Friday, July 22, 2022

A little Friday.


So much going on here boxes packed and carted over to the apartment. Plus it is so hot and 
very humid... not the best time to be moving.   

iwinston and Agatha still do not know what is going on.  Adam is the big brother to them. The fun one !  They are so upset.


iwinston waiting at the doors, any door that Adam walks out of.

As always such big helpers.

The sunset even tinted Agatha's hair.


When Japaneses son and family get here he said he will get me a new computer, printer and fix Blogger so I can see your blog posts but will not be till the middle of August. Doing my best till then.
Stay safe and keep cool.

cheers, parsnip

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Late Square Dog Friday...

I started this post on Wednesday and it is now Saturday. Oh dear. . .

The news is. . 

Son who has been living with me for about 10 years is getting his own apartment. After University he moved back to take care of me as I kind of hit the wall of illness and needed help. Plus he is a fabulous chef ! Such wonderful food.

Daughter who was living in Michigan decided to move back to Tucson so she would be near to help.

Then Son who lives in Japan  studied at University and working as a University teacher decided to move back to Tucson with family after about 25+ years away.  So I have a family of three moving in and one moving out. The reason why son has moved out to make more room. The good news is my talented Granddaughter is moving in to the guest room. She wants to paint the ceiling green and I am so here for all the fun ! ! !

This is what happens when you get ill the children decide to to converge in Tucson. Kind of like area 51.

Lots of storms rain, thunder and lighting in the mountains. Agatha is PANICKED. 


Winston is not happy with all the moving in and out with boxes everywhere.

   .He even gave Adam his favorite Godzilla squeaky to play with.


New favorite photo of iwinston !



Some pretty for the weekend.


cheers,  parsnip 

Friday, July 8, 2022

Square Dog Friday... Weather and Blooms !

Hot weather and beautiful flowers..


These only last a day but so lovely.

Texas Ranger or Texas Sage.

 Lots of stuff going on here right now.  Will write more on this later.
Have not found the time to fix computer and phone. They just work somewhat and 
I need to use them right now. 
Time just zooms away.
I still can not get on many of your blogs very sorry But I will figure it out.

The weather is not helping either.

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, July 1, 2022

Square Dog Friday. . . monsoons #3

Sunset clouds after the storm..

Sunset can change the clouds color from white/grey all the way to hot pink/red in a few seconds, then ending in violet/blue.



Winston likes to sleep with pillows now !

gud dugs still on patrol not be thinkin'' about lizzzzzzzzards we lookin' for Wildcats and Bear !

 Somethings to smile at.


I would like a miniature coffee.
This is the Gud Dugs.....

cheers,  parsnip