Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Thursday # 8 Border State . . . A good friend

My good friend is a wonderful person believes in everyone and everything.
I have never heard her say a a bad word about anyone.

One day her husband kisses her goodby leaves the house to go to work and has a massive heart attack and dies on the street. She is now a widow with a child in High School 
and one at Junior Collage.
Among all the things she has to do in this most horrible of times, she applies for survivors befits  for her children.
Our government rejects her claim.
Why ?
Because her dead husband is alive and working in a restaurant in Los Angles.
Her husbands social security number was stolen and bought on the black market as hers was too. She is also working in Los Angles.
So now every month she has to check her credit to be sure who ever is using her dead husband SS Number is not buying a house, car, electronic, clothes or a speed boat.
All thanks to an illegal who thinks that is OK to steal some ones identity then sell it, so that they can live and work in America illegally.
Heads up
The drug cartel has moved it's identity thief ring several years ago from Texas to Arizona.
I just can't wait for Nancy Pelosi, Raul Emanuel or better yet the daughter of someone important identity get stolen. I bet then we would find out we really do have an illegal problem at the Border States. 

If my computer holds up ....
Friday will be of course Square Dog Friday and Monday will be about my brother.
Thanks everyone for reading how I feel about illegal immigration, and what is going on in the beautiful state I live in.
It is so overwhelming and very unbelievable that sometimes I can't believe it either 
and I live here.


  1. One (at least I only know of one) hotel in our area employs illegals and obtains fraudulent Social Security numbers for them. A former front desk manager, a family friend, downloaded all the files proving it and I held the disk for a time for him.

    I wonder where--or if--all of this will ever end?

  2. thank you for telling us. i learned quiet a lot honey!

    smiles, bee


  3. I'm so sorry for your friend. You are right about identity theft, those in power positions will continue to ignore this problem until it touches them personally.

  4. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend's husband. What happened to her is just too terrible.
    It's very upsetting there are people who think it's ok to steal someone's identity and use it for their own good.

  5. I'am so with you on illegal immigrant problem...but its almost scary to voice that as the sentiment of most people seem to go the other way. Personally i think all the illegal immigrants need to be rounded up and kicked out... and if we are going to have a border then darn well make it a border with a wall or fence and security...we always do things half way so not to upset anyone... We just need to choose border or no border and make it happen. Yes we are a nation of immigrants and i love our variety but it should be a nation LEGAL immigrants. I mean really how much further can we push before this is no longer the land of opportunity....hmm... maybe then they will stop coming..... shoot we are already at that point and they still keep coming.........Sorry if i went overboard there...sometimes you just need to get it all out....i keep mum quite a bit because it is not a popular opinion....deb

  6. Imagine all the people ... living life in peace.

    --John Lennon.

    1. If only everyone believed this. But they don't and I see this everyday.
      Is it so sad.

  7. I believe you. Our country is in a scary mess.