Monday, July 14, 2014

parley view parsnip... opps !

I was to start my posts this week on what it is like to live in a border state.
Between the monsoons and how the barometric pressure change affects me 
I have been somewhat "under the weather" (hahahahaha  clever me whoo hoo)
Instead, today I will post about Sundays storm. 
 Looking west from my side yard.
Storm flew over me lots of wind, lighting and thunder heading southwest into Tucson. 
Then curling northwest. We had almost no rain.
But the valley where Tucson is was pounded.

Alerts on my phone just kept coming.

 Lighting looking south from my front door.
 Lighting behind the clouds.
 Three strikes one right after the other. 
The weather news will show the lighting strikes over the Tucson valley
 and they covered the the map. 
Today is round two. .
Rain clouds building up all day till the storm breaks, late afternoon.
Then we get a break for a few days till the storms regroup

And here is your "pretty" to start the week.
Some what X-rated.
So beware !
Proceed  at your own risk !
Really think about it before you look !
I am warning you !
Last chance to 
thehamish likes to nap on his back.  
Oh Dear ! I need my smelling salts.
Today as I looked down and saw him roll over exposing his tummy
 and other parts to the doggy window and the whole world.  
Oh My Goodness !
I warned you.
Naughty naughty thehamish.

Yert !

stormy. . . parsnip
music. . . Heinrich Maneuver,  Interpol


  1. Love your storm shots, especially the lightning strikes.

  2. Who knew? The Hamish is an exhibitionist!

  3. Who knew? The Hamish is an exhibitionist!

  4. Tess's favourite post too. Shows they are contented dogs and have absolutely no fear of humans - secure.
    Fantastic photographs of that storm.

    1. He is just so funny. He has always taken his naps like that.

  5. Sometimes you just have to air things out a little bit. And when one is built so very square well, laying flat out on one's back looks to be so very....comfortable! :-)

    Those are amazing lightening shots. Whoo!

  6. We got a good five minute downpour at our house. I love your lightening shots and the Hamish looks so free and easy like he hasn't a care in the world. :)

    1. We got some quiet rain later in the night but not that first storm at 6:30

  7. I'm sorry you are under weather (hahaha, this is really clever!) I hope you feel better soon!
    The photos of sky are incredible. Especially the last one, big lighting! Oh but the best photo today must be thehamish :-) How cute he is exposing his gorgeous tummy! And...and...blush!!!

    1. He is like your kitties tummy, except his are not so covered and cute.

  8. Oh my goodness, that picture. Pups are so funny. But yikes on the weather.

    1. The weather is just what we are used to, so it is no big deal.
      Much like what lots of snow people know.

    2. I understand, since I live in a snowbelt and we're use to it. Though
      boy, did a lot of people ever bitch about the winter. Oy.

      Life's just too short for that.

  9. It must be both exciting, and I guess a little scary to live in an area whee such storms are so frequent. As for Thehamish, well, he's really quite slutty isn't he? Have a good week.

  10. Hamish so cute. Cooling off. This weather has given me a headache too and it's nicer today, thank goodness.