Thursday, October 14, 2021

Square Dog Friday. . . Dragon Cat #2

A few more photos of Oliver.

More info on last weeks blog.

Even though we have Merida, Winston and Agatha the house seems  so empty. 

Merida is not doing any better. She is in deep mourning. She doesn't eat or drink. Adam is trying everything to get her to eat. She is going twice a week for treatment at the vets.

Our hearts are breaking.

My Dragon Cat !



October so far has been just awful.

Oliver's death.

A car accident, everyone is sorta fine.

                                           I had 4 days of tests and Doctor visit. Exhausting.

My health insurance delayed and messed up my meds.

Somedays you just want to scream.


 Here is your pretty to start the weekend. . .

and a smile !

cheers,  parsnip 



Saturday, October 9, 2021

Little Dragon

Dragon Kitty.

We knew this day was coming but our hearts are breaking into tiny pieces.
He broke our hearts  Monday, October 9  2021

Little triangle face
Tail like a Dragon.
Walks like a Panther not a Dragon.
Tiny hole in his right ear, a bite from kitten Merida ?
Peridot eyes.
He would let you pet his tummy.
He had the longest legs.
You could pick him up and not be scratched.
Oliver like to be brushed.
Soft purrs around a big heart. 

Adam adopted them when he was volunteering
at the Humane Society.
Eleven Year old black bonded pair named Kitty Boy and Kitty Girl.
Beautiful Cats.

Merida is grieving, lays on the pillow where Oliver liked to nap.
She has not been eating and drinking.
She knew something was wrong for a few weeks, as we did.
She has lost 2 pounds acting much like Oliver did in the beginning of his illness.
I hope she will be better soon.

This came out the day after Adam adopted them.
Oliver is on the right.

Friday, October 1, 2021

Square Dog Friday... monsoons are still here.

Monsoons are still here, thank goodness. More rain next week. 

Rained all night and the clouds lifted in the morning.

                                                Love this pyramid shapes wind cloud.


                                            As always here is your pretty for the weekend.


Update on Oliver.

 Oliver has had a setback, he has lost all the weight he gained and more. Son is still helping him with the treatments and we are making sure he is still enjoying his life. 

We know this is really hospice care..


Saturday, September 25, 2021

Lost again

.Lost again, where do the days go ?

 Before the trip to the groomers.

                                  When iwinston is asking for a treat he always put his paw up

                                                  He looks so handsome after the groomers.

So does Agatha.

                                                                 Pretty pretty princess.

                                      Oliver is feeling so much better because of his treatments.

                                                                 Postcard from Japan.

                                      Look at this adorable Scotty dressed up as a Captain.

cheers,  parsnip 

Friday, September 17, 2021

Square Dog Friday, on no !

 Just some everyday stuff.


I Agatha wooorkin' very hard to get the squeeeeky out out and then 
Mum comes and takes it away.


Your pretty to start the weekend.

Son bought me a Fairy Castle Cactus.
Love the dog and so funny as I used draw my flowers just like this.

This is so iwinston.

cheers,  parsnip