Friday, August 29, 2014

Square Dog Friday. . . Napping

Friday Friday Friday best day of the week !
Square Dog Friday !
yert !

Both Square Ones are not feeling very fluffy.
Lots of doctors appointments next week.

They have been napping napping napping.
Here are a few napping photos from Thursday.




 thehamish likin' nappin' on mum nice tall person who feeds us
lap when i thehamish not feelin gud


Or I find them napping by their water dish 
when it needs a refill.

Here is your pretty for the start to the weekend.
Napping in the sun light in an air conditioned home on the cool tile floors.
sleepy. . . parsnip
music. . . Cloudbusting,  Kate Bush

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday In Japan. . . Sushi Dinner

Fabulous Daughter in Law cooked the most wonderful dinner.
Oh My goodness !
 Supplies from Japan.
Thank You, wonderful family !
 Marinated pickled mushrooms.
I can't even tell you how good theses are.  Just served on sushi rice is heaven.
 Best label ever.
 Getting ready to cook.
 The small cans are the dipping sauce for the summer dish of cold soba noodles.
Mushrooms, rice, soba noodles and spice packs for Chirashi sushi or 
what we call family sushi.

 And here it is before the added green onions.

 And here is the dinner, from the top
We had artichokes DIL loves them but hard to find in Japan.
Kimchi and Pork.
A molded potato type jelly (?) sliced super thin like Sashimi with green onions.
The Chirashi sushi, cold Soba noodles and the dipping sauce in a can.
Best dinner ever. 
 DIL is a fabulous cook and had her own restaurant (breakfast and lunch) for 
many years.

Here is your pretty (or interesting) for mid-week.
A 2020 Tokyo Olympic pin .
I really like the the flowers.

happy. . . parsnip
music. . . Running Up That Hill,  Kate Bush

Monday, August 25, 2014

parley view parsnip. . . leftovers

A quick Monday post.
A few photos from summer.
 Monsoon rainbow,
we have had lots of rainbows this year
 and clouds.
 With late summer sun
 and early morning sun.
 The grass is growing
 Shadows on the window and wall.
 Late evening rainbow.
 Prickly Pear cactus.


Here is your pretty to start the week.
A torn paper leaf card for a friend.

monsoon. . . parsnip
music. . . Y.M.C.A.  The Minions
 Yes,  this song is for you Norma

Friday, August 22, 2014

Square Dog Friday. . . new napping places

Thank Goodness, the best day of the week has come.
The Square Ones are ready, chicken strips are waiting...
so lets woof it.
yert !
The new computer.
Still having problems with my new photos download and of course blogger is not working boo !
I was sitting down to looking at my new screen, reading blogs along with my new 
Watson coffee cup.
I know many of you think I am the crazy cat (Scotty) lady who lives down the street with 900 cats and accouterments.  I am not but I saw this cup the other day and it reminds me of Dr. Watson so much I had to get it.
Jaunty, devil made care, charming, handsome tail up in the air and so sweet,
that is my Dr. Watson. 
Scotties have the best tails !
 Many months ago I showed the fireplace I ripped out of my studio and replaces with some book shelves. I really have not finished but I wanted to show you the new napping places for The Square Ones. 
Any new house remodel must be made with the Square Ones comfort in mind.
The books are some of my well worn workbooks from pottery, mosaics, lettering and some Japanese story books. The rest of my books are in my library/TV room.
 Still figureing out the right pillow configuering 
Dr. Watson on the left today...
 and thehamish on the right.
 thehamish not feeling so perky today.
Another trip to the eye doctor next week.
Sweet baboo 

And just because I can here is your pretty for the weekend.

We are having one of the best monsoon seasons this summer.
Rain, wonderful rain and the fabulous clouds and sunsets that come with it !
I have been standing outside and enjoying the rain, such a treat. While The Square Ones look at me with quizzical  faces, imploring me to get out of the wet. Or better yet stop calling them out just to get wet with that water stuff !
Oh the pain, oh the horror  oh the woe is me,

 Thunderheads brewing over the Catalina Mountains 
taken from my studio window. 
The Tangelo is cutting off the very flat bottom of the fast growing rain filled 
thunderhead cloud.
But what I thought so interesting was the veil of soft cirrus (?) clouds enveloping the fast growing thunderheads.
Summer here in Tucson is filled with hot weather and much needed yucky humidity 
but also filled with such beauty.
Enjoy the weekend !

napping. . . parsnip
music. . . Gust of Wind,   Pharrell Williams

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesday In Japan. . . Hello Mumajilla

Someone came to see her mumajilla (or mumzilla) and swim in the pool !
Swimming in the pool is a very important part of the visit.
Oh and she bought the other two people she lives with.
 Osaka mermaid.
 Even popcorn looks different in America.
They didn't buy it.
 Mia was crawling on the floor meowing like a cat.
i thehamish didn't knowin' this i lookin' at her mouth
why ? whut ? were is kitty !
 He kept looking at her mouth .
 Gud dug Watson didn't like that and got between them.
Even deaf he has always been Mia's
You can't see the look on thehamish but it looked like his only one non-food brain cell exploded.
He still is wondering why Mia-chan ate a kitty and was it gud  ?

And just because I can, here is your pretty for mid-week.

We all need to take some time and enjoy the tiny things.
Bubbles are very fun !
mumzilla. . . parsnip
music. . . Happy,  Pharrell Williams

Monday, August 18, 2014

illigal immigration and the lasting effects

    Well here I am again, new computer and with the wrap-up of my illegal immigration posts.
For you who have read these posts, Thank You.
But in reality the people who should read this will not ! Maybe I will send them to Obama, Pelosi, DNC,  Biden, Kerry, Hagel, Jewell, Perez, Barber, and  Rahm Emanuel ! In fact I think I will ! but I hold out no hope. My vote or voice does not count but they want my tax money.

Did you know...

  Another a Border Patrol Agent was killed. Out fishing with his family he was shot and killed in front of them by two illegals.  One had been deported 4 times ! Both living big Texas. Good job President Obama !

   A reporter dressed as Osama Bin Laden crossed the Rio Grand River in daytime with no problem.  Not reported in any US paper.

  The President of Mexico is protesting the National Guard patrolling the Texas Border. "Is inconsistent with US-Mexico talks aimed at building a modern, prosperous and safe border" hahahahaha, Safe border ! Safe for illegals to cross no doubt.

  President Obama refused to visit the Texas Border but was in Texas for two fund raisers.

  President Obama says the border is secure, well that is news to the Sheriff of Hudspeth Country, Texas. The fence is not finished. It just stops and a fence of 4 strands of barbed wire is now securing the Texas Border ? ? ? ? ?

  In California and Arizona (I assume New Mexico and Texas) for many years now we in a health crises with Pertussis. Whooping Cough. Both states free clinics can't keep up with the mass of illegal children coming over the border and already living here. Childhood diseases  are on the rise.
So you concerned about infectious disease  like Ebola getting into America... it will walk across our Obama secure border, surrounded by masses of exploited children.

  Southern California has now more Hispanic than all the other races added together. And we the government has been adding in this by supporting the abuse of young Hispanic girls into having more and more Anchor Babies, by the California liberal pandering Democrat Party (my party).
In Arizona the highest number of babies here are born to teen Hispanic on welfare.  But the drop out rate from school in each state is out of control, even with all the ESL classes. So much for "I want to go to school" lie.

  The First Ladies of  Honduras and Guatemala visited the Texas Border, both cried crocodile tears at all the exploited, poor children.  Hey, if they walked out their front doors in their countries they would see this. Did  they come with planes to take "their" children home ? did they say that they would open centers for "their" children and families who need help now ? hell no ! not "their" problem.

  No big fines for hiring illegal workers by American Companies. Because they hire illegals,  the idea a paying  less money for any work has taken affect.  What Cesar Chavez had fought against is now coming true.
To get around paying benefits and taxes people and companies now hire "contract workers". Or just pay under the table.
That is the way to get around cost of living, health insurance and benefits.
Thank You illegal workers, the middle class, ME, is now redundant. You have done this.

How to fix this.

1. No more Anchor  Babies. If your here illegally, the baby born here can have his citizenship paper at 21 till then he goes back home with you. And we send the bills to your country. Or give less aid to these countries.
If you are already on welfare and living here, no more exploited babies for money. Either use birth control or the next baby is all yours not the Government of the US.
If you protest, all the 200 pro Hispanic groups, like La Raza and the ACLU can pay for your babies.

2. If you are illegal no path to citizenship ! and that is a big NO.   No reward for breaking the law.  I would send all back to legally apply but I understand you can't so they will have to apply for a work visa if you pass the test. And only from a years before 1970 the date I hear being talked about would be the stopping point. The rest go home to apply legally. Or sent home.

3. The only people on a path to citizenship would be the ones that the parents so callously dragged across the border. They had no choice and their "loving" parents put them into a shadow limbo life.  Your parents are RESPONSIBLE  for your shadow limbo life not me. 
Anchor Babies should have to wait at lest 12 years to vote. They were exploited into being a way to gain a life in America and for votes for the Democrat party, my party.
The parents should be held RESPONSIBLE for this and  how they exploited their own children.

Sound Harsh and it is but I bet after one year of this hard line, exploited women, children and exploited Americans will see a big difference.

4. California and New Mexico give full scholarship to children of illegal parents but not one to struggling children of legal immigrant workers ?

5. The UK is starting to put curbs on illegals for all the free stuff we are now giving illegals here in America,. They are finding it doesn't work. The no questions asked welfare system. Revoking driving licenses of illegals, no out of work benefits. Plus proposals to stop the undercutting of wages and job for local workers by exploiting of low -skilled illegal workers.
Here in America Obama is easing penalties for hiring illegal. And he talks about rebuilding the middle class ! What a joke !

6. I keep telling my east coast very liberal friends, that in the 10 to 20 years when we die and our tax paying money has gone, at the rate we are going here in Arizona we will be a 75% welfare state. Were will the money come from ?   Not from all the welfare families that keep having more and more welfare families that the Government keeps paying for.  The 25% left will be holding jobs that pay out money to the welfare families.

7. CBS News reported several times on this illegal boy who was sent back to El Salvador and how he was living in fear, his father dead and gangs running in the streets. Have they not heard of Santa Anna, LA, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, any big city that has gangs from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras ? The Drug Cartels ?
Lets clean up are own streets and Cities first !

I leave you with a story
A Tucson woman called police when she saw a Hispanic man putting 3 children in his car and 2 into his trunk. The 2 in the trunk alarmed her. The police stopped him, ran a check he was here illegally. they called ICE. 
Who was he ? an exploiter of children ? a father of several anchor  babies ?  No matter what he did was endangering several children's life .  Children are just used as money and are treated that. A Hispanic teen ran over and laid down in the street yelling "You can't break up the family"
Oh please. Deport him !
So much for another battle cry we hear everyday. And believe me it is a battle.
The mantra that is spoken every day in Arizona is...
I want a better life for my children
I want them to go to school 
You can't break up the family
I want my rights  (what rights ? your here illegally) 

Back to regular programing on Wednesday. 


Friday, August 15, 2014

Square Dog Friday... what no photos ? this can't be

It is here, the best day of the week.
Square Dog Friday !
Still having problems with picasa and blogger aurggggg !
 I love this photo of thehamish.
i thehamish is lookin' for squirrrrles or lizarddds
yert !
 i thehamish is not feeling gud !
 i thehamish  lookin' for mum nice tall person who feeds us to sit with me
not gud not gud at all
oh woe is me

Granddaughter Mia and the
attack of the bubble gun !
i thehamish lookin' for lizzardddddds
Watson looking at the bubbles.
 Blurry action photo !
 Chasing bubbles.
 Watson loves to sniff flowers and plants, so walks with him are very leisurely.
I tried to get this photo of him with a flower on his nose in our yard 
but he turned, as usual and it fell off. 
Mia-chan huggeling gud dug Watson.
Family from Japan is visiting for a month.
Happy !

And here is your pretty to start the weekend.
Pretty funny start to the weekend !
A preview of a Square Dog toy review !
 Squeaky ball beaver tug toy.
We review this one already.

And the best one of all 
A verrrrrry yummy and handsome French Baguette !
To cute to destroy.

awww. . . parsnip
music. . . Don't Know Why,  Norah Jones