Sunday, October 30, 2022

A very small post !

 Still working on Japanese Family settling in.

So much going on and Sir Winston is not helping at all. Barking every time he sees David. Seems he can't remember who David is. If he walks in from outside or another room Winston barks like a stranger is attacking /walking in, even though he just saw David go out. I am at wits end.

                                                       End of summer clean-up and put away.

 Maybe an end of summer tomato.

 Sleepy gud dugs.

One is not a gud dug, and one is a sweetheart. I wonder which one ?
Still on guard duty.

Here is your pretty for today.


To Pat (Weaver of Grass) a Very Happy Birthday !

cheers, parsnip


Friday, October 21, 2022

Square Dog Friday.....

Hey.... I'm back sorta of.  Computer fixed. Trying to catch up.

One of the flyers on a very bad bad gud dug.

One of the several reasons I was so upset.

 Japanese Family finally made it to Tucson 2 week late because  Yuko and Mia got COVID and Son had to  reschedule tickets. Flew from Osaka to Inchon and had to fly over and around a Typhoon on the way to LAX.  Now living with me  Yea me so happy. A wonderful 12 year old Granddaughter is making iwinston and Agatha very happy !  Lots of good times ahead for us all.

The monsoons have finally gone but they  lasted longer than usual and all the rain helped. We are still not out of the woods but much better than before.

Raining like crazy in the mountains but light shower in bright sunshine at my yard.


A rainbow in my yard.

Nap before work.

On lookout.


I leave you with a very interesting photo.

cheers,  parsnip