Friday, February 22, 2019

Square Dog Friday, Tucson Snow

We have had 2 nights of hard freeze. Today when I got up with the 
Gud Dugs at 6:30 it was snowing.  It was about 40 but as it dropped to 34
big fat wet snowflakes were falling. It is now Noon and it is still snowing.


Just a few photos...

Drying off and warming up.


As always here is your pretty to start the weekend.

Snow-shower Clouds over the Ricons Mountains.

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, February 15, 2019

Square Dog Friday iwinston speaks

Square Dog Friday is here.
woof !

iwinston is lookin' gud

agatha is tryin' to drink coffee
she is likin' coffee not drinkin' gud

iwinston likin' chkikin'
no coffee




 oliver is playin' game not a gud game no squeeeeky

. . .

 As always here is your pretty to start the weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend.

cheers,  parsnip

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


The "Hygge" themed Bark Box that came had a Cinnamon Roll
that was part of the snuggle, cosy and happy home.
Agatha loves this one and in all her operations started at the top.
This is one of the bonus toys with fluff, squeaky, crackling crinkle paper
and when you tear it apart there is a surprise inside a spiky ball,

 When I picked up the toy as I held it in my hand memories came back and I started to laugh.

When oldest son was in preschool  they made a gift of  "Melamine Dinner Plates".
They were given a plate sized piece of special paper and markers and told to draw anything
 they wanted or their Mum might like.
I saw lots of the plates when they came back and they mostly all had flowers and rainbows.
Now remember this was preschool. 
Mine came back with several large to smaller circles.
The lines of the circles where a rusty brown that had short lines of tan coming out on both sides.
When I came back to school the next day the teachers were wondering how did I like the dish. 
I burst out laughing and said it was the best dish ever because it was something he really loved.
The Sarlacc Pit ! 
Star Wars is a family favorite.
Of course that dish and the other were destroyed in the wildfire.
I miss them, we used them for special days or just for fun day !
 Sarlacc Pit

Agatha wants her surgery patient back !

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, February 8, 2019

Square Dog Friday !

Square Dog Friday is back.
It has been four weeks.

iwinston is lookin' gud scotty wearing scotty scarf from the groomers
agatha not carin'

. . . . . .

Agatha is my rescue gud dug. She has some issues (don't we all) with one of them 
being she wants to be inside all the time not outside.

ummmmmm gud dug agatha here

not likin' outside

ummmm can agatha come in now 
door broken
what who me ? 
gud dug agatha ?

Photobombing Agatha Tahullah 

iwinston has the viking

agatha tahullah has the ship.


As always here is your pretty to start the weekend.


Thank You everyone for all your kind comments over our loss of 
sweet  gud dug Truffles.  She was the epitome of a gud dug.
We miss her so much.

cheers,  parsnip