Saturday, February 12, 2022

It was a dark and stormy night...




It was a dark and stormy night that started it all.

I started the Christmas Card but I haven't done any art since the last Christmas Card. 
Just so sick and tired.  I really should have known better. 
I knew what I want to draw then it started, couldn't draw what I wanted. 
Several designs later I finally picked one.

Then the printer broke. Finally fixed. Needed Ink, Printer still not great.
Waiting for new Ink and paper. Still sleeping much of the day. The print is 
coming out dark and muddy. 
I didn't want to give up but by the first week in December I knew it was 
No Christmas Cards.

January comes and I am feeling worst. I am sent to hospital With two infections and one turns out 
to be MRSA ! I have a huge hole in my side were this was eating away. I am on major antibiotics and 
lots of pills.  One of the several jobs I took to pay for University was at a hospital. Turns out people who are autoimmune and have worked in hospital are very susceptible to have  MRSA.
Oh Yea Me !
I am home but beyond tired. I have a Special Wound Nurse who comes in twice a week to help with
bandages and medicine.  I see the Infectious Disease Doctor on Monday.

Agatha is very upset she cried when I was gone and now she is keeping a close eye on me. Tonight when the bandages were changed she laid next to me and put her head on my leg, Even Winston is sleeping again with me.

I am trying to catch up on your blogs but reading is hard. I had to cancel my eye appointment 
and will see the doctor on Friday.

Just think this is the good news ! I am very lucky,

As always here is a pretty !

Turns out he crashed into a pole while drunk. The police found him like this and 
a cat found a good place to nap.

cheers,  parsnip