Monday, November 30, 2015

parley view parsnip. . . just some stuff

Still playing catch up.
I have had a few set backs, so I am behind.
The month of November  when I usually have my cards done and the package for Japan 
wrapped and ready to go. Just is not happening this year.
I had to make some changes to the cards and now I am printing, folding and cutting
them all.  Oh My Goodness ! 

So here are just a few photos for a Monday.



And of course just because I can
here is you pretty for the beginning of the week.

I have a very small crop of Tangelos this year.
Lost so many blooms in the spring.
But my Grapefruit tree went crazy with fruit.
We might have some freezing temps tonight (two months early)
so I need to pick as much fruit as I can. 

tangelo. . . parsnip
music. . . Sailing,  Cafe Carlyle Sessions

Friday, November 27, 2015

Square Dog Friday. . . turkey turkey turkey

Here we are again the best day of the week
Square Dog Friday !
Let's not wait any longer let's woof it !

 gunerff slur oof
 nourff gummpu
 i thehamish is thinkin' turky is tastin' just like
i thehamsih is lovin' turkry
chikin' chikikin' chikinturkey is gud for i thehamish

Our Thanksgiving is very small and quiet.
The weather was lovely and I had the doors open.
Son cooks, Ina Graten's Turkey Roulade
Daughter her partner and I made a few sides. 
Very easy no mess no fuss. 
Just a small family cooking together and having fun. 
 This is so good, cooks fast and is very easy.
Of course he has changed a few ingredients but has only made it better.
 Forgot to take a photo of the brussel sprout salad.

 thehamish has asked me to ask all the parents of gud dugs and kitties to remember
what they really want. A bucket of squirrel sausages sound pretty gud to me.
This gets thehamish seal of approval.


And of course here is your pretty to start the weekend.

I shocked Daughter by saying I was going to go out on black friday to shop !
Now I really do not "shop" and especially do not go out with thousands of people
pushing shoving  and sneezing germs...
I am"shopping" at Walgreens to pick up my medicines and get the flu shot I forgot.
I did get a pneumonia shot already thank goodness !
So here is your pretty
Blurry photos shot from the car of this week's wonderful  sunset.

turkey. . . parsnip
music. . . Thankful Heart,  The Muppets

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday in Japan. . . Kobe to Takamatsu

Japanese family spent a few days in  Takamatsu
They went by ferry from Kobe, takes about four hours.
Visited friend and walked around the city.
And sent photos with everything I miss from Japan.
Takamatsu is know for it's Udon, wonderful tender chewy undon and Broiled Chicken.
Son sent me a few photos from their trip.

 With all the favorite things I miss.
 First of all darling Mia.


 They need her to be their mascot for udon.
I mean really who would not want to eat a wonderful dish of these noodles
after seeing that face !
 Oh My Goodness Udon with chicken, fish cake and vegetables.
 Tofu, tempura and a ton of tenkasu. (tempura bits)
Yes please !

 Broiled chicken.

 Granddaughter love this mascot. She thinks it looks like her.
I think I bought her that dress. It is my favorite colors.
 Local maps.

 Train and bus stations.

 Parks and open spaces

 Walking down the street and passing darling coffee shops with plants all over.

 Picking out lunch or dinner from restaurant window.

 Dragons everywhere.

 Really great vending machines.  Not like the crummy ones here in America.

 Views like this on one side of my bus stop when on the other side of the road is the city.

And of just because I can here is your pretty for mid-week.

ummmmmmmmmm whot' about me i  thehamish
i thehamsh is gud dug 
nice tall person who feeds us you rememberin' me right
woe woe is i thehamish
woe is me 

Oh sweetie darlin' you know how much I love you and would never leave you out !

udon. . . parsnip
music. . . Back Of My Mind,  Christopher Cross.

Monday, November 23, 2015

parley view parsnip. . . catching up

Monday the start of a new week.
But I still have some important unfinished news from last week.
On Square Dog Friday I said I would take some photos
of thehamish after his herbal body wrap. 
I had to take them quick before he drank some water and rolled in the grass.
 i thehamish is lookin' gud

 i thehamish got a pretty today to wear

 lizzzzzzaarddddd ! ! !
 ummmmm you got chkikin' for gud dug i thehamish
 Sage bush still blooming.
 I usually show the cloud filled sky but I rather like when
there is only a tiny cloud in the sky.
So kawaii !
 Or a few light fluttering clouds
 dancing their way across the sky
  by the light of a tiny moon.
The next photo is for Weaver who I sent some Kaleidoscope Carrot seeds to in the spring.
Weaver can not grow them where she lives so she sent them on to Frugal In Derbyshire
who did a great job growing them.
I planted them in a pot just for fun as always and they usually grow just fine.
But this year I think they were in the shade to much.They are so tiny.
Maybe by January they might be bigger ?

The green parts look very nice.


And just because I can here is your pretty (funny) for the start of the week.

If you have not checked out thehamish post about the new doormat
on Friday post this funny goes with it.

thehamish. . . parsnip
music. . . Just a Cloud Away,  Pharrell Williams

on an earlier post.

This year I wrote a five part post about my life in a Border town.
I also wrote about smuggling of terrorists.
Cartels don't care where the money or guns come from, just as long as they get paid.
Of course no one believes what I wrote.
Especially our President, who thinks our porous borders are just fine. 
He is proud of the fact he has almost visited every state in the union
but he has never been to our border with Mexico.
But on Thursday only on local news (I did not hear peep on National News) this is what I saw.
The Border Patrol said this has been happening since 2010.
I think checking out the ability to just walk into America.
No lists, no vetting, no papers.


Of course they are on no lists. They haven't blown anything up yet.
They might be innocent but they are always young men of army age.
Why and how did they get from Pakistan and Afghanistan 
across Africa an ocean into Mexico and just walk across our Arizona border ?

Tucson has many Syrian refugee families already. 
Brought here by Refugee Focus a Lutheran Social Service 
and Catholic Community Services.
It is so awful that we can not welcome refugees like in years past
without vetting them first. 
The families have been screened and have papers.
All because of a group of violent insane religious zealots that have destroyed their home, 
their country and hate everything except violence.  
And please call them Daseh not Isis.


Friday, November 20, 2015

Square Dog Friday... a mix up

Square Dog Friday !
The very best day of the week.
You know the drill so lets woof it.
We are off to take thehamish for his Herbal Body Wrap.
He has an appointment just like when we get our hair cut and he gets the same groomer.
So this will be a quick post, we are zooming out the door.
Photos later of his beautiful hair cut. He loves it there
and is a very Gud Dug.
Yert !
 What is so funny is my dogs rarely bark at the door now.
They used to bark as puppies and younger dogs but I trained them when they come to the door 
they get 3 barks and then sit and wait. Plus no jumping.
When they hear someone outside, late at night they will growl, burff and then bark .
I really wish thehamish would aroooooooooo like gud dug Watson used to,
but alas no.

I think thehamish's nose was cold.
And that is my new scarf !

 Lonely puppy.

 Sad lonely puppy.

 Oh woe is me puppy

And of course  just because I can,
here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.


 Same sunset clouds shot at different times.
It was even prettier than this photo.
I can only use my phone camera now.
This came out pretty close to the color but rather flat.
I still like them though

singing. . . parsnip
music. . . Tom's Dinner,  Suzanne Vega