Friday, April 29, 2016

Square Dog Friday. . . thehamish is back !

Here we are again the best day of the week is here.
Square Dog Friday.
woof !
I must admit it always sounds like poor thehamish is always
sick or sad but he is not !  thehamish is just a tough little terrier,
that was dealt a really bad hand in life. 
I rescued him from a backyard breeder.
He is a smart, funny and super sweet gud dud.
Right now it has been over a week since his ACL blow out in both back knees.
He is walking and using both legs.

That is what I love about terriers they plow through life and take you with them.

 gud morning nice tall person who feeds us

 yesh i thehamish just gots' up and my beard is not lookin' gud

 i thehamish is lookin' funny

 oh my gudness big yawn comin'


but after a face wash i thehamish is looking gud.
gud gud gud thehamish


And of course just because I can here is your pretty for the weekend.
I like rocks. Growing up in Tucson 70 years ago everyone collected rocks
and minerals.
We were outside walking and hiking around looking at critters, plants, 
rocks and whatever we could find.
I still look at rocks no matter where I am in the world. 

Some rock and shadow photos from last summer.

 Mr. Coyote was moseying through the yard. He looks very young to me but his hair is not full
and shiney I wonder if he has mange ?  That tail should be fluffy.
Then this little bundle of fur makes me giggle.
My Japanese Son wrote back "And the 8th day God made it so cats can hover".
William, I hope you like this one !

thehamish is walking better but I have to keep him contained 
and he does not want to be contained !

i thehamish is strong and tuffer' 
i thehamish can not be contained
i thehamish is scotty
scotty is gud

This week I have been setting up appointments at VSOT for 
a talk to his new surgeon. A visit to his eye doctor and a trip
to the groomers for an herbal body wrap before going under the knife. 
As you can see I will be busy with thehamish and his doctors.
I will be stopping by all your posts when I can. 
It will be a busy few weeks till surgery and then after.

tired. . . parsnip
music. . . Mean Woman Blues, Roy Orbison

Monday, April 25, 2016

run. . . it's a thehamish takeover. . .


Yes, here we are another Monday and another trip to the unknown,
help ?

First I the "nice tall person who feed us" would like to thank you for all of
wonderful comment for thehamish.
I am having trouble with commenting on your blogs and mine !
So please do not think I am not replying on your comments and blogs.

takeover takeover takeovertakeovetakeover takeover
yesh yesh yesh

help help help me i thehamish

 yesh here i thehamish is
i thehamish is in jail 
oh woe oh woe is me

 more woe i thehamish has to stay here with no lizarrrrrrrd chasin'
oh woe is me

 i thehamish is not likin' this i thehamish is miffed
miffedmiffedmiffed miffed
but the nice tall person who feed us made this bigger place
for me so i thehamish is not locked in the small jail
now that the door is open i thehamish is thinkin' it is 
ok for me to rest here
I have to keep off my legs but it is borin' borin' borin'
no lizzzzzzzarrrrd chasin'

 i thehamish gots my afternoon snack

 I thehamish is makin' performence art again
i thehamish is callin' the bunny
then i thehamish finished eatin' it
it was gud
bunny gud i am thinkin'

now back to mum nice tall person who feeds us
Goodness, thank you thehamish

And here is your pretty to start the week !

 The gardners and I are trying to get the yard ready for summer.
This prickly pear is in a shady place and really needs to be out in the sun. 
It will not turn purple or bloom  if in the shade.
It is recovering from a hard freeze. Lots of water helped and it needs to be tied up.
The pretty green lacy fern like plant is a weed. 
But I like it there and just keep pulling some out so it doesn't take over.
In Tuson any plant that gets water will support it's own little green world.
And weeds will take over fast if it doesn't have any critters to eat it.
I think it is very pretty and as close to a fern that will grow in Arizona.

Echinopsis Cactus Bloom.
Usually bloom around Easter.

woe. . . parsnip
music. . . Running Scared,  Roy Orbison

Friday, April 22, 2016

Square Dog Friday. . . no gud very bad day

Here we are again, the best day of the week.
Square Dog Friday.
So let's woof it !
 Sunday thehamish was helping building the new outside table.

 yesh i thehamish is workin' hard so windy day 
i thehamish is helper gud dug

 even for a gud dug like i thehmaish this is very hard wokin'

 i thehamish might be sleepin' maybe and maybe not

 so hard workin'

And then the Oh My Goodness happened.
One second he was hunting lizards the next second he was dragging his back legs
while trying to get into the house.
He couldn't walk, his back leg where wobbling and could not support him 
and he was falling down.

 Dinner on the sofa.

On Wednesday we took him to Veterinary Specialty Center Tucson or VSOT.
All dogs are really 3 legged dogs with a spare.  So far this has worked with thehamish.
He has an ACL injury in his left leg. I didn't want to have anymore operations done.
So we decided to wait and try "sanding" and hope for the cartilage build up. 
He used the leg but it never really "healed".
But he seemed to be fine with the skip hop skip limp.
But then... 
He blew out both back legs. Big Time with lots of damage.
He has Bilateral Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture. Or ACL rupture.
So now he has to have the operation I wanted him not to have.
Now I have to get him to the eye doctor first, finish all the repair work on the house
and set up his operation date. Then 8 weeks of rest no walking and more pills !

 yesh i thehamish is here again with the nice tall owie people 
i thehamish is liken' them but not liken bein' here 
i thehamish is watin' to go home.
woe is me

 yesh this is me thehamish back here again.
woe oh woe is me


And as always here is your pretty to start the weekend.
a repeat of thehamish riding my walker. 
thehamish is perched on my walker for a ride to go outside.
I will be using a soft cloth to hold up his back leg 
so he can walk with his front legs only to go outside.

thehamish is such a gud dug.

hurting. .  parsnip
music. . . Let's Go Crazy,  Prince

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wednesday in Tucson not Japan today.

I had a post planned about the Earthquake in Japan.
But now I am off to VSCT instead.
thehamish has his specialty doctors there and we are off to see them.
Somehow yesterday he damaged his left leg and can not put any weight on it. 
The other back leg has  a ACL and he has a limited use of it. 
So he is wobbling and dragging his back legs.

What a dilemma !

I can not hold him or walk at the same time so he got a ride this morning 
to go outside for his morning sniffs !


yesh nice tall person who feed us this is being a long way down 
i thehamish is thinkin' i likin' the down part better

We are off to see the wizard now.


And as always here is your pretty for mid-week

When I took this photo it was during our summer monsoons. 
I looked outside and saw this. Super hot bright sun and the deep shadows of the clouds. 
I did not play with any filters, it just looked this way.

hurt. . . parsnip
music. . . Promise Land,  Hannah Miller

Monday, April 18, 2016

parsnip and thehamish. . . where is spring ?

It is Monday in Tucson..
Time to pull on your big hat, working pants and boots and brave the spring 
that is zooming into summer. The rattlesnakes and scorpions abound.
My side yard garden from last year was let go wild. I was sick most of summer to Christmas.
It was watered and that was about it. The small garden is a huge mess right now
but some of the plants are doing quite well.
 Last year tomatoe has sent out new growth and buds.
 The potted pomegranate  in the side yard has not grown that much but has set fruit.
While the one planted outside has grown like crazy but set no fruit this year.


 I did take care of the bulbs but just set them off to the side.
One day I walked outside to see this ! 
Son volunteers at the Humane Society.
As I have mentioned before they love when men volunteer,
as most of animal abusers are men.  So they like to have men work with the 
dogs and cats.
He has been working with several kitties and loves it.

 This sweetie is new and he has been playing with her.

 Here is Boo who had a hard time so far but is so sweet.
He was a huge favorite of his and we were talking about adopting him. 
Last week he saw him on Wednesday and when he came in on Thursday he had been adopted
that morning.
While he was happy this sweet boy found a forever home, he misses him.
But two lives have been saved. Boo's and the new kitty.
Life can be good.

And just because I can, here is your pretty to start the week !

My sweet baboo !
In or out ?

pomegranate. . . parsnip
music. . . Heinrich Maneuver,  Interpol

Friday, April 15, 2016

Square Dog Friday with thehamish

Spring is here in fact it is zooming towards summer fast.
With all the plants blooming, critters running around,
spring happiness. But then there are the Rattlesnakes !
Oh My Goodness the Rattlesnakes.
After hibernating all winter when the Mum and babies come out they are crazy and hungry.
The babies snap at anything and the venom is strong.
It is boots on the feet season, big time !
But as you know this is the best day of the week 
Square Dog Friday.
So let's hear from thehamish take on rattlesnakes.
I am protecting nice tall person who feeds us
 here i thehamish is here but what do i thehamish is seein'
germmmerrr  nonono no snakes'




was there fud







 ohhhhhh i thehamish is winnin'

 hahahahahahah i thehamish is foolin'
this is basil my friend he is a gud snakie and we haven' fun
he is i thehamishs friend see his happy face
i thehamish is likin' basil
gud snake'

And as always here is your pretty for the weekend.

Blog friend Paul sent me this.
Is this not just perfect for The Square Ones ?
Love this !

snakes. . . parsnip
music. . . Counting Stars,  OneRepublic

Quick update.....
Lots of earthquakes in Japan right now.
My family is noth from Kyushu and are fine.
But they have friend in the Kyushu area and are concerned. 
There is also a semi-active volcano there.
There have been many pre-quakes and a much bigger one plus after quakes.
Early this morning there was a 7.3  quake with more smaller quakes and rain.
There friend have not been able to sleep so many quakes they just keep coming.
My children were raised in Laguna Beach California with lots of earthquakes 
and a perfect ocean bed for a tsunami.
I will post more on this tomorrow.

Smile today and count the good times.
cheers,  gayle and thehamish