Friday, January 24, 2020

Square Dog Friday, 1993 memories

You be makin' fud ?

Their not allowed in the kitchen.
So they inch as close as they can.

we be likin' fud.
They look under the glass table to not beg but just looking.
wahahahahahahaha ha

Armchair Squid asked what was the object on the table ? He had several ideas but it is 
melted glass block.
Our home burned down in the Laguna Beach Wildfire of 1993.
One of the many remodels of the home we put a small kids bathroom in by moving a wall. 
The only bad thing (for me) was it had no window. So I had them knock out another wall that looked 
out to my bathroom tub and a huge window that looked out to our side yard.
I put glass block in that wall so it got lots of natural light during the day.

The fire was so hot that it melted the glass wall like a waterfall. Only problem was that that 
workers threw out much of what I saved, so I only have two pieced left.

I call her The Reclining Lady.

 You can see her head, side swept hair arms folding and legs.

 She changes color during the day. 
This table is in the Entry that has a huge round skylight.

 I think she is beautiful.

Here is one of my glass blocks.

 At one time I wanted to be an Archaeologist or work at a Museum.
This is my Museum !

Friends came and people I didn't even know came and dug in the soft dust that was filled with chunks of sharp metal, glass, wood and my treasures.
Pottery and metal made it through the fire the best.


 My sewing machine and a water sprinkler.

 My Pig Bank

 Daughters Bunny Bank.

 The shiny glass Christmas Ball that break when you just look at them.  They made it !

 Old large Christmas Lights.

My very heavy thick Glass coffee table. It broke into shards and square blocks.

 My home is the 3rd from the white house.

 My street.

My home. 
We had the Governor Of California give a speech in front of my home.
We had a wall with window plus fireplace. Made a good photo shoot. Lots of 
Press and photos in the the International papers. 
Reading about Australia is breaking my heart. All the land, people, animals 
Especially the wildlife. I read this and I can smell the smoke and feel the heat.
I am donating what I can to help the wildlife.

As always here  is your pretty to start the week.

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, January 17, 2020

Square Dog Friday. . . just some stuff

sniff woof woof
Sitting on the sofa petting Agatha and watching, Acorns "Queens Of Mysteries" on my new Christmas Tablet. Everyone pitched in and Adam set it up for me. What a lovely surprise.

iwinston is be hearing whistelin' liken come here gud dug so iwinston is lookin' for the wislistelin'

who be hear not wislistelin' ?

no more gud dug sounds

I have a mat for when we go out with the gud dugs.
Of course when anything is on the floor  it belongs to the 
gud dugs. The cats do not care.

minemineminemine it is iwinstons

agatha is not sittin' here this is my mat mineminemine mine
oh woe is me this be mine
woe woe woe
agatha can sit here outside
not be woe

gud gud gud dug iwinston iwinston be pretty

... . . . . . ....

Here is your pretty to start the weekend photos from the last rain and snowfall.

cheers,  parsnip

Sorry I have been overwhelmed with life and missed replying to your comments and reading your blogs.  Hope to do better !

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Square Dog Friday, late again !

Friday Morning ! 

 Friday afternoon !
After his Herbal Body Wrap !

 I can never get a good photo of his pantaloons !
He is not feeling his best, both back legs have

 I love them but they never pick-up their toys !
Three days of flying playtime !


As always here is your pretty for the week.

 I wish I could take better moon photos.

Definitely Merida and Oliver !

cheers,  parsnip