Monday, November 28, 2016

Weekend happiness.

A few photos from the weekend.


 new toy for the gud dug i the hamish

 Oliver playing peek a boo.
The chair color matches his eyes.
This chair is going in my stuido.

 Oliver loves to drink thehamish water more than his own.

 Olive on the back of my sofa as I was trying to put a cover on 
 because of his scratching. None of my other cat have done this.

So very innocent. 

 Oliver with the dragon fur.

lalalalalalalalalalala la

 When I got up Sunday morning this is where I found Oliver.

Butter would not melt in his mouth.
I know he was up to so much evil !

 but gud dug i thehamish lookin' better

dont' you thinkin' i thehamish is lookin' better on pillow


Here is your pretty for the start of the week.

Remember this bag of candy Daughter sent me from her trip.
It is my favorite candy.

 Cute packaging.

The candy is a sweet outside but not overly sweet.
Inside is a wonderful tart and a little salty umeboshi, a pickled plum.
I really do not like chocolate all that much.
So for me this is a perfect candy. 

umeboshi. . . parsnip
music. . . Big In Japan,  Ane Brun

Friday, November 25, 2016

Square Dog Friday, the day after

Best day of the week is here and I am not talking about Black Friday !
But the glorious Square Dog Friday !
So have some some leftover pie (always pie first best for breakfast)
and have the second turkey dinner toay. 

hey wot about me i thehamish

i thhehamish is with some some of my gud javelina friends

 they are gud friends to cuddle up with

Here is Merida in one of her most favorite places.

 She likes to lay in the sun between the window and the shoji screens.


As always here is your pretty to start the weekend.
This is a photo of 405 in LA.
People trying to get out or into the city the night before Thanksgiving Day.

It is beautiful from above but absolutely no fun to be driving in.
I can honestly tell you I do not miss driving in Los Angeles anymore.

driving. . . parsnip
music. . .  Humming One Of Your Songs,  Ana Brun

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Being Thankful

We chose our destiny everyday and everyday I chose a destiny of joy


The Fabulous Watson.

Thursday in America is Thanksgiving Day.
One of the best Holidays because all one has to do is be
Thankful for what you have.

Family, friends, home, food to eat.
You can always mix and match the family and friends part 
or just stay home with popcorn and a good movie.

A friend of mine was still crying and moaning over the election.
I said, yes there are problems but are you not thankful that we live in a
country where we can vote what we believe, whether or not we agree.
Plus in two years we can vote again and speak our mind with our vote.
She was not appeased. So on this wonderful day she and her
 family will moan and groan and cry into their pumpkin pie.
After the last 3 years I have had I am very thankful to be here today.
I really thought I was going to die. The prognosis was not good.

Most of all I want to tell you one wonderful thing I don't think 
I have ever mentioned on this blog.
thehamish purrs !
I keep telling everyone who will listen and I many who don't care,
Scotties are the cats of the dog world.

When thehamish is happy or when I pet him late at night you
can hear him purr. It is a soft rumbling in his throat and chest.
He is happy and he is loved.
Watson did this but not as much or as loud.
I am thankful for Little Square Black Dogs


thehamish dreaming of chicken or turkey

turkey. . . parsnip
music. . . Wish You Would Hold That Smile,  Minor Majority

Monday, November 21, 2016

........ yesh . . .

It is Monday and I finished everyone cards but mine.
So today I must finish it so I can run to the printers on Tuesday.

yesh where is this runnin' you are speakin' of

and does i thehamish come for chkikin'
chkikin' chkikin' is gud for i thehamish
Early morning rain in November ? Never !
But we will take it.
This is why weather can be really nice in Tucson.

 is i thehamish smellin' the rain comin'

Broke down and bought a new coffee pot.
This is hard because I need a certain size.
Did way to much looking.

 ack, the little express pot is so chibi 
I love it !

Plus when having a latte or expresso one needs a cookie.
These are very nice small and not very sweet.


Did they really think that these would last that long ?

 Oliver the Dragon Cattie !
Merida Cattie is so soft, smooth like silk.
Her brother Oliver is just the opposite.
He is a Dragon Cattie ! ! !

 This is so true !
I swear thehamish always watches us.
I have a photo of Adam picking up the poo from the grass 
and thehamish is pooing right behind him.


And of course just because I can here is your pretty for the start of the week.

 where are the catties

 no catties here

awwwww i thehamish is lookin' for catties
needin' friends

If your are flaming liberal you love this map.
Michael forgot to put New Mexico in there.
Long and narrow between California and Texas. Overrun by the liberal
PC correct East and West Coast crowd chanting into the night.

cattie. . . parsnip
music. . . Do You Remember,  Ane Brun

Friday, November 18, 2016

Square Dog Friday not much new but. . .

Best day of the week is here
Square Dog Friday !
So let's wurf it.

 Sleepy thehamish

 Advancing Scotty Puddle


 More Scotty Puddles.

 Oliver and if you look to the right about a fourth of the way down you can see 
Merida head peeking up. I love the reflection on the mountains on the window.

 Merida has spoken.

 Controlled burn in the mountains above my home.


And as always here is your pretty to start the weekend !

 Scotties at Cost Plus. 
The two little Scotties look just like thehamish when he was little.

Godzilla !
Another Godzilla to add to my collection.

godzilla. . . parsnip
music. . . Until You Come Back To Me,  Aretha Franklin