lurve him !


As always here is your pretty for the weekend.

Torch Cactus.


Daughter picked this Torch Cactus in Honor of her Gud Dug Truffles.

Daughter placed Truffles ashes here.



                                                               cheers,  parsnip